Ever need a good cry?

Two posts in one day??! Apparently so… Anyone who’s been following along my little journey knows I’m a bit sick. Nothing to be terribly worried about, yet, not a walk in the park. So today… Was a bad day. I spent the entire day with my legs under me (“indian style” I think is what it was called when I was a kid) in my swivel chair at work, clutching a heating pad to my lower stomach. Not a big deal right? Wrong… In my job, I’m require to hop up and down to retrieve patient information CONSTANTLY from a printer across my office. Sooooo, I had to get out of my somewhat comfortable position, all warm and squished, and become upright. This is extremely painful for me… today in particular. Regardless… I did it… ALL DAY LONG. Even my coordinator asked me if I was going to be ok… (On my then one occasion). So, needless to say, work was difficult. Anywho, quarter to three rolls around and it’s finally time to leave… “Thank goodness!! Just get the kiddo from school and get home… This’ll be easy.” Boy, was I mistaken.

I get to my sons school and he’s sitting at his table with his other little friends (he’s three… We call it school because he does learn, has homework, and the teachers have a curriculum) and is starring into space… “Uh oh”… Ok, back story… Kiddo spend last night in the ER at the hospital for which I work because he’s been throwing up like a frat boy during pledge week all weekend. Poor kid is a puker to begin with… But this weekend was unreal. No human THAT small, should be able to throw up THAT much. So, the blank stare, means he doesn’t feel well… “%#¥?” Yea… Pretty much sums up my reaction. I already feel terrible and now my kiddo feels like poo. *deep breath* ok… He sees me “MOMMY!!!!” But doesn’t run to me (bad sign) he slowly saunters over with his eyes glazed over, staring at me… Smiling nonetheless. I give him a (gentle) but awesome hug and we leave. I get him all situated in the car… Nothing. No talking, no singing, nothing. I usually can’t get my son to STOP making noise. So I try to provoke… “Hey dude, how was school today?” “Fine” ok… fail sauce… “Did you play outside???” “No” …Hmfph… “Do you want some ice cream???” “No thank you” … yea, something is wrong. And then I hear it… The sound every mother dreads… The stomach gurgle. No, not the hungry tummy sound… I’m talking about the “I’m about to reupholster your vehicle with the lining of my stomach” gurgle… I couldn’t get into the gas station fast enough before… BAM!!! everywhere… If course my baby starts to cry, because, who on earth like to throw up?! But on top of it… My son hates to make a mess. He starts trying to clean it up… And BAM! … Again. At this point I’m starting to tear up… He is hysterical. He is apologizing left and right for “making such a big mess”. I try to console him and explain that when people get sick it’s not their fault at all!!! He only sees the mess he’s made. So, super mom activate… I clean that disgusting mess up in record time. I hand my handsome little sickling a water bottle and get back in the front seat.

And then it happens… I can’t help it… I break down. I’m trying to hide it behind my sunglasses, trying to turn the radio up so he can’t hear me… But he does. And why does he do? This brave little boy that just puked his guts out? “Mommy?? Why are you crying?? Are you ok?? Here… Drink some of my water. It’ll make you feel better.” Seriously?! This kid!!! He’s amazing. I can’t even stand it sometimes. Even at 3 years old he’s completely selfless. Of course, his overwhelming cuteness didn’t help my emotional breakdown… I think after the stress and physical pain of the day on top of the little bit of trauma with the surprise vomit attack in the backseat… I just needed to get it out. Luckily, it didn’t last very long. Before I knew it we were talking about what we wanted to watch when we got home, of course he won and we are currently watching “Little Einstein’s” 😊

Have you ever just needed to cry? Because apparently today… I did. Hopefully you all have had a much better day!! ❤️ Stay healthy!!


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