Favorite Things Friday! Vol: 2 (cold weather gear!!)

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!  This week was another short week and (to me at least) has FLOWN by.  I’ve been slacking a bit with the blog posts and for that I apologize.  There really isn’t an excuse, I’ve just forgotten to update!  Not excusable, but, c’est la vie!

So, on this FRIGID Friday – I want to list some of my FAVORITE gear for cold weather running!!  In the winter runners need to take extra care when picking clothes to run in.  Layers are a MUST, and you need to be conscious of frostbite on your fingers and toes!

  1.  Oiselle Jogging Tights: These things are simply amazing.  When the weather outside is frightful, you can bet your ass I’m in these tights (ful)! (har har – bad attempt at humor) My favorite feature with these tights are the compression.  Most of the compression tights that I have are pretty decent when it comes to keeping everything in one place, but they aren’t warm… at all.  The Jogging Tights by Oiselle keep my body warm – and keep my circulation up.  Also, they’re super cute.  When I’m looking for warmth and durability, “cute” isn’t usually something that I care about.  However, as a person who understands that looking a hot mess is not yet socially acceptable, I appreciate cuteness where I can get it. 🙂
  2. Oiselle Powerstretch Running Gloves: Sensing a theme here?  Oiselle has killer gear.  If you haven’t checked them out… DO IT NOW!  These gloves are my favorite gloves for running in the cold.  They are warm with the Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro technology but not too warm causing my hands to sweat and become gross.  Breathable is key with gloves for me. They’re touch screen compatible which is a HUGE plus for me.  I’m always checking my phone on runs; be it to make sure I’m keeping a safe speed, or I’m checking to see if my kiddo needs me – I need to be able to touch my phone without freezing my fingers off. Also, again, like the tights… they’re cute!image3.jpeg
  3. November Project Buff: Pictured above in Blue and below in black.  These gators/buffs are so awesome!  They are simple, stretchy fabric, but they help with wind tremendously!  I’ve been wearing one to walk from my parking garage to work everyday lately as the wind in Baltimore has been brutal! I also appreciate the versatility of the buffs.  I’m able to cover my ears like ear muffs, while keeping my neck warm and safe from windimage2.jpeg
  4. Smartwool PhD® Run Ultra Light Micro Socks: Super soft, super warm, super comfortable.  These socks, like the gloves I mentioned earlier, have a breathable material that keeps perspiration down.  (I’m a sweater – so these products are my savior)  No one appreciates the runner funk – and these socks are a way to avoid that when running in winter.  Also, unless I’m injured (which happens frequently) I prefer (even in below freezing temperatures) to have socks that are at my ankle.  I’ll wear compression socks that go to the knee, but only when necessary.  The Smartwool socks were actually given to me as a Ragnar Ambassador and I fell in love with them instantly.  I went out an bought three more pair.
  5. Running vest:  I have two that I wear frequently, one by Oiselle, and one my Lululemon.  Both companies no longer sell them (sad face) so I have no link to share!  I tend to carry things with me when I run, even when I plan not to.  Having a vest like the Kara Goucher inspired vest below, is a win win.  There are pockets on the sides, and a LARGE pocket in the back on my tush, to hold things.  Also, hood much?  LOVE IT! As I mentioned, I tend to sweat, so vests on top of my long sleeved shirts are perfect when I run to make sure I don’t overheat.  Image may contain: 1 person
  • What are your cold weather gear go-tos?
  • How cold is it where you are right now? (it’s a balmy 11° in Baltimore!)
  • Are you running outside, or are you running on the dreadmill?

Wishing you happy trails!! STAY WARM!! 🙂


Year in Running – 2017!

Good morning and happy Thursday!! I’m linking up with my Oiselle teammate Courtney over at Eat Pray Run DC for a year of running!

Eat Pray Run DC


Best race experience: This year was full of excellent race experiences.  If I had to choose, which as part of a “list” I do, I have to go with the Disney World Dopey Challenge .  If you’re not familiar with the Dopey Challenge in Walt Disney World, it’s four races, increasing in distance, over the course of four days.  Day one, we ran a 5k, day two 10k, day three a 1/2, and the fourth day we ran a full marathon.  All of these races are through the Walt Disney World property.  I was able to see the “backstage” areas of Epcot and Magic Kindgom – which as a normal person I would never have been able to see.  Also, having my medal put around my neck after 48.6 total miles by Minnie Mouse was pretty sweet! 🙂

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Best run: This year was full of difficult runs.  One that stands out to me is the North Face Endurance Challenge 10k in Algonkian Regional Park.  I ran this year on Sunday, after running Ragnar Trail Richmond the Friday and Saturday right before.  I had ZERO goals except to finish the race.  When I started out, my legs were warm and ready to go – so I started to run harder than I would normally on a trail.  I ended up with a shiny trail PR for the 10k distance.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, sunglasses, outdoor and nature

Best new piece of running gear: For this question, we have a tie.  My Oiselle Verrazano Bra and my Reebok Floatride Run shoes.  The Verrazano by Oiselle is the only bra I’ve run in where I felt like the *girls* weren’t going to escape.  Also, this bra doesn’t make me feel like I’m being choked either – which is a HUGE win on long runs.  My floatrides were given to me by Ragnar as part of an ambassador package.  I was a bit skeptical as they were so light I didn’t think they would hold up for me.  The first run I took in the floatrides felt amazing, so I figured I’d train for Marine Corps and see what happened.  I ended up loving these shoes so much that I wore them for the Marine Corps Marathon. First time I’ve run a full with no blisters!

