#FridayFive – Fall Fitness Fun! Linking up with @EatPrayRunDC, @YouSignedUp, and @Marmaone1

Good Morning beautiful people of the social media world!!! And an extra happy Friday to you, because for MOST of us, its the start of a long Holiday weekend!! Yay!! What this also means, however, is that Summer is coming to an end… But!! Don’t be upset!!  Autumn brings lots of wonderful things!! Changing of leaves, Pumpkin spiced lattes, cooler temperatures, nice warm sweaters, I could go on… as Autumn is my FAVORITE season of the four… but I (as usual) digress… So!! The Friday five this week is all about Fall Fitness Fun!!  And, as per the usual, I’m linking up with Cynthia at You Signed up for what?!, Mar at Mar on the Run! and Courtney and Eat Pray Run DC! (The DC Trifecta!)  So, lets just jump right into this thing, shall we??

1. Ragnar DC –  This will be my first EVER relay race, and first race ever running on a team.  I’m more than a little excited about this.  My team “Peer Pressured” (great name right?) Is made up of 12 people, all but 3 I know personally) and we’ll be in 2 vans for 36 hours! (It’s a 200 mile race… yes, I said 200 miles).  It roughly divides up to 16.67 miles a piece.  Although I think I’m running closer to 15 and my boyfriend is running closer to 18.  All depends on what leg your assigned. Either way… SOOOO PUMPED!!! Bring on RAGNAR!!!

September 12-13

2. Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon – Yes, I’ve already completed three half marathons… so what make this one any different?  Well, ladies and gentleman… This is the half where I’m hoping to break my 2:30 mark.  *fingers crossed*.  I’ve been working on my speed (not as much as I should… but shhhhush) and with a little less than 2 months away, I think I might be able to do it.  Even a 2:29:59… I’ll take it! I just want to break the 2:30.  Also!! This is the end of the king crab challenge that I’ve mentioned in previous posts! Soooo, I get some SUPER sweet swag at the end! 🙂

3. Cooler running temperatures –  I don’t know about any of you other runners, but I feel like I could puke after running HARD in 86-90 degrees.  The difficulty breathing, the MASSIVE sweat, the muscle fatigue… no thank you.  Nothing beats a 68 degree run for me.  (that’s pretty specific I know…) 68 degrees is my PERFECT temperature for a run.  Not too cold, and DEFINITELY not too hot. I can still sweat (sweat is sexy), and I can still feel the burn… however I feel the breeze of the Autumn air, and I don’t feel the urge to vomit.  Win Win!

4. Alex starts Goddard – (this isn’t fitness, but it makes me happy, so I’m sharing anyway) I’m so excited for him to start an actual School!! He’s been in “daycare” before, but he’s never been in school before. My son is extremely intelligent.  I know every parent says that about their kid, and truly believes it.  Great.  Congratulations.  However, I’m not just saying this.  There’s a very good chance my son is a savant. He surprises people everywhere he goes with his verbal skills, is constantly turning heads when we’re out as we have complete conversations about the differences between Herbivore and a Carnivore.  He has caused people to approach us at venues and ask how old he is (visibly shocked when I say he’s only 3) after hearing him speak.  At a packet pick up he accompanied me too… a Speech pathologist (who was a volunteer) said “Goodness, you speak VERY well! How old are you?” To which he responds… “I’m 3, but I’ll be 4 on my birthday… 10.10.10” She looked at me and starred… I smiled, and she said “He’s quite bright!” I said, “Thank, I know.” 🙂  I’m thrilled that he’s FINALLY going to be in a place he can thrive and GROW!! 🙂

5. Changing of the leaves – One of my favorite things to see on a run is the changing of the leaves.  They are SOOOO beautiful in Maryland.  It breaks my hearts when they start to fall off the trees.  lol.  So, When I take my long runs, I usually stop and snap a few photos of the leaves (especially on the NCR) just so I can remember them after they’ve gone.  


