2014 in Review #raceeverything #runchat

Looking back at 2014, I ran… a lot.  24 races!! (not including virtuals – over 30 if you include those!!) I had surgery, was sick very often, and had a pretty nasty injury to my left knee resulting in soft tissue damage.  HOWEVER, I still managed to knock out an impressive race resume.  Check this out…

Races of 2014

2/16/2014  Virginia is for Lovers 14K – I ran this race with my boyfriend in Virginia Beach.  This was my first ever race-cation! It was an excellent experience and I’m bummed J&A has decided not to do the race again!

4/5/2014 Brigance Brigade 5.7K – Weird distance right? Not really.  OJ Brigance’s number was 57…. get it? Yea.  Another race in the books with my BF, however this was through the beautiful streets of Baltimore, Hon!

4/12/2014 Sole of the City 10K – I ran this race 6 days after laparoscopic surgery in my abdomen.  Fun right? Yea… I guess. lol. My BF was beside me the entire time and helped me finish strong, even when I felt like I was going to pass out. I will run this again (as part of Charm City Run’s B3, and I will do better in 2015!!)

5/3/2014 Frederick Twilight 5K – Part 1 of the Nut Job Challenge.  Smooth and steady run with the BF (our second “race-cation”) Also, first time using EnergyBits! Goodness did I feel the difference!!

5/4/2014 Frederick Half Marathon – May the 4th be with you, and baby was it!! This was OUR (mine and Austins (bf)) First Half and we CRUSHED IT!!!  Earning two medals at the end was epic!! 🙂

5/10/2014 Warrior Dash, MD – OCR; Mud, rain, beer, and kisses?? Wait what?? Yep.  It was awesome.  Austin and I “re-met” at the Warrior Dash in 2013, so this was an extra special race for the two of us.  We killed it and had a blast as we decided to be St. Judes Warriors!! Can’t wait to do it all over again in 2015!! 🙂

5/31/2014 Zooma Half Marathon – My second half marathon in BEAUTIFUL Annapolis, MD.  I PR’d by 6 minutes!! 🙂 My beautiful son was waiting for me at the finish line which made me sprint through the finish with a full heart.  He even wore my medal around for a while. ❤

6/14/2014 Baltimore 10 Miler – GREAT race around my beautiful city!! Highlight of this race?? A young boy on the side yelled “Why y’all runnin’??” To which another racer yelled back instantly “ZOMBIES BRO… ZOMBIES!!!!!!” I almost peed myself laughing.  Austin ran this race with me also. This, along with the Frederick half were part one and two (out of three) of a challenge we were doing called the “King Crab”. 🙂

6/15/2014 GBMC Fathers Day 5K – The day I woke up the running animal in my Dad.  This was the first race (or many) that my Father and I ran together.  We stayed together the entire time and I couldn’t have been prouder when he crossed the finish line! 🙂

6/21/2014 Big Elk Trail Half Marathon – An XTERRA race, and holy smokes, it was difficult!! But sooooo worth it! I got a bit lost and ended up running 15.5 miles instead of 13.1, but… I qualified for the Half Fanatics and got my epic number #8403, so all the cursing, the stumbling over tree roots, the POURING rain, ALL WORTH IT!!! 🙂

6/22/2014 Baltimore Womens Classic 5K – Still one of my favorite races… EVER.  An all womens race, which means, BEAUTIFUL bling, amazing crowd support, and EPIC swag.  (bias?? nah… just grateful) Also, this particular race, I PR’d my 5K time… I’ve yet to beat it. So… 2015 BWC… I’m coming for you!!! 😉

7/12/14 Foam Fest, MD – OCR; foam, mud, sweat, and lots of laughs!! I “ran” this race with my sister and it was hilarious!! We were slipping and sliding everywhere.  It was definitely a great pick for Stephanie (sister) as her first race.  No time limit, and ALL fun. 🙂

7/13/2014 Miles that Matter 5K – LOVED the idea of this race because my maiden name is Miles 🙂 Another race with my epic Dad.  He was much better with pacing on this run.  You could tell he’d been training (I hadn’t!!) I was trying to keep up with him!! Proud daughter moment!!! YAY!

8/2/2014 Casey Cares 5K – How many people can say they’ve run onto the field at Oriole Park at Camden Yards?? huh?? ME!!!!!! (and my dad, lol) This race was AWESOME!!! And my HUGE crush (before he left us and went to the Braves…. BLEH) Nick Markakis MC’d the race while his wife beasted it! (That woman has some serious wheels!!)

