Is it possible to have a stress free workday?


It’s barely 0600 and I receive an email (yes, I’m already at work) from someone in another department of the hospital.  This email has caused me to go from a relaxed “Yay!!! It’s almost Friday!!” – tude, to a “I will punch you in the throat, you Moron!” – tude… in a matter of seconds.  Is it possible she meant to be rude? (she does have a bit of a reputation for not being helpful, and doing the least amount of work possible to achieve the goal.) Is it possible she is just oblivious?  Truth be told… I’ll never know.  All I know is that I am now stressed… and beyond irritated and the sheer ignorance of this person.  Of course, I’ll get over it, As all of us have to do as adults… but *whine* why so early?!! Why did she have to end her day with a short, rude, pretty much useless email that did nothing but ruin my morning? *end whine*

Ok, deep breath.  This leads me to the question at hand… is it possible to really have a stress FREE workday? I’m pretty sure the answer is “no”.  However, I do believe there are ways to aid in pushing out the stressors that effect us everyday.  I have been known to silently meditate at my desk, walk to the furthest stair well in the building and sing, go outside and run a few laps around the building… whatever I can do to get some sort of release.  Keeping stress bottled up, especially at work, can be dangerous.  At my previous position, I worked on the hospital grounds.  There was a BEAUTIFUL hope garden with a Pink Ribbon carved into the ground, made into a water feature.  There was a small bench, perfect enough for me to sit, on a warm spring day (like yesterday), and meditate.  Let all of the negative energy of the day leave my mind.  Unfortunately, now that I’m off-site, I don’t have anything like that… Sooooo I’m relegated to tossing in my earbuds and drowning out everyone around me. Which in it’s own right, is also quite therapeutic. 

What have you found to help? Anything?? 




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