Why do Monday’s feel so terrible?


Well, I don’t hate Mondays quite that much.  But I don’t enjoy them… especially after spending the last 6 days on the couch (or darn near close to the couch).  Being sick has it’s perks.  Forced resting, no working, no early mornings (except for the obligatory text into the office letting them know that you are in fact still violently throwing up and insanely weak from previously mentioned vomiting.), no screaming toddler in your face (for a few hours), really… nothing… except the dull, persistent, ache of what is ailing you.  Yea… well… I’m not better.  BUT I’m able to keep my “projectiling” under control.  so I figured 32 hours of sick time used last week was a little excessive, I’d better come in today.

Happily, upon entry to my small, but homey, cubicle, I WASN’T greeted with MOUNDS of paperwork… Only one mound… a very small mound.  This means one of two things… someone helped me out while I was out (not very likely) or the “mounds of work” are actually hidden in my work email, which has yet to be opened… (on purpose… I’m scared).  I have a stash of cracker and 6 ginger ales… I think I can make it until 1530 today… and if not, I’m fast enough (even in my warm Ugg boots) that I can haul ass to the bathroom to puke, so as to not infect anyone else around me.

I am extremely thankful.  I was ridiculously well taken care of this past week.  Food brought to me, even thought I couldn’t eat it.  Drinks (with sugar) to keep my energy up… which I could keep down! (Yippeee!) and tons of kisses from the cutest little three year old on the planet.  I even got snuggles from a 60lb husky, who usually keeps his distance. I’m not saying Radar isn’t friendly, he just knows that he isn’t a lap dog.  This past week however, he would follow me EVERYWHERE, lay at my feet… or on them, right next to me, sometimes even spooning with me… even curled up at the end of the couch (I’m short… it worked).  I felt very loved, which when you’re sick… is quite nice. 🙂

Regardless… it’s a Monday, so I don’t have very high hopes, unfortunately… but we’ll see what happens.  To all of you lovely people, I hope you have a wonderfully happy and healthy day!! 

Oh!!! PRAY FOR NO SNOW TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! My son has a very important specialist appointment tomorrow that I refuse to miss because of white devil powder… THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! (THINK SPRING!)


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