Friday Five!! 5 things that get me to the finish line! #runbaltimore

Happy Friday!! Even though this week was a short one, I’m so happy its over! ¬†Waking up on a Friday sets my mood to “Happy”. ūüôā ¬†I’m linking up with my girls from the DC trifecta today,¬†Courtney of Eat Pray Run DC, Mar of Mar on the Run and Cynthia of You Signed Up for What?!. ¬†We have a free Friday today (no theme), so I’m going to talk about the 5 things that get me to the finish line. ¬†Because I have been running a WIDE range of distances the last two weeks, some will be long distance specific, some will be shorter.

  1. My Garmin Forerunner 620¬†garmin_620_white-orange_l-550x400I’ve only had my Garmin¬†since May, and I’m pretty much obsessed. ¬†If I happen to forget to put it on after my shower, I feel completely naked. ¬†(even right now as its charging, my wrist feels… weird) ¬†This little watch is amazing! ¬†I’m not a fast runner by any stretch of the imagination. ¬†Being able to track my pace just by looking at my wrist makes me feel fast. ¬†Don’t laugh too hard at this, please… On Wednesday, my father and I ran the Ravens5K. ¬†My dad is quick, but I felt pretty strong, so I kept pace with him for a while. ¬†I looked down at my Garmin because I started to have some shin pain. ¬†We were running a 9:30 mile. ¬†(remember that part where I said I wasn’t fast!) ¬†I knew I could keep that pace for the remainder of the mile, but I also knew that if I did, my next two would suffer tremendously. ¬†I told my Dad to run ahead without me, and I slowed my pace about a minute. ¬†If I hadn’t had my trusty Garmin, that wouldn’t have been doable. ¬†Yes, I could have just guessed pace, but I like to see how fast/slow I’m running.
  2. My Brooks Ghost 7’s¬†brooks-ghost-7-womensI cant say enough about these shoes. ¬†After my huge fail at the Baltimore Marathon with shoes, it was imperative that I find a pair that not only fit correctly, but were comfortable! ¬†After a visit to Charm City Run, and a ton of choices laid out in front of me, I believe I’ve found my shoe “solemate”. ¬†I could (and have) fall(en) asleep in my Brooks. ¬†When I put these on, it feels¬†like small pillows under the arches of your feet which as a person who has stupid sensitive feet to begin with, is a welcome feeling. ¬†Except for OCR’s and Fun runs (like the color run that is incredibly messy) you will always find me running/and walking in these. ¬†(side note, I also LOVE the “Run Happy” that goes along with Brooks.)
  3. Music¬†Music-image-music-36556275-1680-1050This is long run specific. ¬†I no longer run with headphones on my short runs because I’d rather use that time to think. ¬†Also, the sound of my feet, and the runners around me tend to give me the same push that my “power” songs do on long runs. ¬†I’ve also run two longer distances sans headphones. ¬†My half marathon training run on the NCR was without music, and I forgot my headphones for the Chuck12, soooooo that was also without music. ¬†However, I plan to use my tunes on my long run this weekend so I’m able to turn my mind off. ¬†(one headphone out of course!)
  4. Nuun¬†Nuun-I-heart-2– again, this is long run specific. ¬†I haven’t found anything comparable to Nuun as far as hydration on long runs. ¬†I never feel dehydrated, and Nuun doesn’t make my stomach hurt – both HUGE things!! I’ve gotten much better at hydrating after nearly passing out on one of my mid distance runs this summer. ¬†Holy humid batman! I realized as I finished that I was drenched in sweat, and I didn’t have to pee. ¬†I was also insanely dizzy and was getting a pretty fierce headache. ¬†These things (pre previous experience) could have been avoided had I better hydrated. ¬†I got back to my car and chugged an entire bottle of Nuun (watermelon – delicious!) that I had waiting for me. My go to flavors are fruit Punch, Watermelon, and the Cherry Limeade Energy. If you’re a Nuun virgin, I definitely recommend giving it a try.
  5. My thoughts¬†Listen-to-Your-Thoughts-Cropped yea, that sounds weird. ¬†Especially because my brain can also be the reason I want to stop running. ¬†On short runs, I think about the people around me, the scenery, my IRUN4 buddy, and my son. On longer runs, I have a little game I play calls “how much is left?” ¬†On my 13.1 mile training run, I was not feeling it… at all. ¬†I knew I needed to complete the distance, but my feet had other plans. ¬†So, I began to think mathematically. ¬†I ran a 6.55 down and back. (again, thanks to the Garmin i was able to track this obscure distance) ¬†At mile 4(ish) I said to myself “you’re over half way to the turn around, just keep moving”. ¬†At mile 10, I told myself “only a 5k left!! That’s easy! DO.NOT.STOP”. ¬†I also like to keep track of my “kills” (Ragnar terminology) when I’m running alone. ¬†It doubles as motivation, and security because I know I’m not the only runner on the trail. ¬†It’s a bit more difficult to do this in a race setting (unless its small) because I’m passing people right and left (all while being passed myself!). ¬† ¬†Although, I’m guilty of the last minute kick, passing someone at the finish. ¬†Being that I will (most likely) NEVER place at an event, let alone WIN the thing… I don’t feel bad trying to shave a few seconds off my time by hauling towards the finish.

