boot camp exercises… at home?! I’m in!!


“The reason I exercise is for the quality of life I enjoy.”

-Kenneth H. Cooper

I stumbled (after browsing a friends Facebook page) onto a BEAUTIFUL thing a few days ago… and I’m officially in love. There is a boot camp place in Annapolis, which unfortunately is a bit of a hike for me… (almost an hour) that offers FREE (yes ladies and gents… FREE) workouts delivered via email to you every day!! Right?! It’s a beautiful thing.  I’ve been not well for a while, but yesterday I felt a bit better so I thought, “what the heck, lets give it a go“.  I did and holy mackerel! It was awesome!!! Obviously, since I’ve never taken (or even watched a boot camp class in my life, I chose the beginners route) but still, AMAZING!!! I was sweaty, out of breath, sore, and felt wonderful. The best part (yes, it gets better), I was in my house! My three year old was sitting in his chair watching cartoons, having a snack,  while I was busting my tail in the other room. Couldn’t have been more ideal.  I.AM.SOLD!!! This is just… wow. I’m only upset I didn’t find out about it sooner.  🙂

Soooo, I’m doing what I feel I should and spreading the information on to you!!! All you have to do is go to this website here, enter you email, and the next morning you have a work out in your inbox! No spam, no “Hey, come pay for this class”… none of that stuff.  The guy that runs the center seems sincerely in it to make people healthy.  Something I truly admire.  I mean, how many gyms do YOU know that would offer FREE workouts?! C’mon now… Anyway!!! Try it out, let me know how you feel. Hopefully you have the same awesome experience I did… I’m already anxiously awaiting my email for today!!! 🙂  Another short and sweet blog entry for today!!! Have a Happy and Healthy Thursday everyone!!! And as always, THINK SPRING, this cold is getting ridiculous… ❤

I may be blind…


You all know how much I loathe snow… well, we can now add ice to that little pot of hatred.  This morning, while violently scrapping off my windshield, I was assaulted… no, I’m not exaggerating… by a shard of ice (felt more like glass).  This little demon flew right into my eye… like a damn sniper! Of course, like a little girl I grabbed my face like it was end of the world… WITH MY ICY GLOVES!!! *stupid move* More ice proceeded to get into my eye… it’s funny now, but good grief it was a mess this morning. Seriously, isn’t it supposed to be spring time?! This is about enough Mother Nature!!! Get your “ish” together!!! 

Ok, in other news… for those of you that have been following my crazy sickness, I have a surgery date! Yay!!! Only one issue… it’s RIGHT SMACK DAB in the middle of two races… *runnerprobz*  They’re bother pretty small races, a 5.7K and a 10K, so I’ll be ok, but I sure as heck wont be PR-ing on either one. 😦 You know what though? I have to look on the bright side of all of this… if this surgery can finally fix me, then two not so good races should be the least of my worries right? Yea… (keep telling yourself that staceface). Ok… I know this was short, but work beckons me… 

I wish you (as always) a safe, healthy and happy day!!! ❤

Why do Monday’s feel so terrible?

Well, I don’t hate Mondays quite that much.  But I don’t enjoy them… especially after spending the last 6 days on the couch (or darn near close to the couch).  Being sick has it’s perks.  Forced resting, no working, no early mornings (except for the obligatory text into the office letting them know that you are in fact still violently throwing up and insanely weak from previously mentioned vomiting.), no screaming toddler in your face (for a few hours), really… nothing… except the dull, persistent, ache of what is ailing you.  Yea… well… I’m not better.  BUT I’m able to keep my “projectiling” under control.  so I figured 32 hours of sick time used last week was a little excessive, I’d better come in today.

Happily, upon entry to my small, but homey, cubicle, I WASN’T greeted with MOUNDS of paperwork… Only one mound… a very small mound.  This means one of two things… someone helped me out while I was out (not very likely) or the “mounds of work” are actually hidden in my work email, which has yet to be opened… (on purpose… I’m scared).  I have a stash of cracker and 6 ginger ales… I think I can make it until 1530 today… and if not, I’m fast enough (even in my warm Ugg boots) that I can haul ass to the bathroom to puke, so as to not infect anyone else around me.

