Snow… oh you mean white devil powder?

I hate snow… Spring is 4 days away and I wake up this morning to 6 inches of nasty, icy, disgusting, DANGEROUS… snow. Unlike my son’s father who is a teacher… and most of my friends who also teach or are federal employees… I don’t get snow days.  I woke for a hospital.  The very few of you who know me know I have a paralyzing fear of driving in the snow.  So what do I HAVE to do this morning? Drive… 15 miles in the tiny little Ford Focus… in the snow.  Because I’m typing this, I obviously made it to work, but Lord help me was is difficult.  Back roads were treacherous, my neighborhood hadn’t been plowed, and making it to the main thoroughfare was… well.. my knuckles were white and I could hear my heartbeat loud and clear in my ears.  At least I made it in to work right?  Wrong…

I get to my desk only to find out that the system restore that took place over the weekend had gone pretty smooth EXCEPT for my terminal.. which didn’t work AT ALL.  Leaving me with nothing at all to do. So, I essentially put my life at risk (and those lives of the drivers around me) to sit and do nothing. JOY!  My big boss decides after seeing the disgust in my face, to throw me to the dogs (i.e. the call center) for 45 minutes because no one on the side was sill enough to have shown up yet.  What a fun task this was with the system not working on any of those PC’s either (I came to find out). Once the “call girls” (lol) finally came in, I was told to “find a computer that works and do some work”… sure, ok, because every machine has all of my specific work saved on it right?  *grumble grumble*  So now I get to be completely NON productive all day long, in a terrible mood, after a stressful drive in, for the next 6ish hours. 

I really should have stayed home.  All I have to say… there had better be a green beer waiting for me when I get off work today… because it’s ST PATRICK’S DAY!!! I’m not Irish, but I believe in luck, and even though I don’t feel lucky today, things can turn around… they usually do (eventually). I also love green, lol.

*side note* the software update isn’t even that spectacular! Definitely not worth messing up my morning.. yes, I’m whining like a teenage, but everyone is allowed to do that once in a while. So shush! 😛  OK, *deep breath* I hope everyone has a MUCH less stressful, and WONDERFUL St. Patrick’s day!!! 


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