#FridayFive!! {Goals} Linking up with @EatPrayRunDC, @YouSignedUp, and @Marmaone1

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! Goodness this week seemed long!! For anyone else?? No? Eh.. ok. Well at least it’s friday! Yay!!   This Friday the theme is Goals.  Should be fun!! As per the usual, I’m linking up with Courtney at Eat Pray Run DCCynthia at You Signed up for what?! and Mar at Mar On The Run!! (The DC Trifecta!!) 



So here we go!!! (tag along for the ride, wont ya?!)

1. To lose weight – Yea, that sounds a bit ridiculous. But before you judge, let me explain.  I haven’t been eating very well due to some unforeseen circumstances that were both under and out of my control.  I went to the doctor Wednesday for my arm (if you don’t know about that – I strained a ligament in a Masada Tactical class… pretty freaking amazing class, not awesome getting your ass handed to you on a platter when you’re not ready however) and of course, I got weighed… In the past four months I’ve gained almost 13 pounds.  THAT IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!  Soooo, I’m going to start thinking about my food choices better. The Whole30 thing was a complete bust… I was miserable and didn’t lose a pound. I praise people that it works for, HOWEVER it did NOT work for me.  Sooo NEXT PLEASE!  Also, I’m in love with meat, always have been, (my Father, the PhD, grew up on a farm, so fresh meat was ALWAYS on the table) so vegan/vegetarian  isn’t an option… sorry!!! So I’m thinking smaller portions?  Better quality? And MUCH MUCH MORE time working out. I’ve been mentally and physically exhausted.  However, it’s time to get my butt in gear!! 

2. Run a sub 2:30 half marathon – I’m close… not ridiculously, but I’m close.  I’m at 2:38:46 right now… and my next half is in October.  So I’m hoping with some speed work I can get this… Since the beginning of the year this has been my goal and I have yet to meet it.  The Baltimore Running Festival half marathon in October with be my 4th half this year… so, maybe 4th times the charm?? (please please please?!!!) Any speedy runners out there and I know there are a lot of you, I could use ANY advice on speed training.  I’m DEFINITELY a novice runner.  Yes, I run, and I run a lot… but I’m completely ignorant on how to improve.  Unfortunately I cannot afford a coach (which pisses me off), and some of the AMAZING training offered at me favorite local running store Charm City Run is more expensive then the actual run!! *sad face*. So any advice that I can do on my own that wont break the bank is EXTREMELY appreciated!! I really wanna kick this time in the pants!! lol. Thanks in advance!! (oh no… I just unintentionally rhymed… /facepalm)

3. Run a sub 30 5K – ALSO very close… I’m sitting at a 31:31 PR right now… and this is killing me. “If I hadn’t slowed down through the water stops would I have made it to 30??”  The course was perfect, the conditions were perfect, and my legs felt amazing… so I’m kicking myself in the ass for not making it under 30 that day… BUT the past is just that… the past.  SO like one of my favorite guys once said… 



4. Triathlon – Yep I said the T word!!! I’ve already looked at (more than) a few and I’m more than interested.  The ONLY thing holding me back is money. (see a theme here?!) So, I’m setting a reasonable goal.  I want to complete a triathlon when I’m 30. (That’s next year in case you are new to the blog, lol). That way I can get a bike, get a suit (I’m not swimming in a freaking bikini for a Tri), and get a membership to MAC so I can train. (My job offers ridiculous discounts to the MAC… which is why I chose that as my club for training). 

5. STAY HAPPY!! –  With the recent weight gain, the lack of energy, its easy to get a bit blue.  But my final (and I think) most important goal is to STAY HAPPY!!! Keep smiling!! It’s a beautiful day every time you wake up on this side of the dirt (cliche or not, its true), so SMILE BEAUTIFUL!! 



As always, have a happy and healthy weekend!! ❤


5 thoughts on “#FridayFive!! {Goals} Linking up with @EatPrayRunDC, @YouSignedUp, and @Marmaone1

  1. Great goals! Ugh I know all about beating yourself up over a 5K time. A little while back, I missed my ultimate goal for the year by 3 FREAKING SECONDS. It was so annoying. But then the next time out, I did it! You are really close and you’ll get there!

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