Mom Monday! Vol: 1

Merry Christmas! (If you celebrate – if not, HAPPY MONDAY!)

Welcome to the FIRST EVER Mom Monday themed post on my blog. Today I’m going to talk about some of the “Mom moments” I’ve had over the past few days.

‘Tis the season for family to come to town. I housed my parents for this holiday (and for thanksgiving). My sons room is HUGE (think second master bedroom) so for both holidays kiddo graciously gave up his bedroom to his Yiayia and Pappou (Greek for grandmother and grandfather). Because he gave up his room, he was able to “sleep over” in my bedroom.

One of my “mom moments” happened while kiddo was asleep next to my bed wrapped up in a sleeping bag. He was having a dream, not necessarily a bad one… but enough of a dream for him to breathe rapidly. It was enough to wake me from a deep sleep. Just his breathing heavy.

The second Mom moment was last night. Kiddo was sitting next to me on the couch and the husband turned on Psych. My parents were in the dining room and all the sudden small human starts singing the theme song. Pappou turns around and smiles “he knows the song 😊” to which kiddo responds “yea, Mom and I watch this a lot.

My third Mom moment was this afternoon at my in laws house. Kiddo was in my lap, or within a foot of me the entire time we were there. Even while opening presents, he was very near me. It’s nice to know that he feels the same kind of “safe” feeling that he gives me.

I hope you enjoyed my three “Mom moments” for this Mom Monday! I also hope you enjoy your holiday!!

Happy trails!!

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