Best running advice you’ve received this year: Your pace, your race.  So many times this year I was more worried about “keeping up” with the runners around me.  This caused me to burn out early and not enjoy the race.  When I ignored everyone else around me (pace wise) and stuck with what was comfortable to me, I had a blast!

Most inspirational runner: Again, we have a tie.  First off, Shalane Flanagan.  HUGE HERO! Watching her WIN the NYC Marathon made me cry.  If you haven’t watched this finish, you need to.  Especially around 2:14 😉  #effyes.  Secondly, Bart Yasso  who is retiring this year.  Bart is an amazing human being who I had the chance to meet.  He is inspiring and keep me on my feet!

Favorite picture from a run or race this year: While Marine Corps wasn’t my favorite race experience, I was thrilled with the pictures that I got.  I love that you can see the majesty of DC behind me – and that I’m smiling! Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor

Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat: Marine Corps.  Marine Corps Marathon is a race that I will try to do every year.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words what would they be? Rough and character building.

Wishing you health and happiness over this holiday season! 


10 Things you have to get used to when in a relationship with a serious Athlete…

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, but never actually got around to it!  I’m engaged to a man who also happens to be a serious athlete.  Some of the things that I’ve had to get used to aren’t a big deal, some are.

  1. Get used to NOT having weekends.  Your mans’ scheduled becomes your schedule.  Wanna go out on Saturday night?  Can’t… he has an early game on Sunday.  You’ll actually find yourself enjoying staying in and going to be early. You might even find yourself reminding him that he needs to sleep.
  2. If he’s not talking about his teams, something is probably wrong.  You will undoubtedly know EVERY name on each of his teams.  You’ll probably learn things about these men that you, in any other world, wouldn’t care about.  But because there are SOOO many to keep track of, those little tidbits of information prove vital when you remember said guy and catch your man off guard.  (Listening is important!!)  If your guy stops talking about his teams abruptly, someone is wrong.  Yes, men cause just as much drama as women, if not more.  Maybe there was a fight within the team; maybe someone quit unexpectedly causing your guy unnecessary stress; either way, you’ll know when he stops talking that someone happened.
  3. He’ll forget things that are important to you, because they aren’t related to him or his teams.  For months, you’ll be talking about YOUR event, because its important to you.  You’re training, you’re making plans, you’re excited.  He’ll most likely not be there.  If he’s not playing a tournament, he’s training.  You need to make sure you’re prepared and excited in the things YOU think are important. Because most of the time, you’re on your own.
  4. Your house will begin to carry an… odor.  Even if your guy is meticulous with cleaning up after himself, sweaty man isn’t a smell that just goes away.  The car, the bedroom, the home itself will smell of old shoes and sweat (for at least 2-3 days after an event) so much that you can taste it.
  5. You will become a therapist if his team loses.  All though it might not last very long, a big loss can be catastrophic to your man, especially if he knows the other team.  He’ll need you to reassure him – it wasn’t his fault that the team fell.  He can’t run an entire team, even if that’s what he thinks.  If you’re an athlete also, try to give him advice on how to have a better game next time.  (Supportive and helpful!)
  6. Be prepared to have plans cancelled at the last minute.  Pick up game? surprise practice? Eh no biggie, you’ll get used to it.  Be sure not to plan ANYTHING without being “ok” to do it alone.  You will find yourself spending a lot of time with… yourself.
  7. If he gets hurt, so do you.  This is his life and all the sudden he can’t play.  His attitude will change, his behaviors will change.  He’ll try to do things at home to make up for the lack of sports, but that hurts too.  He will gripe and will complain.  Do NOT take it personally. He’s bored, he’s angry, he wants to be doing ANYTHING that involves him running around, and he can’t.  (small silver lining – you’ll be able to spend time with him without spending time with his team). You’ll also become somewhat of a nurse to your guy… when he’s in pain you can’t stand it, so you’ll try everything in your brain to make the pain stop.  Trust me though, he loves when you take care of him.
  8. He is ALWAYS hungry. Always.  He’ll polish off an entire pizza, then look for more. Keep the house stocked at all times so the beast can feed. If he’s not able to feed, you’ll experience something called “HANGER” (he’ll get Hangry). These times are when unnecessary fighting occurs.  He burns a lot of calories when he plays, he needs to replace them or he gets grumpy.  ALWAYS HAVE FOOD!
  9. The end of a season is the end of his world (temporarily). He’ll pace the house… not really knowing what to do with himself.  He’ll go completely stir crazy and clean the entire house in a day… or channel his inner child, and climb a tree. (yes, there’s a story there…) Makes sense though, all the sudden a HUGE portion of his life is gone.  Make the most of this time.  He’s yours again!  For the brief off season (very brief) make plans, go outside, soak up as much time as you can!
  10. You find yourself trying to get better at sports. You constantly see your man succeed, you want a bit of that happiness for yourself.  Hopefully you’ll already have an athletic outlet, if not, you’ll find one fast.  Your man and his abilities on the field will make you want to try to be more successful at whatever you do sports wise.  This can be REALLY beneficial because you’re now as busy as he is.  (i.e. training runs – those can take HOURS!  And you feel amazing afterwards!)

It’s not easy dating a serious athlete, but it can be fun as long as you make it!  It’s the beginning of a new season, so I might come back to this frequently.  I’m happy to be my guys cheerleader – all day.  When his team and he are successful, it makes me so proud.  The happiness he has coming away from an excellent game is contagious.  Life is what you make it… that goes the same for being in a relationship with an Athlete.