I am extremely thankful.  I was ridiculously well taken care of this past week.  Food brought to me, even thought I couldn’t eat it.  Drinks (with sugar) to keep my energy up… which I could keep down! (Yippeee!) and tons of kisses from the cutest little three year old on the planet.  I even got snuggles from a 60lb husky, who usually keeps his distance. I’m not saying Radar isn’t friendly, he just knows that he isn’t a lap dog.  This past week however, he would follow me EVERYWHERE, lay at my feet… or on them, right next to me, sometimes even spooning with me… even curled up at the end of the couch (I’m short… it worked).  I felt very loved, which when you’re sick… is quite nice. 🙂

Regardless… it’s a Monday, so I don’t have very high hopes, unfortunately… but we’ll see what happens.  To all of you lovely people, I hope you have a wonderfully happy and healthy day!! 

Oh!!! PRAY FOR NO SNOW TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! My son has a very important specialist appointment tomorrow that I refuse to miss because of white devil powder… THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! (THINK SPRING!)

Happy Spring!


So, it’s the first day of spring!! In Maryland at least, that means… FREE RITAS!!! (Yes, I know… But it’s the little things that keep ya going.) also in Maryland, it means snow in a few days?! What the heck?!! For real Mother Nature, can you PLEASE get your act together. Please?!! Ugh. Anyway, for what it is, today is gorgeous. The sun is shinning, and even though I’m still home sick (yep, day #3 😷) I’m looking out my living room windows at the beautiful day. If I can muster up enough energy later, I may even go for a walk!! (Ambitious no? 😊) Eh, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. At least this illness has kept me from temptation. Being stuck at home, unable to really do… much… Is a great way to make sure you don’t indulge on things you’re not supposed to. For instance; yesterday I wanted something sweet… I don’t know why, I just did. Tried to get up off the couch and darn near passed out. Not happening. Settled for a nice tall glass of water… Oh!!! Check this out!

For those of you who know me… Like KNOW me, you know my stomach is my Achilles heel… Ever since my insane c-section in Germany, my “pooch” has been my worst nightmare. Even 2 months ago, I’d never have put a picture up like this. Too embarrassed. I still have a long way to go, but at least I know I’m getting there!!


Yea, so that’s pretty neat too! I apologize for my excessive rambling today. I will bring this entry to a close by wishing you all a very happy and healthy day, and a very wonderful spring!! 💐🌸🌻😊

Sick day #notcoolbro


At least I’m not all alone. This handsome fuzzy fella hasn’t left my side all day. Sick or not, he’s right next to me. 😷 I said a few days ago that I needed a personal day… Sadly, this is not what I had in mind. The worst part about this whole thing?? I have a whole day to myself, no kiddo (he’s at school) no work, no nothing… And yet, I can’t run, I can’t work out, I can’t even make food because I’m afraid of contaminating whatever I touch. Bleh! 😜 Whatever demon is inside my body has rendered me completely energy-less.

I’ll try to make the best of it. I get to spend all day with my fuzzy buddy, warm and cozy under a TON of blankets, watching Hulu. 📺


Hope everyone has a happy and healthy (much healthier then me) day today!! If you can run, I’ll love vicariously through you! 👍

Snow… oh you mean white devil powder?

I hate snow… Spring is 4 days away and I wake up this morning to 6 inches of nasty, icy, disgusting, DANGEROUS… snow. Unlike my son’s father who is a teacher… and most of my friends who also teach or are federal employees… I don’t get snow days.  I woke for a hospital.  The very few of you who know me know I have a paralyzing fear of driving in the snow.  So what do I HAVE to do this morning? Drive… 15 miles in the tiny little Ford Focus… in the snow.  Because I’m typing this, I obviously made it to work, but Lord help me was is difficult.  Back roads were treacherous, my neighborhood hadn’t been plowed, and making it to the main thoroughfare was… well.. my knuckles were white and I could hear my heartbeat loud and clear in my ears.  At least I made it in to work right?  Wrong…

