“Why did you start running??” #runchat

A friend of mine asked me yesterday at my boyfriends football game, “Running is a relatively recent thing for you… what got you started?”  I paused for a second knowing exactly what I was going to say, but wondering how to phrase it.  “The Boston Marathon Bombing of 2013.”   He looked up from his beer at me and said “Really?? It affected you personally?”  I said, again, without though, “I think it affected anyone who has ever run, or anyone who has a family, or… well, everyone in some kind of way.  It just gave me the push I needed to start running.”  He smiled at me and said “That’s really incredible, you could start a charity with that kind of passion.”  He’s right… Unfortunately, you need money, to raise money… and that’s something I do not have.

It was pretty awesome thinking about the beginning of my running “career”.  I use that term loosely, as my 1 year run-iversary is coming up nest week.  (I’m still technically a noob).  I never thought I’d be able to run three miles, let alone run a half  (like I’ll be tackling in less then 3 weeks!!)  The first 6 months of my running, I was bound and determined to stick with it.  I signed myself up for 10 5Ks in. Yea… Not a big deal for active runners, but for me… it wasn’t easy.  However, it was AWESOME!!  The races, the memories, the swag (lol), all of it was amazing.   I also started dropping weight like nothing!  I was still holding on to a little unnecessary baby weight from my munchkin a few years prior.  I tackled an obstacle run (the warrior dash, two color runs, a trail run, the baltimore running festival 5K, and a bunch of other local 5K’s to benefit cancer research (pancreatic, and breast) a NICU 5K for the hospital I work for, the BWC which was just beautiful and the Run to Remember for 9/11 victims.  All fantastic and all memorable.  They all helped me to grow into the runner I am today.

My first run of 2014 was a 14k!! lol. Quite a jump right? It was a Virginia is for Lovers 14K that I ran with my bf and recent running partner… and we SMASHED it. 🙂  Longest race to date.  Also, furthest I (we’ve) driven… just to run! 🙂  Regardless, it was an amazing experience, especially considering shortly after the race, the company that put it together decided not to do the race next year :-(.  That being said, I’m grateful I was able to participate in such an awesome event this year.  It was a great way to start off 2014!!  We’ve also done the Brigance Brigade  5.7K in Baltimore and this past weekend ran our first 10K together (Sole Of the City) through Charm City Run.  That was a lot of fun!!  Definitely not my best performance unfortunately considering I had surgery on Monday… 5 days prior to the race… but I finished!! That was my personal goal… “Just Finish” and with a time a little over an hour, I think I did pretty well. 🙂  So, we’ll see what this upcoming half has in store for me!! I’m scared and nervous and ridiculously excited all at the same time… all things I would expect from someone who has never run a half before… lol.

Ok!!! As always, have a happy and healthy Monday!! It looks like it’s going to be gorgeous, so if you can get out there, GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING!!! 🙂 ❤



2 thoughts on ““Why did you start running??” #runchat

  1. You are a running beast babe. If you set your mind to it, you will make it happen. You always do!

    I can’t wait to do the rest of the runs we have lined up this year. You push me to my limits with each run and because of that I have gotten physically and mentally stronger. Running has not been my thing since middle school really (that was the last time I entered into a cross country race). I entered the Warrior Dash last year for the physical challenge and make believe I was on Wipeout or Double Dare. I did not know what snowball effect that race would have on my life, because this is where we met again for the first time in years. I was in love, not with running by a stretch, but with you.

    I never thought I was going to get into running again… ever… but after going to watch you run for the first time at the Bordy event and to see how passionate you were while you ran sparked something inside me. I loved seeing you smile when you crossed the finish line, knowing you accomplished something and how much fun you had. After watching a few of your races where I only got to see you at the start and finish lines I realized I couldn’t be supporting you that much by just standing around at the beginning and end. I wanted to support you more. I wanted to run with you and support you the entire time. After our first run together, which was a doozie, I was hooked. The rush I had knowing that we both pushed ourselves to the longest distance we both have ever ran and did it holding hands was amazing. I never would have felt that rush if it were not for you. You push yourself and are inspired by things and at the same time are an inspiration to others.

    You inspire me to be a strong athlete, to be tough, and to be an all around better person. Every day I get better at life knowing I have you by my side. ❤

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