#FridayFive {Five of my favorite things!!} Linking up with @YouSignedUp @Marmaone1 and @EatPrayRunDC

It’s Friday!!! You know what that means… Another Friday Five!! Last week is the first week in a LONG time… actually the first one since I started “Friday Five” that I’ve missed a FF post.  However, I had a good reason.  I was on a 33+ hour relay race in DC called Ragnar.  (Recap coming, I promise!) This weeks theme for the Friday Five are “Favorites”.  It’s starting to get cooler and I’m starting to change things day by day, so I’m going to go with “5 of my recent favorite things” (and yes, the song from sound of music is playing in my head now…) At per the Usual, this Friday Five is brought to you by, Cynthia, Mar, and Courtney, lovingly known as the DC Trifecta!! OK!! Lets get this party started!!!

1. Changing leaves – Driving around Owings Mills (from my job to Alex’s Pre-K), watching the recent changing in the leaves, is absolutely beautiful.  Actually, beautiful is too pedestrian a term… pulchritudinous. (yea… I went there)  I am beside myself at the way they make feel, the way the leaves make me smile and make my heart warm… without trying.  Unbeknownst to these little leaves, they bring me immense joy… on a daily basis.  So, little foliage, thank you.

2. Warm Beverages – Green tea in the late evening, Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes in the early mornings (weekdays), hot chocolate with cayenne pepper on weekend mornings (don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!).  Warms not only the body… it warms the soul.  Again, it’s the little things… The warms beverage that slowly wipes away the ailments from the long day at the office (followed by the horrendous traffic, followed by the rambunctious toddler who just wants to love you but screams in your ear for 3 hours, follow but the terrible run that makes you scream in agony…), that warm tea forces you to take a moment and sit, relax, bask in the (sometimes) silence, and just be.

3. Sweatpants – Ok ladies, don’t even pretend like you haven’t pulled out those sweatpants lately!! (lol) It’s chilly, especially at night, and these things are HEAVEN sent when you’re just DONE for the day and want to relax.  Also, WARM AND SNUGGLY?! HELL YEA!!  I’ve actually found myself falling asleep on the couch in my sweatpants the past few days. (not afraid to admit that!) It’s like a blanket, but you can’t accidentally throw it off of you!! (win-win).  Same things goes for the Hoodies (yea, I’m including this in my number 3).  I can’t take my hoodie off as of late!! My Ragnar hoodie is on my person ALL THE TIME!! My office is an icebox, my apartment is pretty chilly (don’t want to rack up an obscene BGE bill), and it’s not warm out anymore – NOT COMPLAINING.  Also, It’s a frickin Ragnar hoodie!! (AWESOME!)

4.  Fall smell – You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.  Every day this week, I’ve left work around 2:30-3pm.  I walk outside of my building and my lungs are immediately greeted with the AMAZING scent of Autumn.  It’s cool, it’s crisp, it’s remarkable.  I smile, every time.  And every day I’m greeted with a little giggle from the security guard who sees me, like clock work, close my eyes – take a deep breath – smile.  I think he believes I’m just happy to get the hell out of work. (He’s not wrong) But it’s so much more.  It’s… Autumn.  🙂

5. Windows Down – Now that it’s not INSANELY warm, I can drive with my windows down!! Doesn’t seem like a huge deal right? No… it is.  My son LOVE to put his hand a little out of the window and make his hand a rocket. He flies in the wind while we’re driving.  He’s FINALLY able to do this again!! Everyday after I’ve picked him up from Pre-K, he’s been able to “fly the rocket to outer space” and I’ve been able to watch and smile as he gets really excited as he “counts down from 10…. BLASTOFF!!!” Also, smaller joy, but also awesome, it feels extraordinary!!

Hope you enjoyed my Friday five and that you have an amazing weekend!!! As always, stay healthy and happy!! ❤


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