5 Favorite Race Signs

HEY!! Yes, I’m still here.  Lots of big changes in the past few weeks.  But, I’m here!! This week was my first at my new job.  It’s awesome! It’s a whole different type of atmosphere then my previous job (thats a good thing), but that also means I’m busy 95% of the work day (also a VERY good thing! I hate being bored.) However, today is Friday and I found a free moment to jump on the Friday Five train! w00t!!

I’m linking up with the DC Trifecta, Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What?!, and Mar at Mar on the Run!  with the awesome theme of “Five Favorite Race Signs”

I love to laugh, so seeing an especially funny sign while huffing and puffing is amazing!!!

  1. “Now that the race is over, can we have sex on friday nights?” – My first Marathon (Baltimore ’14) there was a guy holding a sign that said this around mile 23.  It was hysterical!! I was in a pretty decent amount of pain (stupid shoes) at this point in the run, so having something I could truly giggle at was so great!
  2. “Run Faster, I farted” I think the reason this sign was so silly is because a VERY young girl was carrying it.  She couldn’t have been much older than 3.  Her face every time someone laughed at the sign lit up. 🙂
  3. “No Time for Walken” (with a picture of Christopher Walken) – Clever, cute, and silly
  4. “Hurry Mom, Daddy didn’t feed us!” – This sign was at the Zooma Womens Half Marathon last May.  Perfect for the environment of all women! lol
  5. “Why do all the cute ones run away?” – I saw a sign saying this at the Baltimore Marathon this year.  Again, held by a really young kid.  Super adorable.

I hope you smile reading this silly signs! And have a great weekend!!! If anyone is running the Across the Bay 10k this weekend, I’ll see you there! BEAT THE BRIDGE!! 😉

  • Are you racing this weekend?
  • Have you ever held up a funny sign?
  • What is your favorite silly sign?