boot camp exercises… at home?! I’m in!!


“The reason I exercise is for the quality of life I enjoy.”

-Kenneth H. Cooper

I stumbled (after browsing a friends Facebook page) onto a BEAUTIFUL thing a few days ago… and I’m officially in love. There is a boot camp place in Annapolis, which unfortunately is a bit of a hike for me… (almost an hour) that offers FREE (yes ladies and gents… FREE) workouts delivered via email to you every day!! Right?! It’s a beautiful thing.  I’ve been not well for a while, but yesterday I felt a bit better so I thought, “what the heck, lets give it a go“.  I did and holy mackerel! It was awesome!!! Obviously, since I’ve never taken (or even watched a boot camp class in my life, I chose the beginners route) but still, AMAZING!!! I was sweaty, out of breath, sore, and felt wonderful. The best part (yes, it gets better), I was in my house! My three year old was sitting in his chair watching cartoons, having a snack,  while I was busting my tail in the other room. Couldn’t have been more ideal.  I.AM.SOLD!!! This is just… wow. I’m only upset I didn’t find out about it sooner.  🙂

Soooo, I’m doing what I feel I should and spreading the information on to you!!! All you have to do is go to this website here, enter you email, and the next morning you have a work out in your inbox! No spam, no “Hey, come pay for this class”… none of that stuff.  The guy that runs the center seems sincerely in it to make people healthy.  Something I truly admire.  I mean, how many gyms do YOU know that would offer FREE workouts?! C’mon now… Anyway!!! Try it out, let me know how you feel. Hopefully you have the same awesome experience I did… I’m already anxiously awaiting my email for today!!! 🙂  Another short and sweet blog entry for today!!! Have a Happy and Healthy Thursday everyone!!! And as always, THINK SPRING, this cold is getting ridiculous… ❤


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