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First off, Happy Friday to you all!!! Hope everyone had an amazing week and that you’re looking forward to your weekend as much as I am!! OK… So… My life lately… This may get a little deep in sections, so if you don’t want to “get deep” on a Friday Morning, I suggest jumping ship now… *free out!! free out!!*

1. As some of you (very very few) know… I’m going through a Divorce…  I was married to my Best Friend in the world for 8 years.  He was my confidant, my life line, and (I thought) my soul mate.  But… the stars weren’t in line for us.  At the beginning of our separation it was extremely difficult… because we have a BEAUTIFUL 3 year old son together, Alex.   Him you know, lol. (I can’t stop talking about my kid, lol)  Figuring out where Alex was going to stay and making it most convenient for him was the highest priority for both of us. However, EVERYTHING was an argument.  It was miserable.  Another reason I took up running… It was a way for me to escape the tears, the anger, the resentment and feelings of failure.  Running??  Running doesn’t judge you… Running doesn’t tear you down.  Being a runner is embracing, being a runner makes you love yourself… sometimes without even knowing it.  I actually developed a confidence that I hadn’t had in… well… 8 years after I began running.  I realized I was going to be OK.  If I could do this incredible thing (I never thought I could finish a mile and now I’m running half marathons… not a big deal to some, but a HUGE deal to me) then I can make it though.  There was a brief time (very brief) when my ex and I were almost back to the Best Friend stage… we talked about everything.  I mean, I still love him.  I always will.  He is my sons father.  He knows more about me then I think I know about myself… But like I said… brief.  As of late, there has been a LOT more fighting, mostly about stupid things, almost like we WANT to argue with each other.  (that’s not uncommon… he’s German, I’m Greek… both a feisty group of people)  I don’t know if it’s because we both know the divorce is finalized in less than a month and it scaring both of us a little?? Neither of us like change… But yea, any of my “emo-esque” tweet you may read… they’re usually after a TERRIBLE fight when I’m in the car crying like an idiot, or curled up in a ball somewhere snuggling my son because I just want to run away (with Alex of course!!). (I warned you it was going to get deep).  Have any of you gone through a divorce with a child?? I know A LOT of divorcees… but they don’t have children.  Having my (amazing) son has made this entire process 10x harder.  I can’t just pick up and leave when things get rough because Alex is asleep… or Alex is playing or eating or whatever… My son comes first in every aspect of my life… I just want to know how anyone else has “coped” (maybe not the right word) with Divorce with a young child.  OK!!! New topic… 

2. I’m TERRIBLY behind on my race recaps!!! I need to do the Warrior Dash and the Zooma Annapolis!! Oy!! I promise I’ll get on it… really I will.  Both were extremely fun and extremely different races that I want to “relive” through blogging so I give you my “written” word that when I get a minute (lol) I will get on this!!! PROMISE!!!! 🙂

3.  This FREAKING BLISTER!!!! If you’ve been reading my tweets you know I’ve been suffering since the Zooma Half marathon with a WICKED blister about the size of a quarter.  Well, the sucker popped (on its own) on Wednesday night.  (During my runstreak with abruptly came to a halt). And now it’s infected!!! *SOBS*  The whole area around the blister is hard and tender and it’s leaking little bits of yellow… stuff… yea, appetizing right?  so now I have to call my Dermatologist and get this MF-er fixed before the Baltimore 10-Miler NEXT WEEKEND!!! 😦 What the heck am I doing to myself.  Seriously.  I wore the right socks, I taped up my feet!?!! I don’t get it… any home remedies for blisters before I haul off to the derm?? I’ll do about anything right now to ease this discomfort… I’m actually tripping a bit when I walk, because I can barely put pressure on the top of my left foot.  I’m not a baby when it comes to pain either… this is OBSCENE!  Any helpful hints would be GREATLY appreciated!!! ❤

4.  This weekend is the Greek Festival at one of the local churches in my area (so excited!!) even if I can’t dance much (f-ing blister) I LOVE being around my culture!!! Being Greek is something that has defined me since I was a little girl.  I love it!!! The Music, the food, the dance, the language, the booze (yea… we drink… get over it), the love and laughter… it’s just AMAZING!!!! If you EVER have a Greek cultural festival in your area, PLEASE check it out.  I’m not exaggerating.  I’ve brought MANY american friends to these and they LOVE THEM!!!! #gogreek (and no I don’t mean sorority… I mean REAL Greek) So yea, EXCITED!!!

5.  I still have a $5 off coupon for the 5K Foam Fest that ANYONE can use at ANY LOCATION!!! IT doesn’t expire… It looks ridiculously awesome and I can’t wait to do it so I’m speading my #sweatpink love on to you!!! If you are interested in the code, let me know!! Either email me… amiles8 at gmail dot com or DM me @ Twitter @RunToBeFree10.  I really want to hook you guys up with this.  (and no, I’m not getting paid… I just like the fact that I got a code, lol. I think that’s pretty sweet.)

Hope you guys liked my Friday Five!! Have a WICKED AWESOME FRIDAY and enjoy this (hopefully) beautiful weekend!!! Stay healthy and happy!! ❤


2 thoughts on “Linking up for #FridayFive with @maramaone1 @eatprayrunDC and @Yousignedup; New post – {LIFE LATELY!!}

  1. Enjoyed this very much. I feel your pain as I have gone through the fire you are going through. I still go through fires though there are more “bon-fires” these days than infernos. I blog @ (wordpress)

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