Five Things Friday!!!



First off, HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I’m looking out my office window and it looks to be gorgeous outside, gets me super excited for the first thing on my Five Things Friday list…

1. Super Long Run Today!!! I’m (per my Nike + app’s instruction) going on a 14 mile run today.  This will be my longest run… EVER.  This past weekend I completed my second 13.1 mile run (first official half w00t!), but never anything more.  So… yea.  Gotta admit, I’m a bit nervous.  I don’t know why… It’s only a mile more.  I’m just psyching myself out… I mean, whats 14 miles? Right? (laughs uncomfortably)  Eh well, we’ll see what happens.  I’ve got my trusty Bits (never run long distance without them!) and I’ll make sure to have water… as I’m running on a trail… which oddly enough has port-a-potty stops (which is AWESOME), but no where to get water. *weird face*.  Wish me luck!!!

2. Warrior Dash Tomorrow!!! I’m running (well, mudding) my second annual Warrior Dash at 9:15 tomorrow morning! (pray for me… I’m only half kidding)  They’ve added a few more obstacles that don’t look as much challenging as they do… *makes same weird face as earlier* interesting… Lets just say, I KNOW I’m leaving with bruises and scrapes.  Last year I came home and look like I’d gotten into a fight, lol.  My kind of race. 😉 Seriously though, should be fun.  This year will be a bit different.  I signed myself up, so I had a chance to become a St. Jude’s warrior.  I was able (with the help of a few AMAZING people) to raise over $300, which is going to help some very sick kids with cancer.  Selfishly, that also entitles ME to a hot shower after the mud run.  Yes, my main goal was to help the kids… believe it or not.  I work in a hospital, have spent many a night in the pediatric ER with terminally ill patients (and their parents), and I have a beautiful 3 yr old son that I would give my life for without thought.   So yea, the shower is nice, but the money raised for the kids with cancer… that’s more important.  So if you donated and you’re reading this… thank you. ❤

3. Mother’s Day!!! My third, my sisters first!! I recently (last week in April) became an aunt, to a beautiful, healthy, amazing little boy named Lucas.  He’s the second cutest little baby boy I’ve ever seen!! (Duh! My son’s cuter *wink*) I was with my sister through her entire labor process holding her hand, wiping her tears, and holding her legs while she pushed. I got 45 minutes of sleep total that night (per my trusty fitbit, lol). WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!! (I had an emergency c-section… in Germany… so her delivery was VERY different from mine).  When she was about ready to give up, I was right there coaching her.  And when that beautiful baby boy came out I yelled “YOU HAVE A BABY!!! YOU’RE A MOM!!!”  My brother-in-law cried, she cried, I cried, I’m pretty sure one of the nursed teared up… it was something.  So yea… This Mother’s Day is about my sister. 🙂 

4. Half Marathon #2!!! Yea, you read right… number 2 already.  I’m gearing up for the Zooma Annapolis Half on 5/31, hoping to shave 10-15 minutes off my time from last weekend at the Frederick Running Festival!! (another reason I’m running 14 miles today!)  This race is at the Navy/Marine Corp stadium in BEAUTIFUL Annapolis, so if I don’t PR, at least I’ll have some epic scenery!! Why am I running another half so soon you ask?  My crazy tush has a goal in mind.  I want to be a Half Fanatic.  And darn it… I’m gonna do it! 🙂 

5. It’s feels like SUMMER!!! Why am I excited about this?? This means beach weather, pool weather, play outside until 8-9pm with my munchkin weather!! I love when it gets warmer also because my spirits are higher! I think this goes for most of us.  The colder months tend to drag me down.  Being stuck inside because of the snow (and good grief did we get enough snow this winter!!) or the frigid temperatures… that’s just no good!! I want to be outside!! The tree’s are beautiful, the birds are singing, it’s almost like mother nature is begging me to come and play!! Well, I’m here!! Let’s dance! 

I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend and enjoy the rest of your Friday!!! As always, stay healthy!!! ❤


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