#fridayfive {fitness snapshots!} – linking up with @yousignedup @eatprayrunDC & @marmaone1

Due to the fact that this week I’ve been incredibly inactive, I’m not going to go the “shots of how I was active this week” road; rather I’m going to share some momentous fitness occasions with you. 😊 As always, I’m linking up with the DC trifecta…

So… Here we go!!!

1. My first race… EVER –

Yep, it was a Color Run, and it was fun! I can’t really say it was a 5k (anyone having run a color run knows these races are closer to 2.8 miles…) but boy was I proud afterwards! Messy… But proud.

2. My first half marathon –

20140711-170950-61790378.jpg Yea, I thought I was a bad ass and figured, why not run a 5k the night before you tackle your first half?! lol, I’m not a bad ass. However, I finished. One year (almost to the day) from my first race EVER, I ran a half marathon!! (Holy crap!!) Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d be able to run that far, or for that long!!

3. Rec volleyball (BSSC) –

20140711-171257-61977397.jpg You’re probably thinking… Tec? Momentous?? Why?? I’ll tell you why… This team (who I have no played with for three seasons) was the first organized sports team I was on since HS. I loved the camaraderie, the sense of satisfaction when we won, and the friendships built during pre (or post) game happy hours. Yea, I’m drinking the koolaid BSSC… 😊

4. The first time I ran with my Dad –

20140711-171722-62242176.jpg My Dad is my hero… So to be able to run a 5k with him was one of the best (fitness) experiences of my life. To make it more special, the 5k we ran together was on Fathers Day. 😊 I’m happy to announce… I didn’t scare him off!! We’re running our second 5k together on Sunday!! 😊

5. When my son told me he wanted to run, “just like you Mommy!” –

20140711-172014-62414121.jpg I’ve talked about Als a few times, so you know how much this monkey means to me. For him to tell me (at 3) that he wants to run just like me… Yea, I just about cried. We were at the NCR Trail that morning when he said it, and then he took off!! He ran 2 miles… And this mama couldn’t have been prouder! Yes, I had to carry him back to the car (almost a mile), but it was more than worth it! 😊

I hope you enjoyed my “snapshot” Friday Five!! And as always, have a happy and healthy weekend!! ❀️


2 thoughts on “#fridayfive {fitness snapshots!} – linking up with @yousignedup @eatprayrunDC & @marmaone1

  1. Why am I just seeing this comment?!! Running with my Dad was amazing!! He says I’ve created a monster. We’ve already run another race and are signed up for 4 more 5k’s!! πŸ™‚ He’s a beast!! πŸ™‚

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