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What five races would I LOVE to run?!!! 

  1. Berlin Marathon – first and foremost, because Germany holds a SUPER special place in my heart.  My son was born there, and I spent two AMAZING years of my life there. 
  2. Dublin Marathon – duh… its in Ireland!!! BEER!!! Everyone is excited about the beer at the end of a race, well Ireland?? COME ON!!!! lol. Also, can you imagine what the course would look like? Can we say GORGEOUS!
  3. Athens Marathon – Yep, if you hadn’t figured it out by my #greekgirlproblems posts or by the pictures I’ve posted of myself… I’m Greek… so running in Greece would be a dream come true!! 
  4. Madrid Marathon – sensing a pattern here?? Yea, I loved Europe when I lived there… so all of the races I’ve picked would be overseas.  Spain is beautiful!!! Culture, food, music, scenery, dancing… do I really need to go on??
  5. Paris Marathon – when I was in Europe, Paris stole my heart.  Yep, I know how cliche that sounds… but if you’ve never been, you don’t understand.  It’s amazing.  You can’t even explain to people the wonder of holding a FRESH crepe in your hand, standing at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, looking up and not being able to see the top… Just, unbelievable.  running through that city would me remarkable!


If you could run 5 races ANYWHERE where would you run and what races with they be??? Have a great friday!! 


Five Things Friday!!!



First off, HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I’m looking out my office window and it looks to be gorgeous outside, gets me super excited for the first thing on my Five Things Friday list…

1. Super Long Run Today!!! I’m (per my Nike + app’s instruction) going on a 14 mile run today.  This will be my longest run… EVER.  This past weekend I completed my second 13.1 mile run (first official half w00t!), but never anything more.  So… yea.  Gotta admit, I’m a bit nervous.  I don’t know why… It’s only a mile more.  I’m just psyching myself out… I mean, whats 14 miles? Right? (laughs uncomfortably)  Eh well, we’ll see what happens.  I’ve got my trusty Bits (never run long distance without them!) and I’ll make sure to have water… as I’m running on a trail… which oddly enough has port-a-potty stops (which is AWESOME), but no where to get water. *weird face*.  Wish me luck!!!

2. Warrior Dash Tomorrow!!! I’m running (well, mudding) my second annual Warrior Dash at 9:15 tomorrow morning! (pray for me… I’m only half kidding)  They’ve added a few more obstacles that don’t look as much challenging as they do… *makes same weird face as earlier* interesting… Lets just say, I KNOW I’m leaving with bruises and scrapes.  Last year I came home and look like I’d gotten into a fight, lol.  My kind of race. 😉 Seriously though, should be fun.  This year will be a bit different.  I signed myself up, so I had a chance to become a St. Jude’s warrior.  I was able (with the help of a few AMAZING people) to raise over $300, which is going to help some very sick kids with cancer.  Selfishly, that also entitles ME to a hot shower after the mud run.  Yes, my main goal was to help the kids… believe it or not.  I work in a hospital, have spent many a night in the pediatric ER with terminally ill patients (and their parents), and I have a beautiful 3 yr old son that I would give my life for without thought.   So yea, the shower is nice, but the money raised for the kids with cancer… that’s more important.  So if you donated and you’re reading this… thank you. ❤

3. Mother’s Day!!! My third, my sisters first!! I recently (last week in April) became an aunt, to a beautiful, healthy, amazing little boy named Lucas.  He’s the second cutest little baby boy I’ve ever seen!! (Duh! My son’s cuter *wink*) I was with my sister through her entire labor process holding her hand, wiping her tears, and holding her legs while she pushed. I got 45 minutes of sleep total that night (per my trusty fitbit, lol). WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!! (I had an emergency c-section… in Germany… so her delivery was VERY different from mine).  When she was about ready to give up, I was right there coaching her.  And when that beautiful baby boy came out I yelled “YOU HAVE A BABY!!! YOU’RE A MOM!!!”  My brother-in-law cried, she cried, I cried, I’m pretty sure one of the nursed teared up… it was something.  So yea… This Mother’s Day is about my sister. 🙂 

4. Half Marathon #2!!! Yea, you read right… number 2 already.  I’m gearing up for the Zooma Annapolis Half on 5/31, hoping to shave 10-15 minutes off my time from last weekend at the Frederick Running Festival!! (another reason I’m running 14 miles today!)  This race is at the Navy/Marine Corp stadium in BEAUTIFUL Annapolis, so if I don’t PR, at least I’ll have some epic scenery!! Why am I running another half so soon you ask?  My crazy tush has a goal in mind.  I want to be a Half Fanatic.  And darn it… I’m gonna do it! 🙂 