I get to my desk only to find out that the system restore that took place over the weekend had gone pretty smooth EXCEPT for my terminal.. which didn’t work AT ALL.  Leaving me with nothing at all to do. So, I essentially put my life at risk (and those lives of the drivers around me) to sit and do nothing. JOY!  My big boss decides after seeing the disgust in my face, to throw me to the dogs (i.e. the call center) for 45 minutes because no one on the side was sill enough to have shown up yet.  What a fun task this was with the system not working on any of those PC’s either (I came to find out). Once the “call girls” (lol) finally came in, I was told to “find a computer that works and do some work”… sure, ok, because every machine has all of my specific work saved on it right?  *grumble grumble*  So now I get to be completely NON productive all day long, in a terrible mood, after a stressful drive in, for the next 6ish hours. 

I really should have stayed home.  All I have to say… there had better be a green beer waiting for me when I get off work today… because it’s ST PATRICK’S DAY!!! I’m not Irish, but I believe in luck, and even though I don’t feel lucky today, things can turn around… they usually do (eventually). I also love green, lol.

*side note* the software update isn’t even that spectacular! Definitely not worth messing up my morning.. yes, I’m whining like a teenage, but everyone is allowed to do that once in a while. So shush! 😛  OK, *deep breath* I hope everyone has a MUCH less stressful, and WONDERFUL St. Patrick’s day!!! 

Casual Fridays?? More like “Run Shirt Fridays!!”

My job, like many, allows the employees to “dress down” on Fridays… Jeans, pretty much whatever you want for a top as long as it’s appropriate for an office (i.e. no drug paraphernalia, no bad words, and of course, no visible ta-ta’s).  Sooooo, I’ve decided (recently) to add my own little twist to this already pretty neat tradition.  I’m trying to wear a different “running/race” shirt every Friday for as long as I can!!  So far, it’s been three successful weeks. 🙂 (one off because I didn’t work on my birthday!)


Week #1, my shirt from the Valentines Day 14K in Virginia Beach!! (Awesome race, if you don’t mind being in the car for 4 hours!)


Week #2, my race shirt from the Baltimore Running Festival (last year… I ran the 5K, this year I tackle the half marathon!!)


Week #3, today, an awesome technical shirt from my FAVORITE running store Charm City Run.  (It’s also Green, which fits for St. Patty’s day coming up!! Double whammy!! 🙂

So far so good!! Gives me something to look forward to every Friday, ya know… in addition to the week FINALLY being over! With that, I wish you a very happy and healthy Friday!!!

Is it possible to have a stress free workday?


It’s barely 0600 and I receive an email (yes, I’m already at work) from someone in another department of the hospital.  This email has caused me to go from a relaxed “Yay!!! It’s almost Friday!!” – tude, to a “I will punch you in the throat, you Moron!” – tude… in a matter of seconds.  Is it possible she meant to be rude? (she does have a bit of a reputation for not being helpful, and doing the least amount of work possible to achieve the goal.) Is it possible she is just oblivious?  Truth be told… I’ll never know.  All I know is that I am now stressed… and beyond irritated and the sheer ignorance of this person.  Of course, I’ll get over it, As all of us have to do as adults… but *whine* why so early?!! Why did she have to end her day with a short, rude, pretty much useless email that did nothing but ruin my morning? *end whine*

Ok, deep breath.  This leads me to the question at hand… is it possible to really have a stress FREE workday? I’m pretty sure the answer is “no”.  However, I do believe there are ways to aid in pushing out the stressors that effect us everyday.  I have been known to silently meditate at my desk, walk to the furthest stair well in the building and sing, go outside and run a few laps around the building… whatever I can do to get some sort of release.  Keeping stress bottled up, especially at work, can be dangerous.  At my previous position, I worked on the hospital grounds.  There was a BEAUTIFUL hope garden with a Pink Ribbon carved into the ground, made into a water feature.  There was a small bench, perfect enough for me to sit, on a warm spring day (like yesterday), and meditate.  Let all of the negative energy of the day leave my mind.  Unfortunately, now that I’m off-site, I don’t have anything like that… Sooooo I’m relegated to tossing in my earbuds and drowning out everyone around me. Which in it’s own right, is also quite therapeutic. 