I hope you enjoy your weekend and this amazing fall-ish weather!! (at least in Maryland)welcome-autumn-

What powers you through a race?

Have you tried Nuun? Whats your favorite flavor?

Do you have a Garmin? ¬†what do you do to keep track of your distance and time if you don’t?


Hey it’s Friday!! You know what that means! #FridayFive ABOUT ME! w/ @EatPrayRunDC, @YouSignedUp, and @Marmaone1

Well hello stranger!! I promise I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth… really. ¬†I’ve been¬†inundated with crap these past few weeks!! It’s just… yea. ¬†But I’m here!! And I’m excited to share with you guys 5 things that I (hopefully) haven’t shared already about myself!! I’m linking up with the DC Trifecta¬† Eat Pray Run DC, Mar on the Run, and You Signed up for What?!¬†for this awesome edition of FRIDAY FIVE!!! YAY! ūüôā

1. I’m a beach body coach! (This is pretty cool because it JUST happened!) ¬†I took the leap and became a coach. ¬†It’s actually pretty neat! I’m meeting amazing new people, I get to help people achieve fitness goals, and because I started a program when I became a coach, I’m feeling TONS better about myself. ¬†(always a plus right?)

happy dance!

                      happy dance!

2. I LOVE to cook. ¬†Yea, I do. ¬†And recently I’ve been able to explore my love for it. ¬†I’ve been creating (simple… don’t get me wrong, lol) meals that I’m proud of… FROM SCRATCH!! ¬†This is awesome! Why?? ¬†I wasn’t able to do this in the place I was living before… why? ¬†Well, lets just say I was limited. ¬†For me to be able to experiment with food, for me to make things that people like, and ask for more, fills my heart with joy. ūüôā

3. I really enjoy writing. ¬†I’ve been keeping a Journal since the beginning of the year and every time I sit down to write, I find myself losing… myself (wow) in the entries. ¬†So much so, that some nights I’m up until 1am just writing! ¬†I used to write silly little fiction in high school, but stopped as soon as I graduated. ¬†This journal has given me a tiny little interest in picking that up again! Maybe? We’ll see!

4. I’m learning to embrace failure. ¬†Yep, I said it. ¬†Sometimes I suck… but!!!! (big but) That’s ok!!! Sucking, means room for growth!! I failed at my (first) Marathon in October. ¬†How? ¬†By not researching the correct shoes… because of this SIMPLE thing that I did horribly wrong, I had to have my TWO big toenails (yes, both of them) surgically removed this past Tuesday. ¬†They were that injured/damaged. ¬†The Doctor took one look at my poor toes and said “Yep, they’re coming off”. ¬†SO THAT HAPPENED!! But, like I said, room for growth (both metaphorically and physically, lol) my toenails can now grow back healthier and NOT injured, and I now know what NOT to do for marathon number 2!! ūüôā

5. I TURN 30 IN A LITTLE OVER A MONTH!!!!¬†phew… ok… I’m both excited and petrified to turn Thirty. ¬†I’m not really sure why, so please don’t ask me. ¬†I’m still asking myself. ¬†lol. ¬†I do know that I’m excited to be entering a new year of life. ¬†Also!! I’m hoping, and praying that my thirties are a bit less harsh then my twenties. I’ve heard good things about the thirties, so here we go!!! ūüôā

all good things

#FridayFive FAVORITES!! with @eatprayrunDC @YouSignedUp and @Marmaone1 #runchat

It’s Friday!!! (Yes, I’m a bit excited…) I love the weekends!


