Opening day!!!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to my very first Opening Day game! (Ever!) It was absolutely amazing!! Every baseball game I’ve been to has been a blast, but the energy and spirit on Opening Day was insane!! It was electric. Everyone was laughing and smiling. It was truly an experience. Not to mention, one of the most sunny and beautiful days to spend as OPACY!! 🙂


What made the day even more spectacular was the wonderful group of friends I got to spend it with. 🙂  This group makes me laugh almost to the point of tears every time we’re together.  Baseball and laughter? Yes please!! 


Even this picture makes me laugh… “when you see it…..” Anyway… Excellent game! Excellent win! Excellent time! 


Yesterday got me EXTREMELY pumped for the 60th season of Orioles Magic and I can’t wait to see what my team has in store this year.  🙂  Baseball is back baby, and this little mama couldn’t be happier.  Until the next game… 


Have a great day!! Oh!!!! Don’t play too many April Fools jokes… more often then not they’re not actually that funny… The saran wrap on the toilet seat, classic, the paper under the mouse thing, also classic, but things that could hurt people? Leave that alone.  Just my two cents. 🙂  Have a happy and health day!!  


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