What have you found to help? Anything?? 



Who wants to race?

I have so many exciting events coming up, I can hardly control my excitement!!! On April 5th I have a 5.7K in Canton (Baltimore) hosted by the Brigance Brigade Foundation.  This race benefits ALS patients and their families.  Probably thinking, why 5.7?? Baltimore Ravens Senior Advisor to Player Development O.J. Brigance has ALS.  He founded said Brigance Brigade.  The distance for the race is the same as Brigance’s former jersey number, 57. Pretty sweet huh??



The VERY next Saturday, I’m running the CharmCityRun Sole of the City 10K!! This event will also run through Baltimore, but will be a bit longer. 🙂 This event benefits the Erika Brannock Fund – Erika Brannock is a 29-year-old preschool teacher from Towson, Md., who was seriously injured during the Boston Marathon Bombings on April 15, 2013. (information obtained from CCR). I’m super excited about this race… no it’s not the longest race I’ve done… but it’s supposed to be a WHOLE LOT of fun. A friend of mine ran it last year, and is STILL talking about it. So, should be awesome! 



My next race will be my longest to date… My first half marathon!! *shudder*… just kidding, also super excited for this one! 🙂 It’s called the “Nut Job Challenge“.  A Twilight 5K on Saturday evening May 3rd, and a Half Marathon, yep, my first 13.1 at 0700 on Sunday, May 4th!!! Training for this bad boy has been a lot of fun actually.  I ran a 14K over valentines day weekend in Virginia beach (almost 9 miles), so my body had to prepare pretty quickly. (I had a medical emergency and couldn’t start training until the middle of January). This Half marathon is also 1/3 of the King Crab Challenge which I’ll talk more about later. Regardless, SUPER STOKED about my first half. (which will obviously talk place around historical Frederick) 


Next….. On May 10th, is a race I hold near and dear to my heart. 🙂 The Warrior Dash. This race, last year, was my first ever mud run, first ever obstacle race, and first ever “oh crap… can I actually do this??”  Well, guess what ladies and gents… I DID IT!!! I reined victorious! Left with my Warrior horns, mud in places I didn’t think possible, a beer in hand, and the BIGGEST smile on my face.  If ever you have the change to do a race like this, please do it.  It’s incredible. Yea, it’s only a 5K, but with the 12 intense obstacles and the amazing camaraderie you get while on the course, it feels like so much more. Truly, an amazing experience. I can’t WAIT until this year!!  Also, this year I decided to become a St Jude Warrior! I’m a whackadoo and have forgotten my information for fundraising, but don’t worry, an email has been sent to St. Jude to retrieve!!! Funds will be obtained for those amazing kids fighting the amazing fight!! Let me ask you one question though?? Are you a warrior??




On June 14th, I’m running part 2 of 3 of the King Crab Challenge. The Baltimore 10-Miler!!! All around Druid Hill Park in Baltimore, staring at 0730. 🙂 This event benefits Back on my Feet. (BoMF).  Back on my feet is a nonprofit organization that uses running to help those that are currently homeless.  Hoping to change the way they see themselves so they can make a real change in their lives that result in better living and employment. 



On June 15th, Yes, THE VERY NEXT DAY!!! I (for the third year running) I have the GBMC Fathers day 5K benefiting the AMAZING NICU at Greater Baltimore Medical Center.  Having personal experience with both the hospital (I work for GBMC) and the NICU, (a handful of my dear friends babies have spent time there) I know that every penny counts. “Your support will touch more than 500 critically ill and premature babies cared for this year in the GBMC Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). These fragile babies are cared for by hospital staff specializing in newborn care and require equipment designed just for them. Remember, your support is the biggest deal to our smallest patients.” (taken from the GBMC website).  Definitely a cause I can get behind. My munchkin was in the NICU, not at GBMC, but in Germany… which was even more heartbreaking. This year I’m hoping to convince my Dad to run with me. 😉  This race will be run around the beautiful GBMC campus and through Towson University and SEPH. (really, it is very picturesque.) 


