#FridayFive Favorite fall activities! Linking up with @Marmaone1, @YouSignedUp, and @EatPrayRunDC

Good morning ladies and germs!!  We’ve made it!! It’s another friday! (PRAISE JESUS!!) I’m really starting to appreciate Fridays more and more as I’m starting to age.  (wait, age? I’m not even 30?!) Yes, age… my job, my life, my world is causing me to age prematurely! lol.  So, Fridays are my tiny little vacation… it also means… TIME FOR ALEX!!! (I get my bubs on weekends, so this is another reason Fridays mean so much to me!)  As far as the blogosphere goes, it’s time for the FRIDAY FIVE! (said in my best amphitheater voice).


This week’s theme, brought to you by the lovely ladies of the DC Trifecta; Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia is Favorite Fall Activities.  I love fall (as I’ve made it very apparent in my last few posts). Autumn is my favorite season out of the four. 🙂 But enough jabber jawing, lets get this show on the road!!

1. Picking out the perfect pumpkin!! This is such a fun task!!  And Alex LOVES it!! He runs around from pumpkin to pumpkin trying to find the BIGGEST one… jumping over the little ones, circling around the ridiculously huge ones, and sometimes, sitting on a few.  Until we find the one; the perfect pumpkin to make our own.  🙂


2. Apple picking!! I’ve just recently (the past two years) fallen in love with apple picking.  There is a gorgeous farm near my house that will let you pick as many apples are you want, then ride in a hay filled truck back to the farm house, pay for your apples, and get some fresh cider and goodies (also fresh) from the farm.  Last year we got Caramel apples with almonds and dark chocolate… something I’d never seen before – DELICIOUS!!! Alex was amazed that he was able to pick the apple from the tree and get it in the basket all by himself (he was 2).  The joy on his face is enough of a reason for me to go back every year. 🙂


3. Running!! You knew this was coming… running in the fall is so much BETTER then running in the summer!! The cooler temperatures make is much easier to manage pace and internal body temp.  Also, (personally) I feel like I can go for longer distances without getting as tired in the fall.  (again, helps that the humidity has decreased SUBSTANTIALLY and it’s not JOHNNY BLAZIN’ anymore!! Long live the long run!.

4. Bon fires!! Yes my inner redneck is showing a bit… and that’s ok.   At the beginning of my divorce, I lived with my Sister and her Husband.  During the early fall months, we had a fire in the back yard almost every night.  The smells and sounds were amazing!! You weren’t cold (even if it got below 50), the conversations around the fire are ones I’ll never forget.  I can’t wait to get the fire started again this year!! 🙂


5. BOOTS!!! I can finally wear my boots again!!! (she types as she’s sporting some amazing black leather boots for the first time this season).  Boots are a staple in my fall wardrobe.  However, Boots in the summer… just look stupid. I may catch some flack for this, and I don’t really care… I’m not a fan, AT ALL for those little ankle bootie things. They look like the designer just… Stopped. Like they forgot where they were going so they gave up and said “Ok, just go with this.”  Not for this chick.  I’m a Tall boots type of girl, with of without a heel. (although, being a bit short, the heel gives me a bit of an advantage height wise).  😉

Hope you enjoyed reading my Friday Five!! Enjoy you’re weekend and this AMAZING weather!! Stay happy and healthy!! ❤


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