Great Lent and Holy Pascha

Growing up in a strict Greek Orthodox house hold Lent was no joke.  My mom is Greek Orthodox, my Dad is Lutheran… However, happy wife, happy life… we followed the Greek Orthodox Calendar (and my mothers, which became my own, religion).  When Greek Orthodox Easter fell after “American Easter” (a term coined in my family) we would start Lent with the non-greeks, and fast through to Greek Easter (Holy Pascha) … sometimes upwards of 8 weeks.  No big deal right?  No, not for an adult.  I remember as a kid, however, HATING the fact that I would have to give up cartoons, or candy, or whatever for 8 weeks.  Now, it’s nothing.

This year, I’ve decided, against my better judgement, to give up one of my favorite things… Starbucks.  Yes, I said it… Starbucks.  Not just the glorious hot coffee drinks.  No, I’ve gone full donkey.  Everything with the “Starbucks” name is a NoGo.  No more delicious breakfast sandwiches, no more Refreshers, no more double shots, and no more freshly ground Starbucks coffee in my Keurig… *sigh*.  Alas, I’ll live.  Like I have every year before.

Of course I’ll also be doing the traditional, no meat on Wednesday and Friday.  I’m lucky though!!  This year, Lent fell RIGHT after my birthday!! Usually my birthday lands right smack dab in the beginning of Lent.

What did you guys give up this year??  Anything interesting?  Non food related?  Also, for the fellow mommy friends… when did you/are you including your children in the fasting for lent?



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