5. It’s feels like SUMMER!!! Why am I excited about this?? This means beach weather, pool weather, play outside until 8-9pm with my munchkin weather!! I love when it gets warmer also because my spirits are higher! I think this goes for most of us.  The colder months tend to drag me down.  Being stuck inside because of the snow (and good grief did we get enough snow this winter!!) or the frigid temperatures… that’s just no good!! I want to be outside!! The tree’s are beautiful, the birds are singing, it’s almost like mother nature is begging me to come and play!! Well, I’m here!! Let’s dance! 

I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend and enjoy the rest of your Friday!!! As always, stay healthy!!! ❤

Race Recap – Frederick NutJob #runfrederick #poweredbybits #sweatpink #imfitpissible #girlsgonesporty

Holy crap… what a weekend!!! First off FIRST HALF MARATHON!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!  Ok, simmer down Stace… No really, I’m excited.  A year ago if someone told me to run 13.1 miles I’d have probably smacked them in the mouth… now, I’d jump at the chance to run another one.  That being said, lets talk about the race(s).  I did something called the Nut Job Challenge which included a 5K Saturday night and the half marathon Sunday morning.  After completing these two races (pretty much back to back), it’s true, I’m nuts. 🙂  Packet pick up was a breeze, probably the fastest I’ve ever been too… 5 minutes in and out. Before the 5k started, the FRF (frederick running festival) had a kids fun run, which may have been the CUTEST thing I’ve ever seen.  I have a 3 yr old… so to see little ones running is absolutely wonderful to me.  I saw a little one get trampled, which wasn’t so nice… but that little man got RIGHT back up and kept running!!!  I also saw an amazing little boy who seemed to be blind.  He had a walking stick with him in one hand and his mother in the other.  He was also sporting an epic superman cape, which he was rocking!!  This little dude was the true spirit of the entire weekend.  He inspired me!  After looking at the FRF website later I found out his name was Max, so Max, thanks dude!!!  You’re an inspiration, even at 4 or 5.  Keep it up!!!  

The Twilight 5k… the skies started to look ominous… which for me is AWESOME!!!  I started to smile as I love a good rain run.  right as I crossed the starting line it started to rain!! 🙂  My smile only got bigger, lol.  I know I know, I’m a little crazy, but it was awesome!!  The rain to me is like a personal hydrater.  It keeps me cool, and more importantly, you can’t tell if I’m sweaty or rainy!  😉  So anywho, I go out and run, not too hard because I have a freaking half in the morning… but my nike plus tells me I’m running at a pace quicker then I normally do… “Ok… *weirdface* just keep going I guess” (thats when I remembered I took my trusty ENERGYbits before hand.  “HA!! Now it makes sense!!”  So I keep plowing on.  Then I see this guy…



Lol, perfect right?? I mean come one it’s Star Wars Weekend!!!  He yells stuff like “Remember what happened to Han Solo” and I’m no more good, I’m pretty much hysterically laughing at this point.  But you can see behind him, is the turn around point.  Soooo I was half way done, YAY! Ok, so keep going. It had stopped raining, much to my disappointment, and was getting sunny… which meant the temperature was also going back up. *urgh* Eh well… I was almost done. 



I got an email almost instantly upon finishing the 5K with my results… which was pretty awesome!!! And I didn’t do too bad!! Now keep in mind expert runner out there, I don’t pretend like I’m fast… cause I’m not. My new motto… “Not fast, but not last”.   I will ALWAYS finish the races I do, I’ll try to PR every time, but I’m no sprinter.  So, now that I can get off my little soap box… 🙂 It was a beautiful little 5K!! The scenery was gorgeous!  And I got a super cute 5K shirt!! 



So… what happened next is pretty neat.  Austin and I were given VIP passes which entitled us to DELICIOUS food, unlimited beer (not like either of us drank anything… didn’t want to be dehydrated for the next day) and unlimited water and soda.  When I say Delicious, I’m not exaggerating… The food was supplied by Outback Steakhouse… So I’m talking, grilled chicken, steak, ceasar salad, and if you’ve ever been to an Outback… the brown bread???  YEA!!!  THAT STUFF!!!!  I only got a tiny piece of chicken and a little bit of salad, but still…. YUM!!!!


