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It’s FRIDAY!!! You know what that means ladies and gents… 



It’s time for the “funnest” blog post day of the week!!! The Friday Five theme today is “whats new?” So, I’m going to try my best and think of some new and exciting things to share with you!! First and foremost, let me shout out the DC Trifecta that make this happen every week… I’m (as usual) linking up with Mar from Mar on the Run!, Cynthia from You signed up for what? and Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC.  Ok, lets get down to the nitty gritty… (seriously Stace?)

1. I’m moving –  That’s new right?! I’d say so! My boyfriend, Austin, and I are taking a huge step and moving in together.  We live 20 minutes away from each other now, and it’s not terrible to drive to each others house, but we don’t see each other very much… which isn’t fun.  So in a little over a week, we’re getting a cute little apartment together (and of course my amazing son!). I just hope Towson can handle the awesomeness of “Ten and Face“! I’m STUPID excited. w00t!! 🙂

2. Alex is starting preschool – *tears* This isn’t cool… well, I mean, it is…. but it’s not. Any other mother out there knows how I’m feeling right now.  I’m thrilled that he’s going to be attending an actual “school” as opposed to a daycare, but this is another one of the signs that my baby is growing up…. 

darthvaderHe’ll be attending the Goddard School, which has an outstanding reputation and very reputable teachers.  After visiting the location, I’m extremely comfortable with him going there… but he’s my baby!!! *sob* Ok ok ok, I’m ok… I just want him to be small and adorable and innocent forever, but I know… that’s not possible. So!! This is a wonderful stepping stone for him.  I know every mother (and father) think they have a brilliant child, but Alex continues to amaze me, teachers, doctors, and strangers, on the regular.  I’m beyond happy that he’ll be able to thrive at Goddard! ❤

3. I got sponsored by BioSkin!! – Pretty incredible right?!  Every month BioSkin takes applications for athletes to be sponsored.  What do I mean? (I know I’m being a bit vague)… They pay for a race fee, send you some swag, and an awesome shirt that you wear on race day to represent them.  What do I have to do in return?  I wear their product (which isn’t a problem, I’m IN LOVE with the calf sleeves I already have from them) and the shirt, take a BUTT load of pictures, and write a race recap.  Freaking incredible!! 🙂 

4. I’m running 100 miles this August – this is more of a goal, but it’s also “new” because I haven’t been able to break with 45 mile mark any month this year.  Be it injuries, family issues, illness, whatever… it just hasn’t happened.   Well, this month, it’s happening.  This is my 100 mile month. The best part, I don’t have any half marathons this month!! SOOOO it’ll take some extra hustle for me to make it, but I’m going to do it!! 🙂

5. I’m part of the tribe! – Tribe? What the hell? Yea… November Project. What is this November project I speak of?? Only the most fantastic thing I’ve ever stumbled upon in Baltimore!!  Every Wednesday  morning, at Rash field in Federal Hill, a group of amazingly welcoming people get together to workout, hug, high five, and yell (a lot) together.  (If you’re not a morning person, this isn’t for you… they meet at 5:30 and 6:30)  I had SUCH an incredible time!! Never did I think I’d enjoy running stairs, box jumps, and burpees are much as I did this past wednesday morning.  I giggled more in that 45 minutes then I think I have the rest of the week!!  I was pumped and motivated the rest of the day and I can’t wait for the next time.  The motto for November Project is #justshowup… because IT’S FREE!!! Everything about it is free, the parking, the work out, the swag (bring a shirt and you get tagged with the #grassrootsgear logo), and the fun!! ALL FREE!!! JUST SHOW UP!!! Check it out…

               Wednesdays Group 

I’m the girl, second row from the bottom, towards the middle, gray shirt, pink headband, HUGE SMILE!!!

PR day; this shot is frickin awesome… 

coming atcha....

                        coming atcha….

I hope you enjoyed my Friday Five!!! And as always, have a GREAT, health and happy weekend!!! ❤ 



11 thoughts on “#FridayFive {Whats New!} linking up with @marmaone1 @yousignedup & @EatPrayRunDC #np_bal #bioskin

  1. Excited for the move, ready to see what comes our way, and i will run as many of those 100 miles with you that i can 🙂

    Love you!

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