#Friday Five!! {Race Memories} Linking up with @EatPrayRunDC, @Marmaone1 and @Yousignedup!! #runchat #sweatpink #runbaltimore



Good morning!!! It’s friday!! (w00t) This work week has been a CRAZY one, and I for one am thankful it’s finally at it’s end! So, it’s time for the Friday Five!!! As per the usual I’m linking up with Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC!,  Mar from Mar on the Run! and Cynthia at You Signed up for what?! (the DC Trifecta). This weeks’ theme is Race Memories to which I have MANY!! It was actually difficult for me to pick 5… I think this is the first time since starting the Friday five that I’ve had difficulty picking 5 things!! Crazy right?! So, lets get started!! 


1. Casey Cares 5k @ Oriole Park At Camden Yards – How many people can say, “I got to run on the same field as the Orioles?! As a wicked O’s fan, this was amazing!! Also, (fangirl moment… please pardon me) Nick Markakis and his wife were the race announcers.  I’m not only a fan of Nick because he’s adorable and humble, but he’s an AMAZING ball player.  He just recently got his 1500th hit (I think he’s at 1505 now), which puts him second of all time for Orioles outfielders, only behind Brady Anderson. (told you… fangirl). 🙂 So, yea EPIC experience!! 🙂

Me and Dad @ OPACY!!

Me and Dad @ OPACY!!

Running onto the field at Camden Yards

Running onto the field at Camden Yards

2. 5k Foam Fest – This race was the first race I’ve ever done with my sister!! The obstacles left a bit to be desired, but I was REALLY happy to FINALLY complete a race with Stephanie!! She was only 2 months postpartum and was AWESOME!! Seriously proud big sister moment!! It disappoints me that this company has gone out of business, but I’m REALLY happy Steph and I were able to participate in one of the races before they went under. Sister bonding while running, is something you really can’t describe. 🙂


Steph’s on the right in white… looking like a Pro!!


mandatory OCR smile 😉

We did it!! :-)

                          We did it!! 🙂


3. My 5K PR at the BWC 5K!! – This Race is my favorite race of all time, but I’ve already done a HUGE recap on it here… One of my fondest race day memories. 🙂



4. Father’s Day 5K @ GBMC – This was the first race with my Daddy!! (First of many!) This was the day (little did I know…) That I created a monster (the best kind of monster).  My father and I have since done two more races, and have singed up for 4 more. 🙂  We have daily text conversations on his progress… and he calls me “coach” (*smile*).  I had no idea how much this awesome race would impact my father positively, but I’m SURE glad I asked him to join me in the race!! 🙂 

Dad's first 5K!!

             Dad’s first 5K!!

5. My first 1/2 marathon @ the Frederick Running Festival – No one forgets their first 1/2. No one… This was an amazing experience, and again… I’ve recapped this race also… here. 🙂 

halfmartime halfmarpic halfmarmed halfmardino


What are you’re favorite race memories?? Have you been to any of the races I’ve mentioned above??  Maybe I saw you and didn’t realize!! 🙂  And as always, have a happy and healthy Friday!! 🙂 



9 thoughts on “#Friday Five!! {Race Memories} Linking up with @EatPrayRunDC, @Marmaone1 and @Yousignedup!! #runchat #sweatpink #runbaltimore

  1. Found your blog through Salt! The Frederick 5K this year was my first 5K! I can’t wait to go back for the Nut Job in 2015. I also did the BWC – so far that is my most favorite medal.

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