Race Recap!! {6/22/14} @RunBWC @CharmCityRun #runbaltimore

Again, I apologize for being so far behind on these race racaps!! The Baltimore Womens Classic, held in Baltimore MD every year, is my FAVORITE race.  Favorite? Really? YES!!! Without a doubt in my mind, this race is my most favorite race out of the 30+ races I’ve run.  BWC is the Mid- Atlantic’s LARGEST all female 5K race… The Mid-Atlantic isn’t a small place, so maybe it’s a few other ladies favorite race too!! 😉 The course is also absolutely beautiful.  You start out at Rash Field (yea, gorgeous right?) and run through the Inner Harbor. (race course

Yep, ran by that. :-)

Yep, ran by that. 🙂

Come race day I was PUMPED!!! I’d run a trail half marathon the day before so my legs were a bit overworked, but I was ready!! I mean come on, this race is awesome!! I woke up with a smile on my face ready to go.  Pinned myself up and headed out the door. 

Reppin' the Frederick 5k

Reppin’ the Frederick 5k

We got to Rash WAY early because last year I had to RUN to the start line.  Didn’t want a repeat of that, so we were able to take some amazing pictures of the Harbor! 

harbor3 harbor1 harbor2


Around 0730-0745 Lynne Brick and Lori (sp?) from WPOC (Baltimore country radio station) started talking.  And BAM!! Loud, and festive dance music, lol. Apparently there was a Zumba warm up??

apparently I wasn't the only one clueless as to what was happening...

I was blissfully unaware.  However, Alex got a kick out of me dancing around like a goof. A few minutes before start time I kissed Als on the head and headed to the line.  I figured (again) I’m not running to the start!! They had mile time pacers, which I thought was an awesome idea.  Like I mentioned previously, I was feeling a bit excited, so I jumped in with the 10-minute milers.  (yea, I can keep that pace for a little while, but not long… but here’s hoping!!) 

yellow sign = mile time

yellow sign = mile time

I took a quick look around to see if I recognized anyone because I KNEW a bunch of my friend were running this race… however I couldn’t spot any of them.  However, I did see a lot of excited women ready to rock the inner harbor!! Check out all these happy faces behind me!!!

thank you front facing camera for not making me look like a creeper!!

And then we were off!!! And all the sudden I found my legs!! I kept pace with the 10 minute milers!! Yea boy!!! “I’m gonna PR today!! HOT DAMN!!!” I’m not fast, I don’t claim to be fast, so this was really exciting for me! The most amazing part, (and this has never happened running a 10 minute mile) I didn’t feel like I was trucking. (lol) My breathing was great, my legs felt great, and I didn’t feel like like I was going to die! The epic scenery and FANTASTIC volunteers probably had a bit to do with this though. 🙂 There were two water stops on the way, and I “jogged” through them, but didn’t stop.  I wanted to hit this PR! All the sudden I saw the turn that I remember from the year before meant two things.. 1. Photographers and 2. You’re at (about) mile 3!! I smiled at the photo dude, but didn’t like any of the pictures that came from the day (professionally), eh, no biggie, and kept going.  And there it was, the Charm City Run finish arch!! GO GO GO!!! So I went went went!! 

My only con for the ENTIRE day was 10 seconds before the finish line… a women with a stroller got RIGHT in front of me causing me to have to HOP over and around her which slowed me down and caused me to almost trip.  This was completely unacceptable… why? I’ll tell you why… 

“Jogging Strollers?

YES, the BWC allows women who wish to walk the course with jogging strollers to participate in the Classic. Due to insurance regulations and risk issues, we cannot allow runners with strollers on the course.  There will be a special “stroller section” at the line up of the race.  Please cooperate with our race day volunteers and line up where requested.”

That excerpt was taken STRAIGHT from the BWC website… so why was this woman with a stroller with all of the runners?!!! Good lord I was furious!! I’m even angry now reliving the whole thing. Eh well, except for knocking her and her child over (which as a mother was out of the question) I did the only thing I could do and monkey flipped over her! 

BUT!!!! I STILL PR’d!!! Even with obnoxious stroller lady!!! My official time was 31:31.  (Like I said, I’m not fast… but this is fast for me.) I had this stupid grin on my face when I went to meet up with my “posse” afterwards knowing I’d run an incredibly hard course the day before and having just PR’d my FAVORITE 5K. 🙂 


fastest 5K to date!

                          fastest 5K to date!

The best part about running an all female 5K is PRETTY BLING!!! (oh, and roses at the finish line!!)

 BWC4 bwc7

Seriously though, how nice are those medals?? The ribbon is just as nice, I unfortunately cut it off in my picture! All in all it was an amazing experience.  I was extremely happy with my time and as per the usual, the race was exquisitely done.  Without a doubt, I’ll be back next year! Hopefully I’ll be able to run a sub 30 5k by that point… and wont have to dodge any rouge strollers!! Here’s hoping!!! 

yep, still smiling even when i got home




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