#FridayFive – Spring?! Please? w/ @yousignedup @marmaone1 and @EatPrayRunDC #linkup

I’m dreaming of a NOT WHITE Spring today…  ya know, being the first day of Spring… having such an epic weather week last week, and waking up to SNOW ALL OVER THE GROUND… makes me quite an unhappy camper.   To say I’m not happy is the understatement of the CENTURY!!! I’m more over snow this year then I think I’ve ever been in my adult life.  Mother nature *knocks loudly* Please GET.IT.TOGETHER!!! *hops of soap box*

Ok! So! I’m back on the wagon (hopefully) and I’m jumping in with my girls at the DC Trifecta Cynthia, Courtney and Mar @ You Signed UpEat Pray Run, DC and Mar on the Run respectively. 🙂 This weeks theme is “THINK SPRING!!!” Which I’m trying… oh LORD I’m trying… to do.  So, here we go!!

Here are five things I’m looking forward to for the Spring time!!! (lets turn this bitter mamabear face into a smile!!!) *fingers crossed*

1. BASEBALL!!!  Orioles opening day is April 10th and I’m looking forward to this SOOOO much so!! It’s later this year by 10 days, so hopefully the weather will be a bit less windy and chilly. If not, NBD!! I’ll still be at one of my favorite places (OPACY) watching the O’s play, drinking extremely over prices beer, in a field of orange. Yep, sounds a bit life heaven.


2. The smells – Let me explain (Kevin Hart much?) Anyway… everything smells amazing in the Spring. The grass, the beautiful flowers, the trees are blooming (which smell good), the air even smells different.  Everything seams to smell better in the spring.  This might only be me, and that’s TOTALLY acceptable, I even think some fresh fruit smells better in spring time. Weird? eh, whatevs! I’m ok with it!! So, bring on the aromatic amazingness!


3. Being able to run OFF the treadmill! Small victory, yes.  But for someone who is in a bit of a running slump, this is HUGE!!! I dread every TM run.  All of them. And for this reason, running has taken the back burner to my core workouts. (you really think I STOPPED workout out?? *psssh* you silly!)  I feel like I’ve been neglecting a passion of mine because of how much I loathe the treadmill! Also, it’s not mine. I have to go to me apt complex gym (not a big deal, it’s 0.1 miles away) to use it, and then I’m not alone… so there’s always the chance of Sir Creeps-a-lot showing up all leery and uncomfortable, which causes me to cut the run short.  The warmer weather (that I HOPE to see soon) will make for outdoor runs! YAY!!!


4. Longer days which mean more time to play with Alex outside!! This kid has a MEAN curve ball!! I love playing catch with him! He’s getting better very quickly… so quickly, that I’m starting to think I need to get him into little man baseball (can you tell I’m new at this??) rather soon.  He hits pretty well also! So, longer days allows Mamabear to get home from working ridiculous hours… and still get to spend quality time with my handsome little dude!! Win Win!!! ❤


5. SPRING CLOTHES!!! Brighter colors, less clothing all together, and lighter fabrics!! YES, YES, and HELL YES!!! So excited to finally pull out the capris, the tank tops, the flip flops, and the sun dresses.  I don’t know how soon I’ll be able to WEAR any of this stuff, but gosh darnit, ITS COMING OUT OF STORAGE!!! 😉 Too excited to keep it away any longer!!! No more boots, and heavy, crazy, stuff!!

What are you looking forward to for spring time?? Any fun trips coming up? Any exciting runs? Any super cute spring outfits? Lets be serious… they’re all cool.  Let me know!! 🙂 Have an amazing weekend!!! ❤