5 people who motivate me! #FridayFive

It’s FRIDAY!!!! A super special Friday at that! 5 years ago today, I was sitting in a tiny little hospital in Weinheim, Germany and my water broke! Tomorrow I’ll have a 5 year old… *sigh* I feel old. what makes me feel young though, is knowing I can keep up with my little boy! 🙂

Today on the “Friday Five” were talking about who motivates us.  As per the usual, I’m linking-up with Courtney at Eat Pray Run DCCynthia at You Signed Up for What?!, and Mar at Mar on the Run.  (The DC Trifecta)  So, lets get motivated!!

1.  My son. He’s my constant motivator, always pushing me forward.  He’ll watch me work out and when I start to slack off he says “You’re getting stronger!” or “You’re almost done!”  I don’t know if he realizes what he’s doing, but it’s very effective.  I know he’s watching, and at this point in his life, he’s like a sponge. He emulates. So, even when he watches quietly, or when he’s waiting at the finish line of one of my races, I know it’s important to finish strong.

2. My Father. In the past year, my father has become my race partner.  He motivates me to be stronger, and to run faster.   Running beside my Dad is one of the things I enjoy most about racing.  Again, he probably doesn’t know he’s doing anything, just having him run with me is a HUGE motivator!  Also, he consistently emails me about upcoming races and events, always keeping me on my toes ready to jump into any distance at any time.

3. Oiselle Volée. Running with this team of REMARKABLE women is amazing.  I’m not fast, so when I see my teammates pulling in Sub 18 5ks, I can’t help but feel a need to push myself.  Head up, wings out!

4. Emily. My I Run 4 buddy is always in the back of my mind when I’m running.  Emily and I are coming up on our one year Match-aversary and since we got matched, shes been with me through every run! When things get difficult I think to myself, “I need to do this, this is for Emily.”  I get the privilege of meeting Emily in a few weeks and I cannot wait!!

5. My BRF. I’ve made countless friends through running.  I’ve even had the chance to meet some of them at races! Seeing my “best running friends” is another kick in the ass to keep going!

Who motivates you? What/When is your next race? 


Friday Five! {5 songs that pump me up!}

Good morning! Happy Friday to you! Today started with a bang for me, dropping fresh coffee all over my hand.  If you know me, you know how serious I am about coffee… so the burn on my hand wasn’t nearly as upsetting as the wasting of the coffee.  *sad face*  But!!  There will always be another cup! 🙂

The topic of today’s Friday Five is “5 songs that pump up your workout”.  (Considering I change my playlist monthly, this should be fun!!)  As per the usual, I’m linking up with my girls from the DC TRIFECTA; Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What and Mar at Mar on the Run.

  1. Ginza” by J Balvin.   There’s something about this song that makes it impossible to sit still.  Even right now (yes, I’m currently listening to it) I want to get up and dance.
  2. Plakito” by Yandel.  This is another one that makes every cell in my body start to shake it.  As I was coming up mile 11 at the Chuck12, I put this song on so I could finish strong.  (see the phone in my hand, up by my ear? Yea, I’m listening to this song)chuck12
  3. Another Heart” by Tremonti.  This song has a steady cadence that matches my speed.  I find myself tapping along with the drums every time I hear it.  Which is PERFECT when I’m running and need to push forward.  Songs with memorable drum parts are extremely effective when trying to keep momentum.
  4. Daughter of Darkness” by Halestorm.  Remember that whole drum thing I mentioned?  Driving forward, the whole time.  Also, there’s an awesome little meter change about 2:15 in.  Love love love that!!
  5. Whatever Makes You Happy“, Empire soundtrack.  First off, Jennifer Hudson?  Get it girl.  Her voice is infectious.  It makes me smile.  When I’m running hard and the LAST thing I want to do is smile, this song forces one of out me  🙂 (side note, is it September 23rd yet?!!! – can NOT wait until season 2!)

What do you listen to that pumps you up?

Do you have a power song?