I hope you enjoyed my FALL Friday five!! As always, enjoy your Friday and LONG weekend!! Stay happy and healthy!! ❤

#FridayFive 5 things I love about @Nov_Proj_Balt!!! Linking up with @EatPrayRunDC, @Marmaone1 and @Yousignedup!!

First off, let me apologize the the late post… I usually bust these Friday Fives out first thing, but… I had an excellent excuse this morning.  I was with my tribe.  (say what??)   My tribe.  November Project Baltimore.  This Friday, the topic is “5 things I love about ____” So, naturally after my AMAZING work out this morning, it was a no brainer for me to chose NP as my “thing” that I love!! 


As per the usual, I’m linking up with Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC!, Mar at Mar On The Run!, and Cynthia over at You signed up for what??  Also known as the DC Trifecta!! So, lets get this ball rolling!!!

1.  It’s free –  No, really.  A fitness experience that costs you LITERALLY nothing.  If you’re lucky enough to live by the locations, you don’t even pay for gas!! If you’re like me however, and you are driving from Towson to Fells point (on Wednesdays) or Patterson Park (on Fridays), THE PARKING IS FREE!!! So, seriously… IT’S FREE!!!!

2. It’s early – this is a HUGE plus for me.  I’m an early bird already… plus my hours at work at 6am-2:30pm… so the earlier the better.  But my hours are flexible (luckily) so I can make up time during the week and come in late on days when I kick ass with my tribe!! But… for all you 9-5ers, you get to NP at 6:30, you’re done by 7:10-7:15, that gives you enough time to get home, shower, AND get back to work before work!! (If I can do it, so can you…) Also!! On Wednesdays, NP Baltimore offers a 5:30 workout for the REAL early risers!! w00t!!

3. It’s motivating – I’m the kind of person who gets bored easily… not during a November project work out.   This morning for instance… THE HILLS WERE ALIVE IN PATTERSON PARK PEOPLE!!! WHOOO!!! No, really.  Hills are… well, not my favorite, so I tend to zone out a bit.  Leave it to my tribe to motivate the crap out of me!!  Patrick, who I just met today, (one of the co-leaders) was on his bike carrying music up and down the hills (yea… really!!) and as he passed me he yelled “NICE STACEY KEEP IT UP!!”  Bam!  Instant push to run faster.  I also met another tribe member for the first time today named Maurice (super cool dude).  He passed me a few times, and each time he cracked a joke!!  I went from huffing and puffing, to giggling and running faster!! It was AWESOME!  

4. All ages and all body types –  This kind of speaks for it self… There is no discrimination at the November Project.  It’s a beautiful thing.  I’m still extremely new to the tribe and I feel more love and acceptance from this group of people then I have from ANY other group I’ve worked out with.  This includes sports teams I’ve played on for years! You don’t see snickering, you don’t hear teasing… it’s a no bullshit environment.  Respect for everyone that #justshowedup.

5. ITS FUN!!!! – My sister thinks I’m nuts because I told her (and I quote) “I had SO MUCH FUN working out this morning!”  She gave me this “what are you smoking?!” kind of face… and then said “Well, you are in a MUCH better mood today then yesterday!!” I just smiled and said, “Thank the november project!”  No joke, I’ve never had such a good time WORKING OUT in my entire 29 years on this planet.  EVER.  Giggles, jokes, (so many) high fives, hugs, profanity (which means more giggling), and of course the fact that I’m bettering myself by working out… are just AMAZING!!!

Check out the November Project website to see if there is a tribe near you… seriously… #JustShowUp!!! ❤


#FridayFive {simple pleasures} – Linking up with @Marmaone1, @yousignedup and @EatPrayRunDC

Hey there!! Again!! It’s a slow day at work so I’m able to do two blog posts in one day!! (w00t!!) Lucky huh? Seriously though, my new place doesn’t have internet, and my phone is at 90% data used… so it really is lucky that I can do this now, lol. Happy Dance for office internet!! 



