Five things I did this summer! #FridayFive

Yes, summer is coming to a close, however, if you’re anything like me, Autumn is more fun.  Autumn means better weather, hoodies, boots, and MARATHON SEASON!! Still, some people love Summer.  To each their own. 😉  I had a pretty eventful summer in regards to me as a whole.  Lots of BIG changes.

I’m linking up with my girls from the DC Trifecta, MarCourtney, and Cynthia for this summer edition of the Friday Five!



Yes, I’m excited too! My fiance and I bought a house together. 🙂 The first one for the both of us. Over the last 2 months being a homeowner has been nothing short of amazing.  Yea, when stuff happens you can’t “call the landlord”, but it feels so awesome to come HOME to a place that is yours.  A house full of your stuff that is also full of love.

2. I got engaged! 


If you hadn’t figured that out from “fiance” in the house comment.  My boyfriend of a little over two years proposed – at a race. How neat is that?  We were COVERED in mud, and he got down on one knee and asked me to be his “warrior” forever. SWOON.

3.  I got accepted into College!

yes, it’s as exciting as it sounds.  I already have a degree, but I can’t do much with it, soooooo I want to go back to school.  I was no only accepted, but offered Financial Aid for two epic schools in Maryland.  I’m stoked about being a college kid again.  Anyone else really like school???

4. I did some soul searching!


My life wasn’t going the way I wanted it to.  So, I sat myself down and thought hard about what I needed to change, how I needed to change these things, and what I could do to “fix” my life.  I think having so many big things thrown at me at the same time made me second guess… well… everything.  It’s amazing what some reflection can do for someone! You’re probably muttering softly she thought? ok… awesome?  But really, it is.  Trust me.

5. Family!

I spent a LOT of time with my family… lunches, dinners, races.  My Dad even came and stayed with me for a few days! I love my family, so spending a good chunk of my summer with them was amazing and rewarding.  I was able to run with my Father, laugh hysterically with my sister, and spend time with my 2 favorite littles! (my son and my nephew)

What did YOU do this summer?  Anything exciting? 🙂