#FridayFive! {Race Rituals} Linking up with @marmaone1, @Yousignedup and @EatPrayRunDC

Good morning lovely people of the internet!!! It’s finally Friday!!! (Yea, I know it was a short week, but this week was a rough one for me, so I’m thankful it’s Friday!)  You know what Friday’s bring right?! *drum roll please… (off in the distance a small snare drum rolls) THE FRIDAY FIVE!!!! w00t!!  As per the usual, I’m linking up with three of the coolest chicks I know (virtually) Mar from Mar on the Run! Cynthia from You Signed up for what?! and Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC!, lovingly known as the DC Trifecta.  This weeks theme for the Friday Five is Race Rituals.  Since I’m a novice runner… this is a bit of a thinker.  However, I’ve run almost 50 races, so I was able to look back and think… “well, what did I do that stuck!”  This is what I was able to come up with…

1. Flat Stacey –  Laying my outfit out the night before… Bib already safety pinned onto my shirt, skirt or shorts ready, (if its a longer race) BioSkin calf sleeves lined up, socks, shoes, headband ( I have a LOT of hair), bra (ladies, you KNOW how important the right sports bra is!!), underwear (again… very important), all laid out in front of me to make sure I’m race ready when my alarm goes off a zero dark thirty the next morning so I’m not running around like a chicken with my head cut off!! Sometimes I even lay out what supplements (Like energybits and Nuun – Both ABSOLUTE MUSTS FOR RACES!!!) I’ll need, so I can throw them in my bag… also to save time!

Example minus the bib (didn't want the number stolen!!)

Example minus the bib (didn’t want the number stolen!!) and yes, thats a small toddler hand, lower left. ❤

2. Carb Loading –  This is a relatively new thing for me, as the long distance running is relatively new… it’s also been REALLY hard!! I can’t eat a lot at one sitting, so shoving copious of pasta down my throat is actually nauseating.  However, I’ve devised a plan where I can eat enough to sustain the energy I need with out puking all over myself pre race. YAY!!!

3. Post Race Pee – Yea, it needs to be done.  Every race, every time.  I know they have port-a-potties on the courses, but I’m already not a fast runner.   I’m not wasting ANY more of my time standing in line at one of those things!!  NOPE!!! Sorry!!! Always running on an empty bladder, this one!! 🙂

4. Creating a playlist – I usually create a play list for specific distances… no necessarily specific runs, however… I have a Baltimore 10 Mile list, and a Charles Street 12 List, so they are both! (milage and race specific!)  I have to have special blood pumping tunes to get me through my runs otherwise, I’m sluggish, not motivated, and just… well, not having fun!!

5. Post race noms (and drinks) –  The AMAZINGNESS of food after you’ve best the crap out of your body.  The term “Rungry” never made sense until after my first half marathon… EAT ALL THE THINGS!!!! Holy crap, I’m starving after races!! Not a huge fan of alcohol after a race… point me to the nearest water station and hand me a banana!!!

What are your race rituals?!! Have they changed since you’ve first started running?? As always have a great weekend!! Stay healthy!! ❤


9 thoughts on “#FridayFive! {Race Rituals} Linking up with @marmaone1, @Yousignedup and @EatPrayRunDC

  1. We always lay our clothes and bib out the night before but learned a valuable lesson this weekend at our race. Do it early in the day. My sister discover that although she was given the correct bib, the timing chip that was attached to her bib belonged to someone else. It was a stressful night!

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