Warrior Dash MD race recap {5/10/14} #runchat #OCR #sweatpink

Let me begin again with a HUGE I’m sorry… This is WAY over due!!! 😒 This was my second Warrior Dash and I was super pumped. I wasn’t even supposed to run the race last year… It was a complete fluke! My ex husbands cousin (another runner) decided she wanted to run a half marathon that day and knew I had started running. She offered to let me buy her entry. I’m glad I did!! It was awesome! Anyway… Back to 2014, lol.

So, Austin (who I re-met at the Dash last year after not really talking to for a few years ❤️) and I prepare for the hefty drive from Baltimore county to Mechanicsville MD. A little over an hour as far as I can remember (this is why I shouldn’t wait so long to recap!!!) and we were still early for our wave time – 0915. Parking was amazingly easy… (Easier then last year, but my wave was 6 hours earlier, which I think played a huge part in this…) and only cost $10. We get inside and pick up our packets and head to the St Jude’s tent.





Both Austin and I decided to raise money for the St Jude’s children’s hospital this year, and thanks to my a few amazing donors I raised over $350!! This gave 3 kids each a chemotherapy treatment!! ❤️😄 selfishly, it gave me the opportunity to have access to a tent with a separate bag check. The other stuff it “gave me” I’ll talk about later. So, we dropped off our stuff, took a pre-race selfie and headed to the start. (See tent in background)


The start line was kind of disorganized… But that was ok!!! I actually really appreciated the fact that we didn’t have to wait 15 minutes for the people in front of us to go. We just sort of ran through! It was a muddy mess!!! Fun, muddy, and challenging. I remember slipping a few times and thinking “I’m going ass over tea kettle and all these people are going to run right over me…” But Austin didn’t let me fall. Lol. He and another REALLY tall guy actually “saved me” at one point when I was pretty sure my 5’3″ body was going to be stuck in a pool of muddy water until my demise… Thank goodness for tall people!! I remember telling my sister later that day “I saw a hand come down from the heavens and someone said ‘grab my hand! I’ve got you!'” Lol she thought I’d lost it. It was very helpful though. That’s what I love about OCR’s… No runner left behind. It’s not about PR’s, it’s not about beating your buddy, or the chick next to you… It’s about helping everyone finish!!! I LOVE THAT!!! I was exhausted towards the middle when we got to a rope type thing that you had to work crawl through… And of course (wouldn’t you know it) THATS where the photographer was… 😜 so I got this gem…


Real sexy right?! Lol. Eh well, I look focused. And at that point I was! 😄 the course was laid out over 5k of the Wicomico race track… So when I tell you it was hilly… That’s an understatement. I saw and smelled fire… This is good I thought… Were almost done!!! BEER! Lol. And great, lol another photographer… So I of course do something stupid for this one and get this amazing photo…


Yea, I have no words… So then we went down a slide into a nice cool pool of muddy water which surprisingly cleaned me off!! Nice right?! No… Because in order to cross the finish line, you had to army crawl under wires in thick, yucky mud! Lol. Eh well, I came to get dirty and baby I got DIRTY!!! They gave us the medals and we headed towards the St Jude’s tent.

Upon arrival at the tent, we find out they don’t have any water for the showers that were supposed to be able to use for raising money… Grrrrrreat. Ok… Well, let’s just use this hose in the meantime!! We start hosing off with FREEZING COLD water and then the water returns… I jump in a shower… Only for the water to last 45 seconds… 😠 I was VERY unhappy. (Gonna be a bit descriptive here…) I’m standing in this tiny little “stall” type thing… naked as the day my mother birthed me, mud still in places where the hose didn’t get (because I was clothes outside… Obviously) staring at the shower head with such rage… Like that was going to help… Lol. So, I used the tiny little WHITE towel I was provided to get as much mud off of me as possible and get dressed. Softly muttering profanities under my breath. Eh well. At least there’s food and beer waiting for me.




We stuck around for about an hour, hour and a half eating, drinking, watching the rain, and laughing hysterically at a family that had a HUGE personality (pictures below). Here are some more pictures from that day.









Great race, great food and beer, excellent company, better obstacles then last year, and MUCH better bling!!! I’m coming back for you in 2015 warrior dash!!! 😊 ❤️ hope you enjoyed my recap and that you enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!!


2 thoughts on “Warrior Dash MD race recap {5/10/14} #runchat #OCR #sweatpink

  1. This is such a great recap and these pics are incredible! (I especially love that one of you jumping over the fire.) So awesome that you raised the money too. I’m doing my first race fundraising for my marathon in October and I’m so excited to give to a great cause!

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