So, as I do every week, I’m linking up with the DC Trifecta, Mar from Mar on the run (who I’m TOTALLY jealous of right now… She’s in beautiful Cali at a wicked amazing fitness convention!! Living vicariously through you girl!!) Cynthia from You Signed Up For What? and last but not least, Courtney over at Eat Pray Run DC!  This week we get to pick our own topic for the Friday five and I’m choosing simple pleasures

1. A warm mug of green tea –  Yea… recently I’ve been coming home to my new place after working all day, running, showering, hanging with my little dude for a bit, and then plopping my tush on the couch with a nice warm mug of Ginger Green Tea.  It’s remarkable how that little cup of amazingness can make the worries and well… shit (for lack of a better work) from the day just kind of go away, even temporarily.  I have a keurig, so I use single serving K-cups to “brew” my tea.   I add one ice cube (yea i know… odd) and a little bit of honey.  Absolutely perfection.  

2. Hearing “how was work?” from a three year old – The past couple of days when I’ve gone to see my son, he’s (like it’s an everyday thing) asked me upon arrival (after my hug of course) “Mommy, how was work?!” The first day he asked me (tuesday of this week) I got a silly grin on my face because he’d never asked me before.  I replied like I would any other adult. (Alex’s father and I don’t speak to him like a child, which is why, I think, his vocabulary is far more advanced then many other kids his age). I said to him “It was just another ordinary day Als, but thank you for asking!! That was very nice of you!” He smiled, trotted away to play and I just sort of stood there, smiling.  

3. A warm towel after you shower – This is probably a simple pleasure for a lot of us… but it reminds me of being wrapped up in a blanket, more so than a towel!  Especially when you aren’t expecting one!! (Like, for instance, someone else was unloading the dryer and thought “hey, she might appreciate a nice warm towel!!”) You almost forget that you’re cold, wet, and naked… at least for a moment.  You’re warm, safe, snuggled up.  Nice right? 🙂

4. “I’m thinking of you” – Those four little words mean more to me then I can even tell you.  The past few years have been, well, trying.  (If you’ve read this blog before, you are familiar as to why…) Getting a text from a family member or a close friend with only those words has been enough to lift my sometimes broken spirits.  Just enough to know that for a moment, I was on someones mind.   For that moment, I wasn’t “alone”.  Again, nice right??? 

5. The smell of fire – Now, I don’t mean building about to collapse under the pressure of a blaze kind of fire… I mean, bonfires, someone starting up a grill, even someone burning old newspapers in the back of their yard.  I’m a bit of a pyro (have been since I was little) so the smell, the sounds, even the sights of (controlled) fire are amazing to me.  When I go on my evening runs and I smell fire, instinctively I start to smile.  I think “what could they be doing? are they making smores? are they starting a bonfire?” The smell consumes my nose and makes me happy.  

These are my simple pleasures… what are yours??? Hope you enjoyed my Friday Five!! Have a fantastic weekend!!!!! ❤

#Chuck12 race recap – sponsoredby @BioSkin!! @CharmCityRun #runbaltimore #runchat #sweatpink

The Charles Street 12 or  “Chuck12” (ya know, because we’re bros) is an amazing race that I was able to participate in this past Saturday.  I came into the race a bit unprepared and with a few injuries, but I did it!!  Also, and more importantly, this race I had the honor of being sponsored by BioSkin!! Looking at the race photos, I look like a poster child for BioSkin, lol. I’m rocking their amazing Calf Sleeves, and amazing new product they have out called the Ten-7, and a BioSkin t-shirt! 🙂 (More about that at the bottom of the post!!!)