Walking back to the car we were so elated from the food and the race we almost didn’t notice what was under our feet………



Lol… Yep I’m totally rocking my #sweatpink laces!!! It’s true what they say, you do run faster with pink laces!!! 😉  So, we forgot that they host farm type stuff at the fairgrounds (which makes perfect sense… duh) and I thought it was adorable that the birds feet were bigger than mine!! lol. Yea, back to race stuff… Sooooo next morning….. MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!! You know if I was excited about seeing Boba Fett that I’d be rocking a Star Wars shirt on Sunday right??? RIGHT!!! 



Yoda was with my the whole half! 🙂  So, we get up at 5:15ish, get to the fairgrounds… after a ridiculous run around trying to find parking… around 6am (our hotel was 1 mile away…. yea) and then we walk what seemed like half a mile to get to the back of the grand stand where all the other runners were chillin’.  (good warm up I guess)  I see people stretching, peeing (that was interesting), resting, hugging, all sorts of fun and quirky things before the race started.  6:53am… 7 minutes before race start… We all pile into our pace groups… The same guy who sang the National Anthem the night before sings again, except this time… he forgets the words… Eh… stuff happens… I guess. (ooops!) And then… like they knew exactly what I needed to get pumped up, Metallica… “Enter Sandman” over the loud system.  The biggest grin creeps across my face!! I start hopping up and down… I am ready!!!! And Bam!!! GO!


The Frederick Community was amazing!!  There was a little girl around mile 4 with her Dad that was giving out free “high fives”!! 🙂 And around mile 10 the family’s were coming out of there homes with water in big cups and banana’s cut in half to give to the runners.  It was amazing!!! I’ve never seen anything like that before!!! The entire race there were people on their porches or front steps, still in their Pj’s with coffee, yelling and cheering!! It was truly awesome!! Made me feel special (yea I know I was one of like… I don’t know 5,500 or something but whatever!)  At mile 13, going up the stupid freaking hill… (if you ran it, you know what I’m talking about), there was a woman holding a sign that said “Hey Stranger, you are Awesome!” with a heart as the “O” in awesome!!  She was so cute! 🙂 Right as we came up to the end, we were on the track… you know, like where they would race horses or dogs… and there was a family or another racer who had finished already.  His beautiful little girl was sitting on the rail with her hand out giving “high fives”!!  I’m telling you!! Those “high fives” were magical!! lol.  And then there is was… the most beautiful thing I’d seen all say… the finish… I gunned it… “I’m almost done!!!”  I crossed the finish line and tears filled up my eyes… I did it… I just ran a freaking half marathon!!! 


No, it wasn’t a Boston Qualifier (lol by any means), no it wasn’t the Sub 2:30 that I wanted, but I finished!!! The race course looked like a dinosaur, which made my son smile when I got home later that evening. 😉 And I PR’d 10 minutes off my 13.1 training run three weeks prior.  So I was happy!!! What made me even happier??? THE BLING!!!!!!!! 


I mean, how gorgeous are those?!!! 🙂 (I’m a little proud) The Nut Job medal is for running both the 5K and the half. 🙂  After some snacks and some intense water… it was time for ice.  I knew I had to work the next day and that my legs were going to HATE me… so I went over the the medical tent and asked for ice… what happened next was not what I expected, but ended up giving me NO PAIN the next day!!! 


Never would I have thought, saran wrap and bags of ice would lead to pain free legs the next day. I only had the ice on there for 20 minutes, and I’m not complaining!!! 🙂 Unfortunately because of the cluster F of parking in the morning… it took us almost 15 minutes and a LOT of walking to finally find my car… not the happiest of people when we finally did.  But we found it.  lol. Soooo here’s the recap

  • Good:  
  • Amazing Bling
  • Amazing Community
  • Scenic Course
  • Awesome Medical team
  • VIP meal
  • Sweet shirts
  • Easy packet pick up
  • Kids fun run to motivate


  • Bad
  • PARKING (not lack off, just lack of organization)
  • Hill @ mile 12.5
  • Dusty finish on the track (rocks in my shoes)

Would/Will I run this again?? HECK YES!!!! SIGN ME UP NOW!!!!!! Thank you Frederick Running Festival for an amazing running experience and for making my first half marathon an awesome one!!! 🙂