Fitness rut…

Yes I’m in a rut… 



I know you’ve seen my race recaps (even though I’m tremendously far behind on these… like over a month behind… sorry!!) And you may have read my “Hey look what I’m doing” posts on the challenges… but still… it’s not good.  It’s to the point where I only run on race days, and if you’re a runner, you know that’s not a good thing… AT ALL.  Yes, I’m completing all of my races without difficulty, but my times aren’t improving by much, if by any.  Goodness…

I have a 12 mile road race coming up (sooner than I’d like to admit) with Charm City Run, called the Charles St 12. I’m telling you, my only saving grace at this race will be the elevation… it’s pretty much ALL down hill!! I may be able to PR on my 10 mile time strictly because I’ll be zooming downhill! (lol – wishful thinking right?) Anyway, I don’t know how to get myself out of this rut! I could complain that it’s too hot, because it has been pretty warm; but on the flip side, I ran in sub freezing temperatures. I promised myself (and everyone else) that I wouldn’t complain come summer time! (OY!)  

So what I want to do with this blog entry is to (hopefully) motivate myself with some cute and inspiring pictures!! Heck, maybe they’re even motivate you if you’re in a rut (which I hope you’re not!) 

work it girl!!

     Work it girl!!

For real though, it is...

       For real though, it is…

I have to believe this...

I have to believe this…



cheaper then therapy!!

cheaper then therapy!!

Listen to Yoda, you must!

               Listen to Yoda, you must!

Hopefully when I need motivation (like now) I’ll look on these pictures are get my butt in gear!!! As always, I hope you have a healthy and happy day!! (and I hope you don’t find yourself in a rut!!) 


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