My recent experience with @EnergyBits #PoweredbyBits #review #greenisgood

When I initially heard about ENERGYBits I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical.  A “tiny algae tab so nutritionally dense, they eliminate fatigue and hunger instantly”… really? Is this the new super food??  Then I read on… “No Sugar, no caffeine, no chemicals, gluten, or soy…” Wait? WHAT?! How is something supposed to eliminate my hunger is it doesn’t have ANY sugar and keep me energized if there is no caffeine?! (coffee-oholic over here…)  Boy was I surprised… 

So, I had to try it out. I don’t by any means consider myself a super athlete… however, I have a half marathon (my first) coming up VERY soon.  So I thought, “what better time to try out these magically bits then on a training run… the furthest run I’ve taken to date?!”  


I got all my gear ready, including the ridiculously cute tin of ENERGYbits and hoped in the car to head to the NCR Trail.  (there is no where within walking/running distance to my house long enough for a long run.) Upon arrival I opened the tin and I was a little taken back by the smell of what I lovingly referred to later as “fish-food”.  It put a huge smile on my face though because I’d remember reading that the tablets were algae based, so DUH! What should they smell like? Bacon?! (giggle) Anyway, I took the tablets with the recommended amount of water (8oz) and surprisingly enough, they are REALLY easy to swallow!!! (YAY!!!)


Then I set off on what I had allotted to be a 10 mile training run.  The first two miles (like most runners – or so I’ve heard) sucked. This however, all changed around mile 3-4, I felt this boost of energy!! All the sudden I felt unstoppable! Not like “Captain American” unstoppable or anything ridiculous… but regardless, it was amazing! It was at this point that I told myself “Well!! I’ll be darned, these things really do work!!”  Also, I re-thought out my plan for the run.  Instead of limiting myself to 10 miles, I told myself “lets see how far the bits will take me”.  

10 miles later (keep in mind… this was after I’d completed 5K already) I realized I was back at the car having just run my first (albeit unofficial) half marathon!!!!! 


It wasn’t pretty time wise, but it was a half!!! Yes, I walked a bit, but that was my silly calves fault (I need to invest in a foam roller… but that’s something totally different!), I had SO MUCH ENERGY!!! My body (legs) said I was done, but (energy wise) I felt like I could go for so much more! I had a HUGE smile on my face and felt amazing!! I am 100%sold on these little “fish-food” smelling algae tablets! They live up too, if not exceed all expectation and I can’t wait to try them again on half-marathon day!! 


Thank you so much to ENERGYbits for letting me review the product… I’m 100% coming back for more!!! 🙂



2 thoughts on “My recent experience with @EnergyBits #PoweredbyBits #review #greenisgood

  1. I’m going to be running a half marathon in the fall and you may have just sold me on these energy bits! I have been curious about them for a while but now I think I’m definitely going to see what they’re all about! Great Review!

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