#FridayFive – Spring?! Please? w/ @yousignedup @marmaone1 and @EatPrayRunDC #linkup

I’m dreaming of a NOT WHITE Spring today…  ya know, being the first day of Spring… having such an epic weather week last week, and waking up to SNOW ALL OVER THE GROUND… makes me quite an unhappy camper.   To say I’m not happy is the understatement of the CENTURY!!! I’m more over snow this year then I think I’ve ever been in my adult life.  Mother nature *knocks loudly* Please GET.IT.TOGETHER!!! *hops of soap box*

Ok! So! I’m back on the wagon (hopefully) and I’m jumping in with my girls at the DC Trifecta Cynthia, Courtney and Mar @ You Signed UpEat Pray Run, DC and Mar on the Run respectively. 🙂 This weeks theme is “THINK SPRING!!!” Which I’m trying… oh LORD I’m trying… to do.  So, here we go!!

Here are five things I’m looking forward to for the Spring time!!! (lets turn this bitter mamabear face into a smile!!!) *fingers crossed*

1. BASEBALL!!!  Orioles opening day is April 10th and I’m looking forward to this SOOOO much so!! It’s later this year by 10 days, so hopefully the weather will be a bit less windy and chilly. If not, NBD!! I’ll still be at one of my favorite places (OPACY) watching the O’s play, drinking extremely over prices beer, in a field of orange. Yep, sounds a bit life heaven.


2. The smells – Let me explain (Kevin Hart much?) Anyway… everything smells amazing in the Spring. The grass, the beautiful flowers, the trees are blooming (which smell good), the air even smells different.  Everything seams to smell better in the spring.  This might only be me, and that’s TOTALLY acceptable, I even think some fresh fruit smells better in spring time. Weird? eh, whatevs! I’m ok with it!! So, bring on the aromatic amazingness!


3. Being able to run OFF the treadmill! Small victory, yes.  But for someone who is in a bit of a running slump, this is HUGE!!! I dread every TM run.  All of them. And for this reason, running has taken the back burner to my core workouts. (you really think I STOPPED workout out?? *psssh* you silly!)  I feel like I’ve been neglecting a passion of mine because of how much I loathe the treadmill! Also, it’s not mine. I have to go to me apt complex gym (not a big deal, it’s 0.1 miles away) to use it, and then I’m not alone… so there’s always the chance of Sir Creeps-a-lot showing up all leery and uncomfortable, which causes me to cut the run short.  The warmer weather (that I HOPE to see soon) will make for outdoor runs! YAY!!!


4. Longer days which mean more time to play with Alex outside!! This kid has a MEAN curve ball!! I love playing catch with him! He’s getting better very quickly… so quickly, that I’m starting to think I need to get him into little man baseball (can you tell I’m new at this??) rather soon.  He hits pretty well also! So, longer days allows Mamabear to get home from working ridiculous hours… and still get to spend quality time with my handsome little dude!! Win Win!!! ❤


5. SPRING CLOTHES!!! Brighter colors, less clothing all together, and lighter fabrics!! YES, YES, and HELL YES!!! So excited to finally pull out the capris, the tank tops, the flip flops, and the sun dresses.  I don’t know how soon I’ll be able to WEAR any of this stuff, but gosh darnit, ITS COMING OUT OF STORAGE!!! 😉 Too excited to keep it away any longer!!! No more boots, and heavy, crazy, stuff!!

What are you looking forward to for spring time?? Any fun trips coming up? Any exciting runs? Any super cute spring outfits? Lets be serious… they’re all cool.  Let me know!! 🙂 Have an amazing weekend!!! ❤

#FridayFive {Winter Fitness Activities} w/ @EatPrayRunDC, @Marmaone1 and @YouSignedUp

Its the time again!!! FRIDAY BABY!!! woot!!!! Goodness I love Fridays!!! 🙂 So today, likeI do every Friday, I’m linking up with the DC Trifecta for the Friday Five; CourtneyCynthia and Mar.  today we’re talking about our favorite winter fitness activities!!!

1. Running – could have guessed right? ha! Yes well, I’m a runner, all year round. And since I’ve chosen my second marathon (w00t) with a late March date, I’ll be running ALL winter long!! So, yea. WINTER RUNNING FTW!!

