#FridayFive with @eatprayrunDC and @yousignedup

What five races would I LOVE to run?!!! 

  1. Berlin Marathon – first and foremost, because Germany holds a SUPER special place in my heart.  My son was born there, and I spent two AMAZING years of my life there. 
  2. Dublin Marathon – duh… its in Ireland!!! BEER!!! Everyone is excited about the beer at the end of a race, well Ireland?? COME ON!!!! lol. Also, can you imagine what the course would look like? Can we say GORGEOUS!
  3. Athens Marathon – Yep, if you hadn’t figured it out by my #greekgirlproblems posts or by the pictures I’ve posted of myself… I’m Greek… so running in Greece would be a dream come true!! 
  4. Madrid Marathon – sensing a pattern here?? Yea, I loved Europe when I lived there… so all of the races I’ve picked would be overseas.  Spain is beautiful!!! Culture, food, music, scenery, dancing… do I really need to go on??
  5. Paris Marathon – when I was in Europe, Paris stole my heart.  Yep, I know how cliche that sounds… but if you’ve never been, you don’t understand.  It’s amazing.  You can’t even explain to people the wonder of holding a FRESH crepe in your hand, standing at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, looking up and not being able to see the top… Just, unbelievable.  running through that city would me remarkable!


If you could run 5 races ANYWHERE where would you run and what races with they be??? Have a great friday!! 


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