Charles Street is a historic road (like… really, it was laid out in 1730!) that runs through Baltimore.  It starts near where I live in Towson, and runs all the way into Baltimore City. (No, we didn’t run the ENTIRE length of the road… only 12 miles – yea, I giggled after I typed that.. only 12 miles.)  I was really excited to run this course because it’s a baby race!  Let me explain… it’s younger than my son.  This race is 2 years old, and I was pumped to be getting in on the action early in its “career”!!  Also, what excited me about the “Chuck12” was the elevation and course map.   I love my city.  Yea, we have some issues… but Baltimore is beautiful.  So, the idea of running passed monuments like the Baltimore Basilica, Loyola University, Towson University, The Walters Art Gallery, The Peabody institute, only to end at power plant? Yea… I was sold. (and yes, I did run past all of those places. All as beautiful as I remember. 🙂 I also got to run through Harbor place!! 🙂 Gorgeous!! Really.  So anyway, back to elevation… this was a bit misleading… the elevation chart posted on the website makes the course look like a piece of cake!! Look…

Chuck 12 Elevation Chart

                                      Chuck 12 Elevation Chart

Yea… No.  Well, at least not for me.  Like I mentioned, I was coming in a bit unprepared, and a bit injured.  However, I had a small army of compression, thanks to BioSkin, that (for real) saved me during this race.  The “bumps” as they’re lovingly called on the Charles St 12 website kicked my ass!!  No joke.  I was feeling a serious burn at mile 4.  Luckily because of my “army”, I kept trucking.  I inadvertently passed myself with a group of runner from Fleet feet Running.  They were keeping a decent clip that wasn’t making me feel like death, and wasn’t hurting my ankle too terribly… so I kept pace with them.  (I recognized the shirts they had on because my office is 3 miles from Fleet Feet’s Baltimore location.)  Around mile 8 I picked up some speed and lost them.  I started thinking to myself, “Ok, 1/3 to go, you’ve got this… just don’t stop”.  Yea, I tend to divide my races up mathematically to make me feel better about the distance I’ve “traveled” or the distance I have yet to travel. Weird, but effective.  (I never said I was normal, lol).  Little did I know there was a KILLER hill right ahead of me… *sigh*. Eh, Embrace the suck.  I trucked… slowly up the hill and on the way down noticed something… well… interestingly dressed people.  I thought “shit, did I run to hard? Am I going to pass out?? I’m seeing things!!” Then I remembered by supervisor talking about her oldest son going to an anime convention this weekend in the Harbor… *lightbulb* Otakon (sp?) HUGE sigh of relief that I wasn’t about to fall out in front of all these people!!  Best part?? This was the first time during the whole race where people were cheering!   It was actually a nice change from the IRATE drivers that we’d been dealing with throughout the rest of the race. Seriously though… these people were driving through the runners, almost hitting them, beeping at us, and yelling at the very polite Baltimore City Police officers that were trying to protect us.  What the actual f?  I’m sorry, but what part of a few thousand runner are you missing here bud?!! Eh well, Obviously I survived without getting pummeled by a ridiculous driver.  I saw the photographers on Harbor place and had to dodge a few tourists in order to not have them block the shot (Ludacris – “Move bitch”… yea… JUST LIKE THAT!)  Luckily, I had shades on… otherwise the eye rolls may have been offensive.  Once again though… you see A TON OF RUNNERS COMING AT YOU… at least to me, that would mean, GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! But then again… maybe that’s runner logic?  I don’t know.  Again, didn’t get taken out by a rouge tourist either!  Yay!! *small victories!!*  I ran past the World Trade Center in Baltimore and started to see other runners with medals.. “w00t!! my slow ass is almost done this thing!!” (yes I have an inner monologue while running)  Turned the corner towards Power plant and BAM!! There she was… THE FINISH ARCH!!! 🙂 Gorgeous as ever!! 🙂 I got my BANGING medal… 

Epic Bling!!

Epic Bling!!

And then searched for water… yea… that wasn’t really cool, but I found it eventually.  What WAS cool was the boxed lunch offered.  Little turkey sandwich, chips (which I gave to Alex) and a Green Apple… which I also gave to Alex… Eh… Mom problems. lol. At least I got the sandwich.  I didn’t partake in the beer because I knew I still had a TON of moving left to do that day, and alcohol + injury + dehydration + moving = NOT GOOD!!! So, I drank my water said good bye to my buddies, and peaced out!! 

