Friday Favorites! Vol: 3 – Funniest Race Experiences!

HAPPY FRIDAY ALL!!  It’s raining where I am, which makes me happy to be inside.  I’m also super pumped for this extended weekend due to MLK’s birthday on Monday.  (Thank you, Sir).  I’m in a funk today, so I want to laugh. Soooooooooo, I’m going to run down my FAVORITE Funny Race Experiences!

  1.  Zombies bro… – I’m running the Sole of the City 10k in 2014, keeping pace and chatting with my then boyfriend now husband.  If you’ve ever run this beautiful race, you know it goes through the good and the bad parts of Baltimore City.  In one of the not so nice neighborhoods, the runners subconsciously squished together and formed a large mob as opposed to running solo.  We heard a tiny little voice from the side ask his Mother “why are they all running?”  A guy towards the front of the pack said, plain as day, “Zombies bro…” – It was HYSTERICAL.  The little boy grabbed his Mom’s hand and started running.  I started to laugh so hard that I had to slow my pace.  Still my favorite funny race experience to this day!
  2. Who throws a shoe… honestly?! – Warrior Dash, 2015.  I’m running at a pretty good clip and I see a guy in front of me running without a shoe.  He still has one mind you.  I caught up to him and asked “where’s your shoe?” He goes… “the mud monster ate it”.  Just as he said it to me, his other shoe got stuck in the mud.  He bent down, took it off, and threw it into the woods.  “At least they’re together now!”  I couldn’t believe that he had taken off a perfectly good shoe and had thrown it in the woods… until I realized that he was able to run faster sans shoes!  Made me giggle.
  3. Is he doing push ups?? – Charles Street 12, 2017.  I’m running with my father, who if you can’t remember from previous posts, is much faster than I am.  He decides that instead of leaving me in the dust, he’s going to run ahead, do push ups (yea… push ups) until I catch up with him.  I laughed at first, and then watched him drop to front leaning rest.  He pushed it (salt and peppa style) every time I got too slow!  It was awesome.  Even more awesome were the comments along the course… “is he doing push ups?!” – “thats not even funny man, I’m dying here”.  My Dad’s pretty amazing.
  4. The Air Force would have quit by now! – Marine Corps Marathon, 2016.  I’m running MCM and looking like it was 90 degrees (it was).  There was a marine on the side of the course who looked at me and shouted, “The Air Force would have quit by now, you’re doing great!”  He made me laugh and he motivated the crap out of me!
  5. You have no excuse… – Zoo Zoom 8k, 2014.  I was in my top running shape and was flying down one of the hills in the Baltimore Zoo, pushing my 4 year old son in a jogging stroller.  I passed a few runners and a couple noticed me.  The girl looks at her counterpart and goes “pick it up, you have no excuse now… she just passed you WITH A STROLLER”.  He must not have liked that comment, because as we were trekking up the next hill, he caught up to me.  Made me laugh that her comment made him try harder!

What are your favorite funny race moments?  As always, I hope you have an AMAZING weekend! Happy Trails!!

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