Now wait a minute? A blogging award?!! (I nominate – @LonerganTara & @AliceannaBalt… GO!)

Ladies and Gents!!  First off, Happy Tuesday!!  I hope your Monday didn’t suck yesterday, as unfortunately, they… being Mondays… sometimes do.  Also, I hope you grab Tuesday and make it your… well, I hope you make Tuesday great! (lol).  Now!!  Guess what!!  My little blog has been given an “Inspiring Blog award”.  🙂 I can’t even tell you how cool that is to me as a new blogger!!  This award however, comes with some rules… weird right?  An award with rules?  That doesn’t quite sounds right… buuuuuut ok! Here we go!! 

Marsden (RL) over at was gracious enough to nominate ME for this award!! His blog is hilarious.  You should check it out!  Seriously, I don’t promote unless I like the “product”, and I laugh constantly at his posts. 🙂  (rule #1 complete!)

Picture of award


The next rule is to tell you 7… yes, SEVEN things about myself… Which I feel like I do on a pretty regular basis with the Friday Five… but I’ll try my darnedest to rifle through the filing cabinet in my brain and find 7 NEW things you don’t know about me.  Check back in a few… this could take a second… *hour glass*

1. The reason my younger sister and I are so close (if you’ve read ANYTHING on my blog this will make sense)… I pretty much raised her.  Now… please don’t get the wrong impression.  My parents are both alive and well (well enough).  However, My mother worked a ridiculous job which caused her to NEVER be around.  My father, he’s a saint.  But we were two young girls.  It’s difficult enough to raise one daughter, but two?! Goodness… Anywho… I, being the older sister, stepped in (without really knowing I was doing so until years later when Stephanie – the sister, brought it to my attention) and took care of her.  I potty trained her, I taught her to read, I taught her to ride a bike… even as she and I grew older, I was the one who went with her to pick her wedding gown, and went to all the fittings.  When we have problems, we call each other… not our parents. 

2. Keeping it in the family, My father is my other best friend.  Yea yea, all daughters have the daddy’s little girl complex right?  No. This is different.  My father and I could talk about nonsense, sipping expensive German wine for 12 hours… and have no idea how much time had gone past.  We’ve run races together, talking the entire time.  My Sister and my father are my two best friends.  (weird? eh… I actually think it’s pretty amazing.  They can’t leave me when we have a fight!! HA!!! STUCK!!! lol) My father and I have actually taken vacations together… Just him and me.  You know why? WE GET ALONG! lol. It’s remarkable! lol. Ok… next.

3. I’m never happy. Now please let me elaborate as that statement alone isn’t true.  I’m never happy in a sense that I always want to improve.  I currently HATE my job… However, I’m not in a position financially where I can leave.  I currently am in the middle/end of a divorce (most of you already know this) from the man I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with.  Things changed, and although I’m happy that I’m moving forward in my life, I’m heart broken to leave behind a 10 year relationship.  (At my age, that’s a long time…) I’m not happy with my current race times (lame right), but sticking with what I said earlier… I always want to improve.  So, when I “fail” which is how my brain processes a non PR race time, I feel like poop. Damn Greek guilt. OK!! Next!!!

4. Apparently a lot of you didn’t know I was Greek!! My mother is Greek and my father is a German/Welsh mix (lol, sounds like a puppy). I’ve been told I “act and look” Greek.  However, after spending 2 years in Germany, I’ve become more aware of German customs.  Either way, I’m a 100% awesome. 🙂

5. I’ve traveled to Germany, Scotland, Luxembourg, France, England, Belgium, Canada, and I’ve been to 27 different states.  I’ve also lived ALL over! (MD-NY-VA-SC-KS) and of course Germany! I’ve moved 16 times, so my move coming up (making #17) in 4 days should be a piece of cake… especially because it’s 7 miles from my current dwelling! 🙂 

6. I have a slight obsession with Walt Disney World… which is why I get very sad when these Disney races come up and I see the prices.  I have to tell myself “it’s because of the place, Stace”… but it still hurts my soul!! lol. I’ve been to WDW 17 times since I Was born.  Although the last time was in 2008. I’m WAY overdue for a trip.  Now that I have a little man who’s almost 4… I think I need to start saving!!! *stupid happy grin*

7. And finally, I’m an open book.  Again with the randomness.. I apologize.  You can ask me anything.  I will be as honest and forthcoming as I possibly can.  Also, you can come to me with anything.  ANYTHING.  A soldier that was in my ex husbands unit just lost his life to suicide recently, (like last week).  He left behind a wife and two kids. when things like that happen, I always wonder, “Did he have anyone to talk to? Was he afraid to talk to someone? Do anyone reach out to him?”  As a PROUD runner with RWB, (a former soldier, and a former army wife) veterans and warriors of ANY kind are especially dear to my heart.  If ANYONE needs to talk about anything… I don’t care if I know you or not, talk to me.  Words can make or break a situation. ❤

The final rule is that I had to nominate 15 (ha!!) bloggers for this award… I took after my Boy RL and said “nope!”  I do read blogs, I do… really.  However, I don’t feel like I can nominate a blog that I don’t spend a consistent amount of time reading.  So, even though I’m not giving you 15 (which I think is a bit absurd anyway), I have two extremely deserving blogs that you should give a look.

Kathy (@AliceannaBalt) has a ridiculously inspiring blog at Dietary Musings. She Blogs about recipes, self image, home repair, and her BEAUTIFUL daughter.  She is a fierce and amazing woman. Definitely worth checking out her stuff!!!

Tara (@LonerganTara) has an AMAZING blog at The long and winding road… Her posts have on more than one occasion brought me to tears.  If you or anyone you know is going through infertility, PLEASE… no seriously, PLEASE read her blog.  She is a true inspiration.  She and her firefighter husband are wonderful and beautiful people, and the posts she writes make me smile, laugh, and cry.  

It helped me picking these two ladies because I went to high school with them both.  I know them both pretty well and I LOVE their writing style. 

@AliceannaBalt and @LonerganTara — It’s your turn!!! ❤


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