2. Trees!! – say what? Ok… so last friday we’ hadn’t obtained our tree yet.  On Saturday we went to a nursery about an hour away from our house and we found it! The perfect little tree!! My boyfriend cut it down, but I dragged that sucked for a little bit. That’s a bit of a work out for tiny little nothing arms like mine! (yea I know… work more then your legs stace) And then when it came to decorating… I’m QUITE short… so reaching all the way to the top.. yea… not an easy task. Anywho, it’s gorgeous and I promise (at some point) I’ll post a picture!

3.  Ice skating – I haven’t been ice skating in an outdoor rink in WAY too long, but it is ridiculously fun and a great way to exercise while enjoying yourself.  Try it!! 🙂

4.  Building Snow people – Again I go back to the fact that I have NO measurable upper body strength… and I know this. So, building BIG ASS BALLS (giggle) of snow is difficult!! It’s very very fun, but you work out your upper body quite a bit building those guys, especially if you make them as big as your son wants you to! (he’s a champ!)

5.  Shoveling – ok snow bunnies… If you get more than 20″ of snow a year, you feel me.  WORK WORK WORK IT!!! Shoveling is a WHOLE BODY WORK OUT.  Oh my goodness do you feel it when you’re done!! I’m one of those weird people that LOVE shoveling.  I love to see the work I’ve done, and then jumping in the HUGE pile I’ve made.  I also (weird again) love the soreness I feel from shoveling. I know I’ve used muscles in my body that rarely (if ever) get used.

Have a FANTASTIC friday and a wonderful weekend!! ❤

#FridayFive Favorite fall activities! Linking up with @Marmaone1, @YouSignedUp, and @EatPrayRunDC

Good morning ladies and germs!!  We’ve made it!! It’s another friday! (PRAISE JESUS!!) I’m really starting to appreciate Fridays more and more as I’m starting to age.  (wait, age? I’m not even 30?!) Yes, age… my job, my life, my world is causing me to age prematurely! lol.  So, Fridays are my tiny little vacation… it also means… TIME FOR ALEX!!! (I get my bubs on weekends, so this is another reason Fridays mean so much to me!)  As far as the blogosphere goes, it’s time for the FRIDAY FIVE! (said in my best amphitheater voice).


This week’s theme, brought to you by the lovely ladies of the DC Trifecta; Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia is Favorite Fall Activities.  I love fall (as I’ve made it very apparent in my last few posts). Autumn is my favorite season out of the four. 🙂 But enough jabber jawing, lets get this show on the road!!

1. Picking out the perfect pumpkin!! This is such a fun task!!  And Alex LOVES it!! He runs around from pumpkin to pumpkin trying to find the BIGGEST one… jumping over the little ones, circling around the ridiculously huge ones, and sometimes, sitting on a few.  Until we find the one; the perfect pumpkin to make our own.  🙂


2. Apple picking!! I’ve just recently (the past two years) fallen in love with apple picking.  There is a gorgeous farm near my house that will let you pick as many apples are you want, then ride in a hay filled truck back to the farm house, pay for your apples, and get some fresh cider and goodies (also fresh) from the farm.  Last year we got Caramel apples with almonds and dark chocolate… something I’d never seen before – DELICIOUS!!! Alex was amazed that he was able to pick the apple from the tree and get it in the basket all by himself (he was 2).  The joy on his face is enough of a reason for me to go back every year. 🙂


3. Running!! You knew this was coming… running in the fall is so much BETTER then running in the summer!! The cooler temperatures make is much easier to manage pace and internal body temp.  Also, (personally) I feel like I can go for longer distances without getting as tired in the fall.  (again, helps that the humidity has decreased SUBSTANTIALLY and it’s not JOHNNY BLAZIN’ anymore!! Long live the long run!.

