#FridayFive – Fall Fitness Fun! Linking up with @EatPrayRunDC, @YouSignedUp, and @Marmaone1

Good Morning beautiful people of the social media world!!! And an extra happy Friday to you, because for MOST of us, its the start of a long Holiday weekend!! Yay!! What this also means, however, is that Summer is coming to an end… But!! Don’t be upset!!  Autumn brings lots of wonderful things!! Changing of leaves, Pumpkin spiced lattes, cooler temperatures, nice warm sweaters, I could go on… as Autumn is my FAVORITE season of the four… but I (as usual) digress… So!! The Friday five this week is all about Fall Fitness Fun!!  And, as per the usual, I’m linking up with Cynthia at You Signed up for what?!, Mar at Mar on the Run! and Courtney and Eat Pray Run DC! (The DC Trifecta!)  So, lets just jump right into this thing, shall we??

1. Ragnar DC –  This will be my first EVER relay race, and first race ever running on a team.  I’m more than a little excited about this.  My team “Peer Pressured” (great name right?) Is made up of 12 people, all but 3 I know personally) and we’ll be in 2 vans for 36 hours! (It’s a 200 mile race… yes, I said 200 miles).  It roughly divides up to 16.67 miles a piece.  Although I think I’m running closer to 15 and my boyfriend is running closer to 18.  All depends on what leg your assigned. Either way… SOOOO PUMPED!!! Bring on RAGNAR!!!

September 12-13

2. Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon – Yes, I’ve already completed three half marathons… so what make this one any different?  Well, ladies and gentleman… This is the half where I’m hoping to break my 2:30 mark.  *fingers crossed*.  I’ve been working on my speed (not as much as I should… but shhhhush) and with a little less than 2 months away, I think I might be able to do it.  Even a 2:29:59… I’ll take it! I just want to break the 2:30.  Also!! This is the end of the king crab challenge that I’ve mentioned in previous posts! Soooo, I get some SUPER sweet swag at the end! 🙂

3. Cooler running temperatures –  I don’t know about any of you other runners, but I feel like I could puke after running HARD in 86-90 degrees.  The difficulty breathing, the MASSIVE sweat, the muscle fatigue… no thank you.  Nothing beats a 68 degree run for me.  (that’s pretty specific I know…) 68 degrees is my PERFECT temperature for a run.  Not too cold, and DEFINITELY not too hot. I can still sweat (sweat is sexy), and I can still feel the burn… however I feel the breeze of the Autumn air, and I don’t feel the urge to vomit.  Win Win!

4. Alex starts Goddard – (this isn’t fitness, but it makes me happy, so I’m sharing anyway) I’m so excited for him to start an actual School!! He’s been in “daycare” before, but he’s never been in school before. My son is extremely intelligent.  I know every parent says that about their kid, and truly believes it.  Great.  Congratulations.  However, I’m not just saying this.  There’s a very good chance my son is a savant. He surprises people everywhere he goes with his verbal skills, is constantly turning heads when we’re out as we have complete conversations about the differences between Herbivore and a Carnivore.  He has caused people to approach us at venues and ask how old he is (visibly shocked when I say he’s only 3) after hearing him speak.  At a packet pick up he accompanied me too… a Speech pathologist (who was a volunteer) said “Goodness, you speak VERY well! How old are you?” To which he responds… “I’m 3, but I’ll be 4 on my birthday… 10.10.10” She looked at me and starred… I smiled, and she said “He’s quite bright!” I said, “Thank, I know.” 🙂  I’m thrilled that he’s FINALLY going to be in a place he can thrive and GROW!! 🙂

5. Changing of the leaves – One of my favorite things to see on a run is the changing of the leaves.  They are SOOOO beautiful in Maryland.  It breaks my hearts when they start to fall off the trees.  lol.  So, When I take my long runs, I usually stop and snap a few photos of the leaves (especially on the NCR) just so I can remember them after they’ve gone.  


I hope you enjoyed my FALL Friday five!! As always, enjoy your Friday and LONG weekend!! Stay happy and healthy!! ❤


12 thoughts on “#FridayFive – Fall Fitness Fun! Linking up with @EatPrayRunDC, @YouSignedUp, and @Marmaone1

  1. Ragnar looks like a great race. I know a couple of people running the DC race. On my “to run” list.

  2. Good luck with Ragner! That is definitely on my bucket list. I hate to be excited for fall since it took so long for summer to arrive, but I’m excited for the changing leaves and crisp autumn air too.

  3. Oooh I “know” so many people running Ragnar DC this year 🙂 Good luck! So glad to have connected to your blog, love following people with similar goals – will be rooting for your 2:29:59! 🙂

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