#FridayFive FAVORITES!! with @eatprayrunDC @YouSignedUp and @Marmaone1 #runchat

It’s Friday!!! (Yes, I’m a bit excited…) I love the weekends!


Today, I’m linking up with the awesome DC Trifecta, CourtneyCynthia and Mar talking about my favorites from this week!! Shouldn’t be too hard!! 🙂 Lets get right into it…

1. Christmas Music – I’m VERY particular about what type of music I like however… sooo if the WRONG type of carol comes on…


2. Decorations – Everyone is getting their trees (not me yet) and decorating their homes. It warm and inviting… which is an EPIC contrast from the frigid temps outside!! 🙂

3. Hot tea – Yea, I know this is a constant favorite, but I’m still a bit under the weather, so it’s going to CONTINUE to be a favorite until I kick this sickness in the butt! (and maybe past that!)

4. Presents –  I haven’t done a tons of shopping, but my mind has figured out what everyone will get and I think that’s the most difficult part sometimes!!! So, YAY!!!

5. NEXT YEARS RACE SCHEDULE –  you didn’t really think I could go a whole post without talking about running did you?? (ha) This week I’ve been dreaming about 2015 and how many BIG races I can afford to run.  It’s pretty exciting!!! 🙂

Have an AMAZING weekend!!! 🙂 Stay happy and healthy my friends!! ❤


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