This picture is from the Charm City Run IG page, and guess who is RIGHT behind me (in O’s orange) and I didn’t know until AFTER this picture was posted… SALT (Lauren)!! lol. Yay for me being oblivious! 🙂 Also, yay for Baltimore blogger pictures! 🙂

photo of the Towson/Lutherville/Cockeysville Charm City Run runners before the race!

photo of the Towson/Lutherville/Cockeysville Charm City Run runners before the race!

Pros –

  • Amazing Under Armour Premium
  • Epic Bling
  • Tasty post race food
  • Beautiful course
  • Very well prepared overall
  • (not like this was in anyone’s control) PERFECT WEATHER
  • live post race entertainment

Cons –

  • Crazy drivers trying to out run the cops
  • misleading elevation chart
  • hard to find water at the finish line
  • tourists blocking race photographers
  • (person preference) no banana/fruit at the finish line

Will I do this race again next year? You bet your ass I will!! Also, I wont miss out on the B3 series by an hour, so I’ll hopefully get the epic swag that a lot of my friends were able to partake in this year!! (B3 was a 5k, 10k, and this race “series”… you run all three, got an extra medal and an Under Armour backpack… I ran the 10K and this race… the 5K sold out an hour before I could sign up, so I couldn’t partake… soooo, NEXT YEAR!!!)  

Now, let me take a moment to tell you about my “Army“… The Ten-7 is what BioSkin sent me upon sponsorship.  This thing is amazing!!  I told Jake (my contact) that I was having some knee pain while biking, and when I planted my foot in certain ways.  This “Brace” took away ALL of the pain in my knee… for the whole 12 miles! (don’t believe me? Look at the videos on their website and hear from other people).  This thing is awesome because it’s a knee brace, but it doesn’t touch your knee… look… 



Pull it on, tighten, go! Of course, I’m also a HUGE fan of the calf sleeves from BioSkin.  Pretty much any race I run 10 miles or over, they’re on my legs.  I have SERIOUS shin splints, and these bad boys keep me able to run. I’m a firm believer in proof… So, I can jabber at you all day, but you can look at my race photos as proof.  ALL OF THEM, I’m wearing BioSkin calf sleeves. I’m telling you right now… I.will.not.run.long.distances.without.them.  Nope, sorry not sorry.  

not the best picture of me personally, but you can see the calf sleeves, and the ten-7.

not the best picture of ME personally, but you can see the calf sleeves, and the ten-7.

I hope you enjoyed reading both my race recap, and my product review!! As always, stay happy and healthy!! ❤

#Friday Five!! {Race Memories} Linking up with @EatPrayRunDC, @Marmaone1 and @Yousignedup!! #runchat #sweatpink #runbaltimore



Good morning!!! It’s friday!! (w00t) This work week has been a CRAZY one, and I for one am thankful it’s finally at it’s end! So, it’s time for the Friday Five!!! As per the usual I’m linking up with Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC!,  Mar from Mar on the Run! and Cynthia at You Signed up for what?! (the DC Trifecta). This weeks’ theme is Race Memories to which I have MANY!! It was actually difficult for me to pick 5… I think this is the first time since starting the Friday five that I’ve had difficulty picking 5 things!! Crazy right?! So, lets get started!! 


1. Casey Cares 5k @ Oriole Park At Camden Yards – How many people can say, “I got to run on the same field as the Orioles?! As a wicked O’s fan, this was amazing!! Also, (fangirl moment… please pardon me) Nick Markakis and his wife were the race announcers.  I’m not only a fan of Nick because he’s adorable and humble, but he’s an AMAZING ball player.  He just recently got his 1500th hit (I think he’s at 1505 now), which puts him second of all time for Orioles outfielders, only behind Brady Anderson. (told you… fangirl). 🙂 So, yea EPIC experience!! 🙂

Me and Dad @ OPACY!!

