Friday Five! #sweatpink #iamfitpossible

Taking my cue from my girl Megan, I’m going to make my five things I’m excited about this friday!!


1. Race tomorrow!! I have my second race (first in over a month) of 2014 tomorrow!! It’s a little one, a 5.7K, but it’s a race nonetheless and I’m stoked about it.  It’s also my last chance to run before my surgery on monday, which makes it even more exciting! This race is in my favorite little part of Baltimore (Canton), so when it’s over, I’m hoping to snag some super awesome breakfast from the THB down there. 🙂

2. Surgery!! Yea, I’m very excited that my surgery is just DAYS away.  I’m sick and tired of being in pain everyday. It’s getting to be ridiculous.  You wake up every morning and pray for hours of relief… not a whole day (because that wont happen) just hours… Today, I had 4.  That’s actually wonderful. 🙂

3. Lunch with my parents!! Yep, I’m one of those twenty somethings that still like to hang out with her parents.  They’re recently moved away from me (2 hours) and I don’t see them but once a week (if that)… so our weekly lunch dates are the only time they get to see me, my sister and my son. So, YAY LUNCH!!! I think we’re hitting up TGIFridays which is always a good time. 😉

4. PTO!! Because of the previously mentioned surgery, I will be off work for (almost) the entire week next week.  Monday through thursday.  I’m only excited about this because my job stresses me out.  Like EVERYONE else on the planet, I know… but with the surgery, I’m welcoming the break with open arms!! Bring on the Hulu and couch time!!! 🙂

5. Tattoo!! I’ve finally nailed down my next tattoo! To some this may not mean anything, to those of you who have tattoos, you know what this means. This is HUGE! I’m one of those people that over think and analyze for months before getting a tattoo… which is why I was 28 before I got my first one. (last year) This tattoo will be symbolic of me, my love for running, and how hard I’ve worked this past year. It will also be a present to myself as my one year anniversary of running is coming up in a little over a week!!! I’ll of course share the design AFTER I get it. 😉 

Ok!! That was actually a lot of fun. 🙂 As always, have a happy and healthy day and a FREAKING FANTASTIC FRIDAY!!!! ❤


3 thoughts on “Friday Five! #sweatpink #iamfitpossible

  1. Love the 5 things you are excited about! Good luck with your surgery, I hope you have a nice restful recovery. Racing/ running is always fun and what better to get excited about then a race and tattoo! I can’t wait to see what you get. I love my one running one. Have a great weekend!

  2. 1) Had a blast with you at the race (I love the pic of our shoes overlooking the harbor)
    2) Things will go with out a hitch and you can finally get back to norm
    3) Lunch was also a good time catching up with your pops and sister
    4) Kick it back and relax babe 🙂
    5) Can’t wait to see it, if you want someone to go with you let me know 😉

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