I may be blind…


You all know how much I loathe snow… well, we can now add ice to that little pot of hatred.  This morning, while violently scrapping off my windshield, I was assaulted… no, I’m not exaggerating… by a shard of ice (felt more like glass).  This little demon flew right into my eye… like a damn sniper! Of course, like a little girl I grabbed my face like it was end of the world… WITH MY ICY GLOVES!!! *stupid move* More ice proceeded to get into my eye… it’s funny now, but good grief it was a mess this morning. Seriously, isn’t it supposed to be spring time?! This is about enough Mother Nature!!! Get your “ish” together!!! 

Ok, in other news… for those of you that have been following my crazy sickness, I have a surgery date! Yay!!! Only one issue… it’s RIGHT SMACK DAB in the middle of two races… *runnerprobz*  They’re bother pretty small races, a 5.7K and a 10K, so I’ll be ok, but I sure as heck wont be PR-ing on either one. 😦 You know what though? I have to look on the bright side of all of this… if this surgery can finally fix me, then two not so good races should be the least of my worries right? Yea… (keep telling yourself that staceface). Ok… I know this was short, but work beckons me… 

I wish you (as always) a safe, healthy and happy day!!! ❤


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