Me and Dad @ OPACY!!

Running onto the field at Camden Yards

Running onto the field at Camden Yards

2. 5k Foam Fest – This race was the first race I’ve ever done with my sister!! The obstacles left a bit to be desired, but I was REALLY happy to FINALLY complete a race with Stephanie!! She was only 2 months postpartum and was AWESOME!! Seriously proud big sister moment!! It disappoints me that this company has gone out of business, but I’m REALLY happy Steph and I were able to participate in one of the races before they went under. Sister bonding while running, is something you really can’t describe. 🙂


Steph’s on the right in white… looking like a Pro!!


mandatory OCR smile 😉

We did it!! :-)

                          We did it!! 🙂


3. My 5K PR at the BWC 5K!! – This Race is my favorite race of all time, but I’ve already done a HUGE recap on it here… One of my fondest race day memories. 🙂



4. Father’s Day 5K @ GBMC – This was the first race with my Daddy!! (First of many!) This was the day (little did I know…) That I created a monster (the best kind of monster).  My father and I have since done two more races, and have singed up for 4 more. 🙂  We have daily text conversations on his progress… and he calls me “coach” (*smile*).  I had no idea how much this awesome race would impact my father positively, but I’m SURE glad I asked him to join me in the race!! 🙂 

Dad's first 5K!!

             Dad’s first 5K!!

5. My first 1/2 marathon @ the Frederick Running Festival – No one forgets their first 1/2. No one… This was an amazing experience, and again… I’ve recapped this race also… here. 🙂 

halfmartime halfmarpic halfmarmed halfmardino


What are you’re favorite race memories?? Have you been to any of the races I’ve mentioned above??  Maybe I saw you and didn’t realize!! 🙂  And as always, have a happy and healthy Friday!! 🙂 


Now wait a minute? A blogging award?!! (I nominate – @LonerganTara & @AliceannaBalt… GO!)

Ladies and Gents!!  First off, Happy Tuesday!!  I hope your Monday didn’t suck yesterday, as unfortunately, they… being Mondays… sometimes do.  Also, I hope you grab Tuesday and make it your… well, I hope you make Tuesday great! (lol).  Now!!  Guess what!!  My little blog has been given an “Inspiring Blog award”.  🙂 I can’t even tell you how cool that is to me as a new blogger!!  This award however, comes with some rules… weird right?  An award with rules?  That doesn’t quite sounds right… buuuuuut ok! Here we go!! 

Marsden (RL) over at http://runninglonely.com/ was gracious enough to nominate ME for this award!! His blog is hilarious.  You should check it out!  Seriously, I don’t promote unless I like the “product”, and I laugh constantly at his posts. 🙂  (rule #1 complete!)

Picture of award


The next rule is to tell you 7… yes, SEVEN things about myself… Which I feel like I do on a pretty regular basis with the Friday Five… but I’ll try my darnedest to rifle through the filing cabinet in my brain and find 7 NEW things you don’t know about me.  Check back in a few… this could take a second… *hour glass*

1. The reason my younger sister and I are so close (if you’ve read ANYTHING on my blog this will make sense)… I pretty much raised her.  Now… please don’t get the wrong impression.  My parents are both alive and well (well enough).  However, My mother worked a ridiculous job which caused her to NEVER be around.  My father, he’s a saint.  But we were two young girls.  It’s difficult enough to raise one daughter, but two?! Goodness… Anywho… I, being the older sister, stepped in (without really knowing I was doing so until years later when Stephanie – the sister, brought it to my attention) and took care of her.  I potty trained her, I taught her to read, I taught her to ride a bike… even as she and I grew older, I was the one who went with her to pick her wedding gown, and went to all the fittings.  When we have problems, we call each other… not our parents. 

