Casual Fridays?? More like “Run Shirt Fridays!!”

My job, like many, allows the employees to “dress down” on Fridays… Jeans, pretty much whatever you want for a top as long as it’s appropriate for an office (i.e. no drug paraphernalia, no bad words, and of course, no visible ta-ta’s).  Sooooo, I’ve decided (recently) to add my own little twist to this already pretty neat tradition.  I’m trying to wear a different “running/race” shirt every Friday for as long as I can!!  So far, it’s been three successful weeks. 🙂 (one off because I didn’t work on my birthday!)


Week #1, my shirt from the Valentines Day 14K in Virginia Beach!! (Awesome race, if you don’t mind being in the car for 4 hours!)


Week #2, my race shirt from the Baltimore Running Festival (last year… I ran the 5K, this year I tackle the half marathon!!)


Week #3, today, an awesome technical shirt from my FAVORITE running store Charm City Run.  (It’s also Green, which fits for St. Patty’s day coming up!! Double whammy!! 🙂

So far so good!! Gives me something to look forward to every Friday, ya know… in addition to the week FINALLY being over! With that, I wish you a very happy and healthy Friday!!!


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