@FitBit; I like to move it move it!


Lucky for me, I have the flex.  Annnnnd I love it.  I’ve heard both good and bad reviews from friends about the product, but personally, I’m in love. Yes, it’s “just a tracker”, but it’s keeping me “on track”.   I love the interactive website that lets me compete with my friends on how many steps we take in a day/week.  The website also lets me keep track of my calorie intake and track activities I’v done that the FitBit might not have recognized.  The most amazing thing to me (yes, I’m easily amused) is how accurately this small bracelet like device, can track my sleep patterns.  Neat right?! (I told you I was easily amused).  Regardless, I’m a huge fan of the product and I’m saddened by the Force causing weird rashes.  Hopefully my Volleyball buddy isn’t allergic to Nickel!! *fingers crossed* Long story short, thanks FitBit for keeping me aware of how lazy I used to be, and making me more motivated to MOVE!!!


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