The next weekend, June 22nd, is another AMAZING race!!! But, just for females!!! I mean, any race where you get a rose at the finish is pretty special. 😉 Yes, I’m talking about the Baltimore Womens Classic. 🙂 Another 5K, but a GREAT one. This race begins and ends around rash field in Baltimores inner harbor. This race is the Mid-Atlantic’s largest all women’s 5k. The BWC raise funds to provide direct support services for female cancer patients and their families across the state of Maryland.  At the end of the race (as far as I can remember from last year, you’re presented with a beautiful rose, a medal, a towel, (lol) and a glorious array of healthy treats!!! Yummy!! 



On August 9th, I’m running the Charles 12.  This race should be really awesome.  Per the CCR website, it’s “Maryland’s most monumental race”. From the CCR Website – The Charles Street 12-mile race will begin at The Shops at Kenilworth and take you down one of Maryland’s most beautiful and scenic byways. The Charles Street 12 will treat runners to beautiful views of Maryland’s most charming neighborhoods including Towson, The Orchards, Roland Park, Homeland, Guilford, Charles Village, Mt. Vernon and Downtown Baltimore. While you will be running fast on this course, don’t miss the views of some our best universities, museums and landmarks including Towson University, the Cathedral of Mary our Queen, Notre Dame College, Loyola College, Johns Hopkins University, the Basilica, The Baltimore Museum of Art, the Walters Art Gallery and the Washington Monument…. So nice!!! This race benefits the Children’s heart program at the UM Children’s Hospital, and of course their families, from before birth, through early adulthood. <3. 



On August 17th, @ 1800… yes an evening run!!! I’ll be running a 5K trail run through the gorgeous vineyards of Boordy.  I ran this last year and actually PR’d. lol on a trail run. 🙂 Must have been the wine at the finish line waiting for me. 😉 Anyway, this race takes place in Hydes maryland and is mostly off road. Hopefully the weather will be as beautiful as last year!!! 


And finally, the 3rd of 3 for the King Crab Challenge and the second half of the MD Double… On October 18th, I’ll be completing my 2nd half Marathon at the Baltimore Running Festival. At 0945 on the 18th, my last race (ha…we’ll see) of 2014 will begin. At the end of this half marathon, I will be awarded my Half marathon medal from that day, the Md Double medal from completing the Baltimore Running Festival and the Frederick Running Festival, and an Amazing Backpack for completing the King Crab Challenge.  It will be a truly monumental day!! 🙂 So much to look forward to this year…. LETS DO THIS!!!! 



“The only thing better than singing is more singing” – Ella Fitzgerald

For those of you who don’t know, I sing.  Not just in the shower or in the car… singing is one of my biggest passions.  Ever since I was a little girl, singing was my out.  I would get stressed or sad, like any normal kid, and I’d sing.  I’d find a quiet place… usually in my parents back yard; we had a BEAUTIFUL memorial garden for my grandmother who died when I was 5… filled with the most wonderful flowers, ornaments of love and hope, and a “hope bench” with her name engraved on it.  I would plop my little butt right down on that bench and sing my heart out until I felt better.  To my surprise, it worked… every.single.time.  24 years later (yes, that would make me 29) I still sing. I’ve gone on tour with choirs, I sang the national anthem at my High School graduation @ Towson University’s (blanking out… arena? maybe?!)  in front of thousands of friends and family, I’ve been on national television with the Syracuse Children’s Choir, but nothing give me the same type of relief as singing, alone.  

Yesterday, I got a not so nice phone call from one of my doctors… so the next few weeks are going to be pretty stressful.  What did I do? (well, after crying a bit) I sang.  Yes, I was at work.  I marched into the furthest stairwell and started singing; 

I sing because I’m happy, 

I sing because I’m free

His eye is on the sparrow

and I know He watches me.

After about 5 minutes, I felt better.  I know the song itself didn’t do anything, but I believe the act of singing is healing to me. Call me crazy, but for the better part of three decades, it’s been working.  And at this point in my life, I’m glad I have something, none medicated, to help me relieve stress 🙂 Thank goodness God blessed me with a pretty good voice too, otherwise the people that lived next door to me growing up would have smiled a lot less. 🙂