#FridayFive {Favorites Edition!!} Linked up with @yousignedup @EatprayrunDC and @marmaone1 – the #DCTrifecta!! – @CharmCityRun #runchat #sweatpink

Good Morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Have it been a ridiculously long week for anyone else? No? Just me? *sigh* Well, regardless (or irregardless) I’m VERY happy it’s Friday and that it’s time for the infamous FRIDAY FIVE!!! I’m also excited about today’s theme because it’s generic. Sometimes I don’t like generic themes because I can’t think I ANYTHING to put down, HA!! But after the week I’ve had, my mind hasn’t really stopped moving!!! So here we go!!!


As per the usual, I’m linking up with Mar @ Mar on the Run, Cynthia @ You signed up for what? and Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC.  These awesome DC ladies chose “Friday favorites for this weeks theme, so here are mine! (and no, there isn’t going to be a theme i.e. work out, fitness, family, it’s just favorite stuff… like I said rambling brain, leads to rambling writings!!)

1. Favorite drink (recently) – Now, I have two.. I hope this isn’t breaking the rules.  I have a non-alcoholic and an alcoholic.  I used to be a beer drinker. (no not like a 6-pack a day beer drinker, but whenever I would go out, that’s what I would order) Now that I’ve had some procedures done on my internal workings… I can’t really handle the hops in the beer the way I could pre-surgery. (weird right?!) Eh, no biggie. So, I’ve discovered that I LOVE a good old fashioned Cuba Libre (yes I’m being pretentious.. its a rum and coke with a lime wedge, served in a tall glass, over ice, lol).


As far as non-alcoholic goes, I’m OBSESSED with my Nuun Energy Cherry Limeade tablets in plain ICE COLD water.  So refreshing after a workout, or just as a drink to sip on and keep my exhausted behind awake during work!! So, yea!! Drink up!! 🙂

2.  Favorite country song – (I told you I was going to be all over the place) I’ve recently fallen in love with the Scotty McCreery.  Yea, the american idol dude from a few years back?  That voice though!! Good grief!! Who could believe a smooth baritone sound could come out a tiny little 20 year old kid like that?! Well, he can sing to me ANY day. His song, “See You Tonight” gets me every time.  I’m singing along, dancing around, and smiling like a fool. It’s just cute!! Weirdest part… I’m not a country fan by nature… but this kid, I like. 

3. Favorite temperature to run in – When I left the house this morning at 0 dark thirty, I was a very disappointed.  It was dark, yes… but it was 65 degrees!! MY PERFECT RUNNING TEMPERATURE!!! *SOB* “why do I have to have a job and be a grown up and pay bills?!!”  But, alas… I am a grown up, with a child, so I’m sitting at my desk, waiting to start work (because my stupid program hasn’t come up yet… hence the blog post, lol).  But goodness was I upset.  I wanted to run so badly.  65 degrees, light breeze – perfection!! 

4. Favorite race distance – (maybe this did end up being more about fitness then I planned, eh well, no problem!!) I LOVE a good 10K!!! I’m not dead by the finish, but I am a bit tired. It gives me a chance to bust my tush without killing my legs like my half marathons. My favorite 10K so far was the Sole of the City 10K put on by my favorite running store Charm City Run.  It was amazing, even 6 days post op!! I can’t wait to do it again next year! Which leads me to my number 5…

5. Favorite running store – Charm City Run!! This place is amazing.  Helpful, knowledgeable, just an all around wonderful store.  I’ve been to a few other local stores for race pick up or an “oh crap, I need this!!” and I was closer to said store, and NOPE!!! Not again.  CCR is my home. Unless I’m in another state, NO other running store is getting my business.  The staff is remarkable, the prices are on par, they have training available for every level of experience (from 5k-marathon), and the gear is OUTSTANDING!!! 

I hope you enjoyed my Friday Five and that you have a WONDERFUL weekend!! As always, stay happy and healthy!!! ❤


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