4. Bon fires!! Yes my inner redneck is showing a bit… and that’s ok.   At the beginning of my divorce, I lived with my Sister and her Husband.  During the early fall months, we had a fire in the back yard almost every night.  The smells and sounds were amazing!! You weren’t cold (even if it got below 50), the conversations around the fire are ones I’ll never forget.  I can’t wait to get the fire started again this year!! 🙂


5. BOOTS!!! I can finally wear my boots again!!! (she types as she’s sporting some amazing black leather boots for the first time this season).  Boots are a staple in my fall wardrobe.  However, Boots in the summer… just look stupid. I may catch some flack for this, and I don’t really care… I’m not a fan, AT ALL for those little ankle bootie things. They look like the designer just… Stopped. Like they forgot where they were going so they gave up and said “Ok, just go with this.”  Not for this chick.  I’m a Tall boots type of girl, with of without a heel. (although, being a bit short, the heel gives me a bit of an advantage height wise).  😉

Hope you enjoyed reading my Friday Five!! Enjoy you’re weekend and this AMAZING weather!! Stay happy and healthy!! ❤

#FridayFive!! About me!!! #Linking up with @yousignedup @eatprayrunDC & @marmaone1



This Friday five should be super easy because the theme is ALL ABOUT ME!!!

1. I have a LOT of nicknames – yea… I do.  When you’re name is Anastasia, you tend to get called a lot of different things.  My favorite and the one most people know me by is “Stacey”.  Where my parents got Stacey from Anastasia… well… it’s easier to “get” when you say “Anastasia” with the greek pronunciation “ah-nah-stah-cee-ah”.  Lol.  Did you sound it out?? Almost hear Stacey in there?? Anywho, I’ve been called, Stacey, Stashia, Anna, Anne, A, Mooshy, Bae, Koukla (greek word for sweetheart), Mommy (my other favorite <3), Probie, Sheldon (like Jim Parsons character from Big Bang Theory… lol. I have an AMAZING memory and people at work are constantly amazed by what I can remember… “Ok Sheldon, whats this?” etc), frog face twinkie toes (but only by my sister), and lastly (that I can remember) Smiles.  This one stuck hard when I was in high school because my maiden name is Miles.  S. Miles… Smiles. 🙂  Which leads me to my second about me…

2.  I am almost ALWAYS smiling – even if I’m in a terrible mood, you will see a smile on my face. I believe a smile is contagious.  I also believe sometimes, all someone needs is to see another person smiling, to lighten their mood.  It might not make them smile immediately, but you have to admit… if a random stranger (Assuming they aren’t creepy) smiles at you, you feel good.  If only for a moment.  I ALSO believe that the reason my son is ALWAYS smiling, is because he sees me smile all the time.  Now… please don’t misunderstand… my life isn’t all rainbows and unicorn poop.  But I can always muster enough energy to smile.  Remember… it takes WAY more muscles to frown then it does to smile. 😉

3.  I’m extremely protective – my family, my friends, my stuff… Don’t mess with it.  It’s almost to the point of being ridiculous.  I don’t like when people touch things on my desk when I’m off work, because it’s my stuff… I don’t like when people touch my food… because it’s my stuff… Now, as far as my friends and family go… I will, without question put my life down for each member of my family and close friends without thought.  Like I mentioned before, I’m small.  That doesn’t mean I wont fight for the people I love.  I wont let people bully, belittle, or lie about MY people.  Why?? “because its my stuff…” lol.  Seriously though, don’t mess with my family, friends, or stuff and I’ll be your best friend in the world… cross them… I’m your worst nightmare.  

4.  My son almost killed me –  no, I’m not being dramatic… I almost died during the birth of my son.  He was born in Germany and there were MAJOR complications.  I wanted to hang him naturally, but I’m very small.  His head was… well… not.  He torn me apart inside. I have (almost 4 years late) a 6 in tear in side my uterus that still has not healed.  The doctors in Germany decided I couldn’t go naturally and prepped me for a c/s.  I flat lined during the procedure… But… I’m typing this now, so obviously I’m ok.  My son is healthy, I’m healthy-ish.  So all is well!!! However, I get to hold that over his head every time he’s rude to me, lol. (even though, at three that doesn’t really work…) 

5. I have an addictive personality – which is why I never started smoking…. which is why I’ve never tried ANY type of drugs… up to and including Marijuana.  I got my first tattoo on 3/2/13. Within 6 wks, I had two more.  I only stopped because financially I had to.  I still want more… Running is another example… Financial hardship is the only reason I don’t have a race EVERY weekend day.  My mother just texted me (surprisingly enough) and said “You DON’T have a race this weekend?! When was the last time that happened?!!!”  When I find something I like… I can’t get enough of it.  Luckily, Tattoos and running wont hurt me. (YAY!!!)  