2. Keeping it in the family, My father is my other best friend.  Yea yea, all daughters have the daddy’s little girl complex right?  No. This is different.  My father and I could talk about nonsense, sipping expensive German wine for 12 hours… and have no idea how much time had gone past.  We’ve run races together, talking the entire time.  My Sister and my father are my two best friends.  (weird? eh… I actually think it’s pretty amazing.  They can’t leave me when we have a fight!! HA!!! STUCK!!! lol) My father and I have actually taken vacations together… Just him and me.  You know why? WE GET ALONG! lol. It’s remarkable! lol. Ok… next.

3. I’m never happy. Now please let me elaborate as that statement alone isn’t true.  I’m never happy in a sense that I always want to improve.  I currently HATE my job… However, I’m not in a position financially where I can leave.  I currently am in the middle/end of a divorce (most of you already know this) from the man I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with.  Things changed, and although I’m happy that I’m moving forward in my life, I’m heart broken to leave behind a 10 year relationship.  (At my age, that’s a long time…) I’m not happy with my current race times (lame right), but sticking with what I said earlier… I always want to improve.  So, when I “fail” which is how my brain processes a non PR race time, I feel like poop. Damn Greek guilt. OK!! Next!!!

4. Apparently a lot of you didn’t know I was Greek!! My mother is Greek and my father is a German/Welsh mix (lol, sounds like a puppy). I’ve been told I “act and look” Greek.  However, after spending 2 years in Germany, I’ve become more aware of German customs.  Either way, I’m a 100% awesome. 🙂

5. I’ve traveled to Germany, Scotland, Luxembourg, France, England, Belgium, Canada, and I’ve been to 27 different states.  I’ve also lived ALL over! (MD-NY-VA-SC-KS) and of course Germany! I’ve moved 16 times, so my move coming up (making #17) in 4 days should be a piece of cake… especially because it’s 7 miles from my current dwelling! 🙂 

6. I have a slight obsession with Walt Disney World… which is why I get very sad when these Disney races come up and I see the prices.  I have to tell myself “it’s because of the place, Stace”… but it still hurts my soul!! lol. I’ve been to WDW 17 times since I Was born.  Although the last time was in 2008. I’m WAY overdue for a trip.  Now that I have a little man who’s almost 4… I think I need to start saving!!! *stupid happy grin*

7. And finally, I’m an open book.  Again with the randomness.. I apologize.  You can ask me anything.  I will be as honest and forthcoming as I possibly can.  Also, you can come to me with anything.  ANYTHING.  A soldier that was in my ex husbands unit just lost his life to suicide recently, (like last week).  He left behind a wife and two kids. when things like that happen, I always wonder, “Did he have anyone to talk to? Was he afraid to talk to someone? Do anyone reach out to him?”  As a PROUD runner with RWB, (a former soldier, and a former army wife) veterans and warriors of ANY kind are especially dear to my heart.  If ANYONE needs to talk about anything… I don’t care if I know you or not, talk to me.  Words can make or break a situation. ❤

The final rule is that I had to nominate 15 (ha!!) bloggers for this award… I took after my Boy RL and said “nope!”  I do read blogs, I do… really.  However, I don’t feel like I can nominate a blog that I don’t spend a consistent amount of time reading.  So, even though I’m not giving you 15 (which I think is a bit absurd anyway), I have two extremely deserving blogs that you should give a look.

Kathy (@AliceannaBalt) has a ridiculously inspiring blog at Dietary Musings. She Blogs about recipes, self image, home repair, and her BEAUTIFUL daughter.  She is a fierce and amazing woman. Definitely worth checking out her stuff!!!

Tara (@LonerganTara) has an AMAZING blog at The long and winding road… Her posts have on more than one occasion brought me to tears.  If you or anyone you know is going through infertility, PLEASE… no seriously, PLEASE read her blog.  She is a true inspiration.  She and her firefighter husband are wonderful and beautiful people, and the posts she writes make me smile, laugh, and cry.  

It helped me picking these two ladies because I went to high school with them both.  I know them both pretty well and I LOVE their writing style. 