Today, I’m linking up with the awesome DC Trifecta,¬†Courtney,¬†Cynthia and Mar¬†talking about my favorites from this week!! Shouldn’t be too hard!! ūüôā Lets get right into it…

1.¬†Christmas Music¬†– I’m VERY particular about what type of music I like however… sooo if the WRONG type of carol comes on…


2. Decorations –¬†Everyone is getting their trees (not me yet) and decorating their homes. It warm and inviting… which is an EPIC contrast from the frigid temps outside!! ūüôā

3. Hot tea –¬†Yea, I know this is a constant favorite, but I’m still a bit under the weather, so it’s going to CONTINUE to be a favorite until I kick this sickness in the butt! (and maybe past that!)

4. Presents –¬† I haven’t done a tons of shopping, but my mind has figured out what everyone will get and I think that’s the most difficult part sometimes!!! So, YAY!!!

5. NEXT YEARS RACE SCHEDULE –¬† you didn’t really think I could go a whole post without talking about running did you?? (ha) This week I’ve been dreaming about 2015 and how many BIG races I can afford to run. ¬†It’s pretty exciting!!! ūüôā

Have an AMAZING weekend!!! ūüôā Stay happy and healthy my friends!! ‚̧

#FridayFive – Favorite Tunes!! – Linked up with @Marmaone1, @EatPrayRunDC and @YouSignedUp

So first off, IT’S MARATHON WEEKEND!!!! AHHH!!!!! This time tomorrow, I’ll be pacing back and force, probably rubbing my hands together to stay warm as I try not to shit myself with anticipation. ¬†I’ve never… let me repeat that… NEVER run a full marathon before. Yea, I’ve done a few halves… but this is the full monty. ¬†*deep breath* ¬†I’m ready, and I CANNOT FREAKING WAIT TO GET THIS THING DONE!!! I’ve been psyching myself out since the middle of September, it’s about time for the say to FINALLY get here! ūüôā


Today’s Friday Five theme is “favorite tunes!” which is perfect because I’ve been working on a playlist for the Marathon. ¬†I’ll be with a pace group, so I wont be using my music the entire time, but I’ll definitely have it as a back up. ¬†As I do every week, I’m linking up with Mar,¬†Courtney¬†and¬†Cynthia¬†of the DC Trifecta! w00t!! Ok, lets get this ball rolling… ūüôā

1. ¬†“Booty” (feat. Iggy Azalea) By Jennifer Lopez –¬†I found this song completely by accident. ¬†I don’t usually listen to the itunes Pop station when I work out, but my song said he wanted a “Dance Party” and who am I to disappoint… Well, long story short, you can really groove to this!! Every time it comes on my playlist I want to jump up and run/dance/something… Check plus J-Lo!

2. “Flower” by¬†Moby¬†–¬†Thank you to my November Project Tribe for this beaut. ¬†I heard this at one of our KILLER Wednesday mornings and it just stuck. ¬†It motivates me. While I’m running, it makes me want to stop and to squats (which on saturday… I’ll have to NOT do), another MUST for MY marathon playlist!!

3. “What does the Fox say?” by¬†Ylvis¬†–¬†OK ok , before you judge… for the past YEAR, My son and I have been singing this song (EVERYDAY) on the way home from school. ¬†And since (obviously) he can’t physically be with me on Marathon day, I’ll be singing (softly) this song for him while I’m trekking 26.2 miles. (love you kiddo)… and besides… what DOES the fox say?! ūüėČ

4. “Daughters of Darkness” by¬†Halestrom –¬†This song makes me angry, and pumped, and happy, and strong, and CRAZY all at once. ¬†Something about Izzy Hale’s voice gets me ready for a great run. ¬†She’s a bad ass bitch (pardon my language) who makes me feel like I can take on the world. ¬†(Thanks girl!) This song also has meter changes that I caught after hearing it once (band nerd moment)… Ever since then it’s been one of my favorite Halestrom songs EVER. ¬†Can’t wait to jam to it through the streets of B’MORE!!!

5. “Battle Scars” by¬†Lupe Fiasco and Guy Sebastian¬†–¬†This song I’ve chosen for a few reasons. ¬†First ans foremost go back to the (brief) time I was in the military. Yea, it’s a slower song, however, there’s an underlying cadence. My feet hit the pavement in sync with this song¬†REALLY well. ¬†I tend to not slow down (it may be all in my head, and I’m completely ok with that, buuuutttt that numbers don’t lie). Secondly, everyone has scars. ¬†I’ll leave it there.