On that note, I hope you enjoyed my friday five!!! have a GREAT friday and an even GREATER weekend!!! 

Friday Five AGAIN!! (#2? I know!!) Linking up with @marmaone1 @eatprayrunDC and @yousignedup




Haha, yep apparently I was a week off or I don’t even know what happened, but this is actually todays topic!! Oooops!!!!! Anywho!!! 5 things I WILL do this summer… 

1. GET A TAN –  I’m greek… and I’m probably the palest woman of Grecian decent you will ever come across. It’s pretty freaking ridiculous.  My arms are getting some sun (THANK YOU RUNNING!!!) and I have this horrible half leg tan thing going on (thank you running) but at least it’s a start!  I promise you, but the end of this summer I will not look pasty!! lol. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being pale, PLEASE do not get me wrong… I just think my olive skin looks better darker.  And no, I’m not doing the whole fake-n-bake thing… it’s terrible for you. ABSOLUTELY terrible.  I worked long enough in a dermatology office to see the ill effects those horrible tanning machines do to your body and I refuse to die of Melanoma.  I know something is going to kill me eventually, but it WONT be that. So yea… VITAMIN D PLEASE!!! 😉

2. Run a Ragnar Relay –  I cannot even tell you how excited I am about this!!  My Ragnar is LATE in the summer (like early September), but it’s still SUMMER! I’ve never done anything like this before and it’s going to challenge me emotionally as well as physically.  I mean, who knows… I could be on one of the overnight legs… by myself… in the dark.  That’s awesome and scary and amazing all at the same time!!  Being able to be a part of a 200 mile relay race is something I never believed I would be able to do.  But I’m doing it!!!!! 

3. Lose 5-10 lbs – Yea I know that seems like it’s not a big deal, but I’ve plateaued.  I don’t like that.  I tried the “whole30” thing and that was horrible.  I was STARVING all the time.  And no… it’s not because I wasn’t eating… I was eating constantly.  You can say WHATEVER you want, but my body needs carbohydrates.  I was a nasty nasty person on that diet, so yea… no. I also didn’t lose a single pound. LOL. Worthless. I am VERY happy for the people it works for, but it did NOT work for me. So, I’m going back to the old fashioned “portion control” and working out.  That’s how I lost my 35lbs to begin with.  “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. 🙂 So, yea, wish me luck!!

4. Qualify for Half Fanatics!!!!!!! – My third half marathon (in 90 days) is on 6/21… which means… *drum roll please* I’ll qualify for the half fanatics!!! HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT for me!!! Going from someone who last year could barely run a mile without huffing and puffing, to be a half fanatic?!!! I’m wicked excited!!! Yea, expect A LOT of pictures from that race, lol. 

5. HAVE FUN –  sounds easy right? Yea, not so much… Not when you work full time, have a stressful life that throws curve balls at you every time you turn around… but nope!! I’m going to have fun this summer, be it day trips with my beautiful son, weekend getaways, more races (I mean come on… I can’t run enough!), or just trips to the local trails, I’M GOING TO HAVE FUN!!!! 

Hope you enjoyed round 2 of my Friday Five!!! Have an amazing summer!!! 😉 Stay happy and healthy ❤

Linking up for #FridayFive with @maramaone1 @eatprayrunDC and @Yousignedup; New post – {LIFE LATELY!!}



First off, Happy Friday to you all!!! Hope everyone had an amazing week and that you’re looking forward to your weekend as much as I am!! OK… So… My life lately… This may get a little deep in sections, so if you don’t want to “get deep” on a Friday Morning, I suggest jumping ship now… *free out!! free out!!*