@AliceannaBalt and @LonerganTara — It’s your turn!!! ❤

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It’s FRIDAY!!! You know what that means ladies and gents… 



It’s time for the “funnest” blog post day of the week!!! The Friday Five theme today is “whats new?” So, I’m going to try my best and think of some new and exciting things to share with you!! First and foremost, let me shout out the DC Trifecta that make this happen every week… I’m (as usual) linking up with Mar from Mar on the Run!, Cynthia from You signed up for what? and Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC.  Ok, lets get down to the nitty gritty… (seriously Stace?)

1. I’m moving –  That’s new right?! I’d say so! My boyfriend, Austin, and I are taking a huge step and moving in together.  We live 20 minutes away from each other now, and it’s not terrible to drive to each others house, but we don’t see each other very much… which isn’t fun.  So in a little over a week, we’re getting a cute little apartment together (and of course my amazing son!). I just hope Towson can handle the awesomeness of “Ten and Face“! I’m STUPID excited. w00t!! 🙂

2. Alex is starting preschool – *tears* This isn’t cool… well, I mean, it is…. but it’s not. Any other mother out there knows how I’m feeling right now.  I’m thrilled that he’s going to be attending an actual “school” as opposed to a daycare, but this is another one of the signs that my baby is growing up…. 

darthvaderHe’ll be attending the Goddard School, which has an outstanding reputation and very reputable teachers.  After visiting the location, I’m extremely comfortable with him going there… but he’s my baby!!! *sob* Ok ok ok, I’m ok… I just want him to be small and adorable and innocent forever, but I know… that’s not possible. So!! This is a wonderful stepping stone for him.  I know every mother (and father) think they have a brilliant child, but Alex continues to amaze me, teachers, doctors, and strangers, on the regular.  I’m beyond happy that he’ll be able to thrive at Goddard! ❤

3. I got sponsored by BioSkin!! – Pretty incredible right?!  Every month BioSkin takes applications for athletes to be sponsored.  What do I mean? (I know I’m being a bit vague)… They pay for a race fee, send you some swag, and an awesome shirt that you wear on race day to represent them.  What do I have to do in return?  I wear their product (which isn’t a problem, I’m IN LOVE with the calf sleeves I already have from them) and the shirt, take a BUTT load of pictures, and write a race recap.  Freaking incredible!! 🙂 

4. I’m running 100 miles this August – this is more of a goal, but it’s also “new” because I haven’t been able to break with 45 mile mark any month this year.  Be it injuries, family issues, illness, whatever… it just hasn’t happened.   Well, this month, it’s happening.  This is my 100 mile month. The best part, I don’t have any half marathons this month!! SOOOO it’ll take some extra hustle for me to make it, but I’m going to do it!! 🙂

5. I’m part of the tribe! – Tribe? What the hell? Yea… November Project. What is this November project I speak of?? Only the most fantastic thing I’ve ever stumbled upon in Baltimore!!  Every Wednesday  morning, at Rash field in Federal Hill, a group of amazingly welcoming people get together to workout, hug, high five, and yell (a lot) together.  (If you’re not a morning person, this isn’t for you… they meet at 5:30 and 6:30)  I had SUCH an incredible time!! Never did I think I’d enjoy running stairs, box jumps, and burpees are much as I did this past wednesday morning.  I giggled more in that 45 minutes then I think I have the rest of the week!!  I was pumped and motivated the rest of the day and I can’t wait for the next time.  The motto for November Project is #justshowup… because IT’S FREE!!! Everything about it is free, the parking, the work out, the swag (bring a shirt and you get tagged with the #grassrootsgear logo), and the fun!! ALL FREE!!! JUST SHOW UP!!! Check it out…

               Wednesdays Group 

I’m the girl, second row from the bottom, towards the middle, gray shirt, pink headband, HUGE SMILE!!!

PR day; this shot is frickin awesome… 

coming atcha....

                        coming atcha….

I hope you enjoyed my Friday Five!!! And as always, have a GREAT, health and happy weekend!!! ❤