8/9/2014 Charles Street 12 – This race is tied as far as scenic races go with Zooma Annapolis.  I had no idea how beautiful parts of Charles Street were until I was barreling down it with a couple thousand of my closest friends!! HA! Seriously though, if you get a chance to do this race, you should! The majority of the race has a slight decline. It’s nice!!! One thing though… don’t move into a BRAND NEW APARTMENT the day before! *major body aches race day*

8/16/2014 River Valley Run 5k Trail Run – Now, this race did not go as planned.  I was supposed to run this race with my father.  He, however, had an emergency that sent him to the hospital the night before! (he’s ok) Luckily, I’d worked as a volunteer for packet pick up the day before and had both of our packets, and I have an amazing RUNNER boyfriend so he said “what the hell, I’ll run for him”. ❤ So, Austin was my Dad for the day.  Because I was dreadfully worried about my Dad, I was bound and determined to meet his goal time for the race.  Now, if you know anything about me, I’m not fast… I’ll run for 6 hours, but I’m not fast.  But dammit, if I didn’t make my dad’s goal that day!! 🙂

8/17/2014 Boordy Vineyard Trail 5K – HOT HOT HOT!!! Goodness I wasn’t expecting so much heat for a night race.  It was 6:30pm before the race started and the temperature was well above 80… Not normal for Baltimore.  I was DRENCHED, but I still managed to beat my time from the year prior, so I was happy!! And… free wine?? YES PLEASE!!

9/12-9/13 Ragnar Relay – 3 relay runs over the course of 34 hours with 11 people that became life long friends of mine!! My only regret… Going out to fast on my first leg.  THIS is where I got my knee injury/soft tissue damage.  Will I run another Ragnar? Oh yes…. Sign me up now!!

10/18/2014 Baltimore Marathon – The Big Kahuna!! My FIRST Marathon EVER!!! w00t!! (and part three of the “king crab”) I was originally signed up to run the half, but after a successful 23 mile training run, I upgraded (very) last minute. I’m SO glad I did!! This race was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life… AND (apart from having my son), the most rewarding.  I cried when I crossed the finish… sorry, not sorry.  Proud, in pain, in love, ALL OF IT!!!

10/25/2014 Thundering Hooves 5K – This race was extra special. Why? I ran it with my sister and my father.  My father left Stephanie and myself in the dust immediately at the start, which was ok… because HE PLACED!!! A little over 4 months of running and MY DAD PLACED 3RD IN HIS AGE GROUP!!! I couldn’t have been more proud!! 🙂

11/1/2014 Kids Peace 5K – Another epic race that ended in OPACY, with my Dad, except this time, it was chilly, and raining.  Highlights; people were in costumes and I passed the flash!!! (maybe I’m faster then I think!) My Dad kicked into high gear this race too and was able to break the 30 minute barrier for his 5K. 🙂

11/15/2014 Color Run, Baltimore – Alex’s first race!!! This race was amazing!! My whole family was there! My Dad, My sister, My AMAZING son, My boyfriend and my brother in law with my adorable nephew in the stroller. 🙂 Als even managed to run what I would added up to be a little over half of the mileage.  I love running with my family.  🙂

11/23/2014 Zoo Zoom 8K – My first experience “running” with a stroller.  UMPH! Hard as hell!! But toally worth it.  Alex was the life of the party!! He has random other races laughing, talking to him, and asking “when is his next race, we want to be there!” My Dad and I ran this race together (with Als) and it was awesome, all through the Maryland Zoo, which of course kept Alex engaged. 🙂

12/13/2014 Celtic Solstice 5 Miler – This was the 15th anniversary of this race, so the premium… LEGIT!!! Anyway, lol. This race was mine and my Dad’s last race of the year and it was an awesome one.  COLD though!! Woooooweeee! I loved the festive costumes and the bells I heard along the way. I also enjoyed the “wolves” they had along with the bagpipes to start the race!! Very exciting. 🙂  Also… 12.13.14 – HOW COOL IS THAT?!!!

So, that was my year… how did yours stack up?? Any PR’s? Any races you didn’t plan on doing?? 🙂 Have an AMAZING holiday and a FANTASTIC new year!!! As for 2015, BRING IT ON BABY!!!


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