1. As some of you (very very few) know… I’m going through a Divorce…  I was married to my Best Friend in the world for 8 years.  He was my confidant, my life line, and (I thought) my soul mate.  But… the stars weren’t in line for us.  At the beginning of our separation it was extremely difficult… because we have a BEAUTIFUL 3 year old son together, Alex.   Him you know, lol. (I can’t stop talking about my kid, lol)  Figuring out where Alex was going to stay and making it most convenient for him was the highest priority for both of us. However, EVERYTHING was an argument.  It was miserable.  Another reason I took up running… It was a way for me to escape the tears, the anger, the resentment and feelings of failure.  Running??  Running doesn’t judge you… Running doesn’t tear you down.  Being a runner is embracing, being a runner makes you love yourself… sometimes without even knowing it.  I actually developed a confidence that I hadn’t had in… well… 8 years after I began running.  I realized I was going to be OK.  If I could do this incredible thing (I never thought I could finish a mile and now I’m running half marathons… not a big deal to some, but a HUGE deal to me) then I can make it though.  There was a brief time (very brief) when my ex and I were almost back to the Best Friend stage… we talked about everything.  I mean, I still love him.  I always will.  He is my sons father.  He knows more about me then I think I know about myself… But like I said… brief.  As of late, there has been a LOT more fighting, mostly about stupid things, almost like we WANT to argue with each other.  (that’s not uncommon… he’s German, I’m Greek… both a feisty group of people)  I don’t know if it’s because we both know the divorce is finalized in less than a month and it scaring both of us a little?? Neither of us like change… But yea, any of my “emo-esque” tweet you may read… they’re usually after a TERRIBLE fight when I’m in the car crying like an idiot, or curled up in a ball somewhere snuggling my son because I just want to run away (with Alex of course!!). (I warned you it was going to get deep).  Have any of you gone through a divorce with a child?? I know A LOT of divorcees… but they don’t have children.  Having my (amazing) son has made this entire process 10x harder.  I can’t just pick up and leave when things get rough because Alex is asleep… or Alex is playing or eating or whatever… My son comes first in every aspect of my life… I just want to know how anyone else has “coped” (maybe not the right word) with Divorce with a young child.  OK!!! New topic… 

2. I’m TERRIBLY behind on my race recaps!!! I need to do the Warrior Dash and the Zooma Annapolis!! Oy!! I promise I’ll get on it… really I will.  Both were extremely fun and extremely different races that I want to “relive” through blogging so I give you my “written” word that when I get a minute (lol) I will get on this!!! PROMISE!!!! 🙂

3.  This FREAKING BLISTER!!!! If you’ve been reading my tweets you know I’ve been suffering since the Zooma Half marathon with a WICKED blister about the size of a quarter.  Well, the sucker popped (on its own) on Wednesday night.  (During my runstreak with abruptly came to a halt). And now it’s infected!!! *SOBS*  The whole area around the blister is hard and tender and it’s leaking little bits of yellow… stuff… yea, appetizing right?  so now I have to call my Dermatologist and get this MF-er fixed before the Baltimore 10-Miler NEXT WEEKEND!!! 😦 What the heck am I doing to myself.  Seriously.  I wore the right socks, I taped up my feet!?!! I don’t get it… any home remedies for blisters before I haul off to the derm?? I’ll do about anything right now to ease this discomfort… I’m actually tripping a bit when I walk, because I can barely put pressure on the top of my left foot.  I’m not a baby when it comes to pain either… this is OBSCENE!  Any helpful hints would be GREATLY appreciated!!! ❤

4.  This weekend is the Greek Festival at one of the local churches in my area (so excited!!) even if I can’t dance much (f-ing blister) I LOVE being around my culture!!! Being Greek is something that has defined me since I was a little girl.  I love it!!! The Music, the food, the dance, the language, the booze (yea… we drink… get over it), the love and laughter… it’s just AMAZING!!!! If you EVER have a Greek cultural festival in your area, PLEASE check it out.  I’m not exaggerating.  I’ve brought MANY american friends to these and they LOVE THEM!!!! #gogreek (and no I don’t mean sorority… I mean REAL Greek) So yea, EXCITED!!!

