#FridayFive {simple pleasures} – Linking up with @Marmaone1, @yousignedup and @EatPrayRunDC

Hey there!! Again!! It’s a slow day at work so I’m able to do two blog posts in one day!! (w00t!!) Lucky huh? Seriously though, my new place doesn’t have internet, and my phone is at 90% data used… so it really is lucky that I can do this now, lol. Happy Dance for office internet!! 



So, as I do every week, I’m linking up with the DC Trifecta, Mar from Mar on the run (who I’m TOTALLY jealous of right now… She’s in beautiful Cali at a wicked amazing fitness convention!! Living vicariously through you girl!!) Cynthia from You Signed Up For What? and last but not least, Courtney over at Eat Pray Run DC!  This week we get to pick our own topic for the Friday five and I’m choosing simple pleasures

1. A warm mug of green tea –  Yea… recently I’ve been coming home to my new place after working all day, running, showering, hanging with my little dude for a bit, and then plopping my tush on the couch with a nice warm mug of Ginger Green Tea.  It’s remarkable how that little cup of amazingness can make the worries and well… shit (for lack of a better work) from the day just kind of go away, even temporarily.  I have a keurig, so I use single serving K-cups to “brew” my tea.   I add one ice cube (yea i know… odd) and a little bit of honey.  Absolutely perfection.  

2. Hearing “how was work?” from a three year old – The past couple of days when I’ve gone to see my son, he’s (like it’s an everyday thing) asked me upon arrival (after my hug of course) “Mommy, how was work?!” The first day he asked me (tuesday of this week) I got a silly grin on my face because he’d never asked me before.  I replied like I would any other adult. (Alex’s father and I don’t speak to him like a child, which is why, I think, his vocabulary is far more advanced then many other kids his age). I said to him “It was just another ordinary day Als, but thank you for asking!! That was very nice of you!” He smiled, trotted away to play and I just sort of stood there, smiling.  

3. A warm towel after you shower – This is probably a simple pleasure for a lot of us… but it reminds me of being wrapped up in a blanket, more so than a towel!  Especially when you aren’t expecting one!! (Like, for instance, someone else was unloading the dryer and thought “hey, she might appreciate a nice warm towel!!”) You almost forget that you’re cold, wet, and naked… at least for a moment.  You’re warm, safe, snuggled up.  Nice right? 🙂

4. “I’m thinking of you” – Those four little words mean more to me then I can even tell you.  The past few years have been, well, trying.  (If you’ve read this blog before, you are familiar as to why…) Getting a text from a family member or a close friend with only those words has been enough to lift my sometimes broken spirits.  Just enough to know that for a moment, I was on someones mind.   For that moment, I wasn’t “alone”.  Again, nice right??? 

5. The smell of fire – Now, I don’t mean building about to collapse under the pressure of a blaze kind of fire… I mean, bonfires, someone starting up a grill, even someone burning old newspapers in the back of their yard.  I’m a bit of a pyro (have been since I was little) so the smell, the sounds, even the sights of (controlled) fire are amazing to me.  When I go on my evening runs and I smell fire, instinctively I start to smile.  I think “what could they be doing? are they making smores? are they starting a bonfire?” The smell consumes my nose and makes me happy.  

These are my simple pleasures… what are yours??? Hope you enjoyed my Friday Five!! Have a fantastic weekend!!!!! ❤


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