It’s that time again!! #FridayFive #linkup w/ @yousignedup @marmaone1 & @eatprayrunDC

HI!!!!! I know… it’s been a week. 😦 I’m such a slacker… I promise I’ll do better!!! Anywho, for today’s Friday Five, the topic is 5 Ways to Beat the Heat!!!  Fun right?? I love Summer so this should be a fun topic.  Ok, lets get started…

1. Stay inside –  Yea, that sounds boring… but it doesn’t have to be!! I have a three year old (as many of you know) and he doesn’t really like to be cooped up indoors ALL DAY LONG (just like his mother ;-))… but when the weather channel tells me it’s going to reach close to or over 100 degrees?!!! Yea, we’re not going outside.  I’m not risking little dudes health.  Sooo!!! What can we do inside?!! Well!! He’s a HUGE fan of trucks, cars, plans, pretty much anything that you can run with and make it race. lol (again, just like his mother). Soooo, turn the living room into a race track!! Option two, and this obviously isn’t for everyday… watch a movie! (Like Cars, Planes… see a pattern here??) Option three… build a fort!!! Oh my gosh!! I hadn’t done this since my sister and I were in elementary school… but my son was not feeling was a few months back and asked if we could build a fort.  I of course obliged… SO MUCH FUN!!! So staying inside can be a lot of fun! 🙂

2. Stay hydrated – I cannot stress to you how important this is.  My sons father experienced heat stroke… lemme just tell you… NOT SOMETHING YOU WANT TO HAPPEN TO YOU!!! Before you even feel thirsty, you should be drinking water.  When I take my son out and it’s “Johnny Blazing” he has a water bottle in hand.  “Mommy, I’m out of water” … good boy… 🙂 Don’t like water?? No problem… spice it up!!! Throw some frozen fruit in a water bottle… or if you’re an athlete/runner, try Nuun!! (So delicious and refreshing… all while replacing the stuff we sweat out while working out!!) Seriously though, dehydration is no joke.  DRINK WATER!!!! 

3. GO SWIMMING!! – Pretty self explanatory… however, REMEMBER THE SUNSCREEN!!! Unless you’re blessed with an olive complexion (like myself :-)) you will get burned!!! The reflection of the suns rays off that gorgeous pool water is going to burn you soooo much faster then just standing around outside.  And then… OUCH!!! Swimming is a great way to get exercise, without geting disgustingly hot. Win-Win!! 🙂

4.  Shade – Yea, weird… but effective.  Whenever I run, I’ll try and run under trees.  I look a little silly I bet, but I don’t get NEARLY as warm and sweaty as those runners around me!! I know it isn’t always possible, but trees are your friends.  (most of them)  Shade is a natural way to protect yourself from sunlight.  You’re still outside, you’re still able to “see” the sun, but the sun can’t really “see” you.  So if you HAVE to picnic on the HOTTEST, SUNNIEST day of the year… try and find a spot near a tree.  🙂

5. DON’T USE THE OVEN!!! –  For those of you that cook, do you notice that your house gets 10-15 degrees warmer (at least on the same level) when you use your oven??? Oh my gosh!! So hot!! Ok, if you’re going to cook, use the stove top, use the microwave, or… best of all… GRILL!!! But seriously, that Oven produces a ridiculously amount of heat that you then have to counter act by turning on the AC… electricity shoots up… no one is happy.  So… leave your oven to nap on hot days.  🙂


Hope you enjoyed this Friday five!!! 🙂 Have a happy and healthy weekend!!! ❤


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