5.  I still have a $5 off coupon for the 5K Foam Fest that ANYONE can use at ANY LOCATION!!! IT doesn’t expire… It looks ridiculously awesome and I can’t wait to do it so I’m speading my #sweatpink love on to you!!! If you are interested in the code, let me know!! Either email me… amiles8 at gmail dot com or DM me @ Twitter @RunToBeFree10.  I really want to hook you guys up with this.  (and no, I’m not getting paid… I just like the fact that I got a code, lol. I think that’s pretty sweet.)

Hope you guys liked my Friday Five!! Have a WICKED AWESOME FRIDAY and enjoy this (hopefully) beautiful weekend!!! Stay healthy and happy!! ❤

#FridayFive with @eatprayrunDC and @yousignedup

What five races would I LOVE to run?!!! 

  1. Berlin Marathon – first and foremost, because Germany holds a SUPER special place in my heart.  My son was born there, and I spent two AMAZING years of my life there. 
  2. Dublin Marathon – duh… its in Ireland!!! BEER!!! Everyone is excited about the beer at the end of a race, well Ireland?? COME ON!!!! lol. Also, can you imagine what the course would look like? Can we say GORGEOUS!
  3. Athens Marathon – Yep, if you hadn’t figured it out by my #greekgirlproblems posts or by the pictures I’ve posted of myself… I’m Greek… so running in Greece would be a dream come true!! 
  4. Madrid Marathon – sensing a pattern here?? Yea, I loved Europe when I lived there… so all of the races I’ve picked would be overseas.  Spain is beautiful!!! Culture, food, music, scenery, dancing… do I really need to go on??
  5. Paris Marathon – when I was in Europe, Paris stole my heart.  Yep, I know how cliche that sounds… but if you’ve never been, you don’t understand.  It’s amazing.  You can’t even explain to people the wonder of holding a FRESH crepe in your hand, standing at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, looking up and not being able to see the top… Just, unbelievable.  running through that city would me remarkable!


If you could run 5 races ANYWHERE where would you run and what races with they be??? Have a great friday!! 

Friday Five! #sweatpink #iamfitpossible

Taking my cue from my girl Megan, I’m going to make my five things I’m excited about this friday!!


1. Race tomorrow!! I have my second race (first in over a month) of 2014 tomorrow!! It’s a little one, a 5.7K, but it’s a race nonetheless and I’m stoked about it.  It’s also my last chance to run before my surgery on monday, which makes it even more exciting! This race is in my favorite little part of Baltimore (Canton), so when it’s over, I’m hoping to snag some super awesome breakfast from the THB down there. 🙂

2. Surgery!! Yea, I’m very excited that my surgery is just DAYS away.  I’m sick and tired of being in pain everyday. It’s getting to be ridiculous.  You wake up every morning and pray for hours of relief… not a whole day (because that wont happen) just hours… Today, I had 4.  That’s actually wonderful. 🙂

3. Lunch with my parents!! Yep, I’m one of those twenty somethings that still like to hang out with her parents.  They’re recently moved away from me (2 hours) and I don’t see them but once a week (if that)… so our weekly lunch dates are the only time they get to see me, my sister and my son. So, YAY LUNCH!!! I think we’re hitting up TGIFridays which is always a good time. 😉

4. PTO!! Because of the previously mentioned surgery, I will be off work for (almost) the entire week next week.  Monday through thursday.  I’m only excited about this because my job stresses me out.  Like EVERYONE else on the planet, I know… but with the surgery, I’m welcoming the break with open arms!! Bring on the Hulu and couch time!!! 🙂

5. Tattoo!! I’ve finally nailed down my next tattoo! To some this may not mean anything, to those of you who have tattoos, you know what this means. This is HUGE! I’m one of those people that over think and analyze for months before getting a tattoo… which is why I was 28 before I got my first one. (last year) This tattoo will be symbolic of me, my love for running, and how hard I’ve worked this past year. It will also be a present to myself as my one year anniversary of running is coming up in a little over a week!!! I’ll of course share the design AFTER I get it. 😉 

Ok!! That was actually a lot of fun. 🙂 As always, have a happy and healthy day and a FREAKING FANTASTIC FRIDAY!!!! ❤