#FridayFive {Favorite race fuels} linking up with @EatPrayRunDC, @Marmaone1, and @Yousignedup

Good Morning!!! It’s Friday again! This Friday however, I have a HUGE smile on my face… why, you ask? MY BABY BOY TURNED 4!!! My beautiful son, (@ 2:35 this morning) turned 4 years old!  Yea, I got a bit weepy, because he’s at his Dad’s house, however (yes, my index finger is in the air), that didn’t stop me from sending a voice recording of me singing happy birthday to Alex, telling him hoe much I love him and that I can’t WAIT to spend this (what I GUARANTEE will be) incredible day with him… ya know, once I leave this thing we grown-ups call “the work”.

Also, pretty special about today (and even though I LOVE my birds, this is DEFINITELY second to my son’s birthday), My Orioles are taking on the Royals in the first game of the ALCS tonight. You’ve heard me rant about sports before, however, NOTHING… I repeat, NOTHING comes before Alex… ever. 🙂 (mamabear’s peaking her head out a bit this morning I think… let me get that in check…)

On to what you REALLY came here for!!!

THE FRIDAY FIVE!!! As per the usual, I’m linking up with the lovely ladies of the DC Trifecta; Courtney  from “Eat Pray Run DC”, Mar from “Mar on the Run” and  Cynthia from “You Signed Up for What?”  Today we’re discussing 5 things we use to fuel our runs (and other fitness endeavors).  So, lets get started!

1.  Coffee –  I cannot function without a strong cup of joe.  Before the Ragnar, I drank a HUGE cup of coffee… if I hadn’t, there is NO WAY I would have made it through the first leg on 2 hours of sleep.  Coffee fuels me in more ways then just through fitness.  I don’t need to put anything ridiculous in it, especially prior to physical activity, because lets face it… as a Gastroentrologist I used to work for said so eloquently, “Coffee makes me poop”.  As long as I have a black coffee before a run, I’m good to go!  After said run, however, pumpkin spice me up baby!! 🙂

2. ENERGYbits – These little suckers are AMAZING!  Every morning, I pop a few in a smoothie (or if I’m running late, which recently has been the norm… pop them straight with water), and I’m set!   For pre-race fuel, I take 30 of these 45 minutes prior to my long runs.  6-8 miles in a pop 30 more.  The energy is natural, so I never feel the crazy like I would from a 5 hour energy or a RedBull.  They’re also PACKED with protein, so I’m not hungry! They keep me full while I’m running, so my whacked out stomach doesn’t start bothering me.  Unfortunately other energy supplements upset my stomach, like Gu and Stingers.  Because ENERGYbits are all natural (Algae) this doesn’t happen.  You can check out WAY more about this tiny green wonders on my blog here. But obviously I’m a fan. 😉

3. Larabars – These little bars are straight from heaven! (not exaggerating).  I got hooked on these when I was trying (and failing) at my Whole30 attempt.  However, this actually stuck.  They’re DELICIOUS.  They keep me energized before I run/lift, without packing on extra calories and bulk that I (and lets face it, no one) needs before busting out a killer workout.  Also, they’re simple.  No artificial ANYTHING!!  And, they taste like candy! (well, not really, but pretty fricken close! Enough that my 4 year old – sounds so weird to say that!! like them!)

4. Bananas – Yes, I’m that girl that SEARCHES for Bananas at the end of a race.  The potassium helps me with my RIDICULOUS leg cramps, and It’s JUST enough to curb my runger until I can get to a meal.  Prior to races, I also love Bananas because (as i previously mentioned) I have a temperamental belly.  Bananas don’t seem to piss off the beast that lives inside me!! Win Win!!! (also, YUM!!!)

5. Nuun (Cherry Limeade Energy) –  Pre/During/Post.  This is my FAVORITE hydration method while running, training, tapering, anything.  It’s delicious, hydrating, energizing, and just amazing when it comes to an all around balanced energy drink.   THE BEST PART??  No crash, because there is no sugar.  Backed with vitamins and minerals, it’s pretty much a super drink.  Again, I’m (obviously) a fan. (NUUN LOVE!!)

Well, I hope you enjoy this awesome Friday!! As always have a happy and healthy weekend!! 🙂


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