What songs are on your list? Are you running this weekend?? Will I see you at the BRF?? HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!! (wish me luck!!!) ‚̧

#FridayFive {Favorite race fuels} linking up with @EatPrayRunDC, @Marmaone1, and @Yousignedup

Good Morning!!! It’s Friday again! This Friday however, I have a HUGE smile on my face… why, you ask? MY BABY BOY TURNED 4!!! My beautiful son, (@ 2:35 this morning) turned 4 years old! ¬†Yea, I got a bit weepy, because he’s at his Dad’s house, however (yes, my index finger is in the air), that didn’t stop me from sending a voice recording of me singing happy birthday to Alex, telling him hoe much I love him and that I can’t WAIT to spend this (what I GUARANTEE will be) incredible day with him… ya know, once I leave this thing we grown-ups call “the work”.

Also, pretty special about today (and even though I LOVE my birds, this is DEFINITELY second to my son’s birthday), My Orioles are taking on the Royals in the first game of the ALCS tonight. You’ve heard me rant about sports before, however, NOTHING… I repeat, NOTHING comes before Alex… ever. ūüôā (mamabear’s peaking her head out a bit this morning I think… let me get that in check…)

On to what you REALLY came here for!!!

THE FRIDAY FIVE!!! As per the usual, I’m linking up with the lovely ladies of the DC Trifecta;¬†Courtney¬† from “Eat Pray Run DC”, Mar from “Mar on the Run” and ¬†Cynthia¬†from “You Signed Up for What?”¬† Today we’re discussing 5 things we use to fuel our runs (and other fitness endeavors). ¬†So, lets get started!

1. ¬†Coffee –¬† I cannot function without a strong cup of joe. ¬†Before the Ragnar, I drank a HUGE cup of coffee… if I hadn’t, there is NO WAY I would have made it through the first leg on 2 hours of sleep. ¬†Coffee fuels me in more ways then just through fitness. ¬†I don’t need to put anything ridiculous in it, especially prior to physical activity, because lets face it… as a Gastroentrologist I used to work for said so eloquently, “Coffee makes me poop”. ¬†As long as I have a black coffee before a run, I’m good to go! ¬†After said run, however, pumpkin spice me up baby!! ūüôā

2. ENERGYbits –¬†These little suckers are AMAZING! ¬†Every morning, I pop a few in a smoothie (or if I’m running late, which recently has been the norm… pop them straight with water), and I’m set! ¬† For pre-race fuel, I take 30 of these 45 minutes prior to my long runs. ¬†6-8 miles in a pop 30 more. ¬†The energy is natural, so I never feel the crazy like I would from a 5 hour energy or a RedBull. ¬†They’re also PACKED with protein, so I’m not hungry! They keep me full while I’m running, so my whacked out stomach doesn’t start bothering me. ¬†Unfortunately other energy supplements upset my stomach, like Gu and Stingers. ¬†Because ENERGYbits are all natural (Algae) this doesn’t happen. ¬†You can check out WAY more about this tiny green wonders on my blog here. But obviously I’m a fan. ūüėČ

3. Larabars –¬†These little bars are straight from heaven! (not exaggerating). ¬†I got hooked on these when I was trying (and failing) at my Whole30 attempt. ¬†However, this actually stuck. ¬†They’re DELICIOUS. ¬†They keep me energized before I run/lift, without packing on extra calories and bulk that I (and lets face it, no one) needs before busting out a killer workout. ¬†Also, they’re simple. ¬†No artificial ANYTHING!! ¬†And, they taste like candy! (well, not really, but pretty fricken close! Enough that my 4 year old – sounds so weird to say that!! like them!)

4. Bananas –¬†Yes, I’m that girl that SEARCHES for Bananas at the end of a race. ¬†The potassium helps me with my RIDICULOUS leg cramps, and It’s JUST enough to curb my runger until I can get to a meal. ¬†Prior to races, I also love Bananas because (as i previously mentioned) I have a temperamental belly. ¬†Bananas don’t seem to piss off the beast that lives inside me!! Win Win!!! (also, YUM!!!)

5. Nuun (Cherry Limeade Energy) –¬† Pre/During/Post. ¬†This is my FAVORITE hydration method while running, training, tapering, anything. ¬†It’s delicious, hydrating, energizing, and just amazing when it comes to an all around balanced energy drink. ¬†¬†THE BEST PART?? ¬†No crash, because there is no sugar. ¬†Backed with vitamins and minerals, it’s pretty much a super drink. ¬†Again, I’m (obviously) a fan. (NUUN LOVE!!)

Well, I hope you enjoy this awesome Friday!! As always have a happy and healthy weekend!! ūüôā

#FridayFive {Five of my favorite things!!} Linking up with @YouSignedUp @Marmaone1 and @EatPrayRunDC

It’s Friday!!! You know what that means… Another Friday Five!! Last week is the first week in a LONG time… actually the first one since I started “Friday Five” that I’ve missed a FF post. ¬†However, I had a good reason. ¬†I was on a 33+ hour relay race in DC called Ragnar. ¬†(Recap coming, I promise!) This weeks theme for the Friday Five are “Favorites”. ¬†It’s starting to get cooler and I’m starting to change things day by day, so I’m going to go with “5 of my recent favorite things” (and yes, the song from sound of music is playing in my head now…)¬†At per the Usual, this Friday Five is brought to you by,¬†Cynthia, Mar,¬†and Courtney, lovingly known as the DC Trifecta!! OK!! Lets get this party started!!!

1. Changing leaves –¬†Driving around Owings Mills (from my job to Alex’s Pre-K), watching the recent changing in the leaves, is absolutely beautiful. ¬†Actually, beautiful is too pedestrian a term… pulchritudinous. (yea… I went there) ¬†I am beside myself at the way they make feel, the way the leaves make me smile and make my heart warm… without trying. ¬†Unbeknownst to these little leaves, they bring me immense joy… on a daily basis. ¬†So, little foliage, thank you.

2. Warm Beverages –¬†Green tea in the late evening, Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes in the early mornings (weekdays), hot chocolate with cayenne pepper on weekend mornings (don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!). ¬†Warms not only the body… it warms the soul. ¬†Again, it’s the little things… The warms beverage that slowly wipes away the ailments from the long day at the office (followed by the horrendous traffic, followed by the rambunctious toddler who just wants to love you but screams in your ear for 3 hours, follow but the terrible run that makes you scream in agony…), that warm tea forces you to take a moment and sit, relax, bask in the (sometimes) silence, and just be.

3. Sweatpants –¬†Ok ladies, don’t even pretend like you haven’t pulled out those sweatpants lately!! (lol) It’s chilly, especially at night, and these things are HEAVEN sent when you’re just DONE for the day and want to relax. ¬†Also, WARM AND SNUGGLY?! HELL YEA!! ¬†I’ve actually found myself falling asleep on the couch in my sweatpants the past few days. (not afraid to admit that!) It’s like a blanket, but you can’t accidentally throw it off of you!! (win-win). ¬†Same things goes for the Hoodies (yea, I’m including this in my number 3). ¬†I can’t take my hoodie off as of late!! My Ragnar hoodie is on my person ALL THE TIME!! My office is an icebox, my apartment is pretty chilly (don’t want to rack up an obscene BGE bill), and it’s not warm out anymore – NOT COMPLAINING. ¬†Also, It’s a frickin Ragnar hoodie!! (AWESOME!)

4. ¬†Fall smell –¬†You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. ¬†Every day this week, I’ve left work around 2:30-3pm. ¬†I walk outside of my building and my lungs are immediately greeted with the AMAZING scent of Autumn. ¬†It’s cool, it’s crisp, it’s remarkable. ¬†I smile, every time. ¬†And every day I’m greeted with a little giggle from the security guard who sees me, like clock work, close my eyes – take a deep breath – smile. ¬†I think he believes I’m just happy to get the hell out of work. (He’s not wrong) But it’s so much more. ¬†It’s… Autumn. ¬†ūüôā

5. Windows Down –¬†Now that it’s not INSANELY warm, I can drive with my windows down!! Doesn’t seem like a huge deal right? No… it is. ¬†My son LOVE to put his hand a little out of the window and make his hand a rocket. He flies in the wind while we’re driving. ¬†He’s FINALLY able to do this again!! Everyday after I’ve picked him up from Pre-K, he’s been able to “fly the rocket to outer space” and I’ve been able to watch and smile as he gets really excited as he “counts down from 10…. BLASTOFF!!!” Also, smaller joy, but also awesome, it feels extraordinary!!

Hope you enjoyed my Friday five and that you have an amazing weekend!!! As always, stay healthy and happy!! ‚̧