Friday Favorites: 5 races on a budget! Vol: 4

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!!

This week on *FRIDAY FAVORITES* (said in my best game show host voice) I’m talking about my 5 favorite races on a budget!  Running has been described as the most expensive “free” sport, ever.  Non-runners don’t understand the need to sign up for a race, when in theory, all you need to do is throw on shoes and start running.  While I respect this thought and love my training runs,  I also have a deep appreciation for “the finish line”.  Especially after working my butt off training.

These are my favorite races that don’t break the bank:

  1. Big Elk Trail 1/2 Marathon:  This race is only $45.  I’ve run this race a few times and it’s quite technical.  The medals are AMAZING and I was very pleased with the other “swag”.  If you’re looking to increase your trail cred, this is definitely a race to try out!Picture
  2. Seneca Creek Trail Marathon/50k:  This race is $25 for MCRRC Members and $35 for non-members, for both the 26.2 and the 50k distance.  Yep, you read that right.  You can run a 50k for less than the price of a tank of gas! This race is beautiful and quite technical.  There are water obstacles (JUMP!) and plenty of inclines!  Make sure you dress warm, as this race is the first week in March.Image result for seneca creek 50k
  3. Western Maryland Rail Trail Marathon and Half Marathon: This race is $50 for the 1/2 and $65 for the full marathon distance.  The Western Maryland Rail Trail is relatively flat and provides excellent views of the Potomac River.  Taking place in the middle of April, the scenery is some of the best Maryland has to offer! WMRT pic 3
  4. Cumberland C&O Towpath Marathon: This race is $50 for the half and $65 for the full.  The entirety of this race is run on flat dirt and crushed stone on the C&O Canal Towpath.  No need to worry about elevation here!  The race is on a loop, so 3.28 miles out and back, until the desired distance is met. Image result for C&O towpath marathon
  5. PHUNT 50k:  This race is the cheapest of the five (Assuming you don’t belong to MCRRC) at $25 for the 50k distance.  PHUNT is a 2 loop race in the dead middle of January – its so cold!  Also, because this race is so early in the year, the surroundings are a bit bleak.  However, this race is AWESOME.  The medal is excellent, and the swag is hard to beat.  Image result for phunt 50k

Notice a trend here?  All of these races that I classify as not breaking the bank are trail.  I’ve spoken to a few race directors, and I know that trail races are less expensive to put on as opposed to road. I’ll always be a trail junky, so it helps when the races I prefer aren’t super pricey!

  • What are you favorite “not too expensive” races?  
  • Are you a fan of trail?

As always, happy trails and have a great weekend!!



5 people who motivate me! #FridayFive

It’s FRIDAY!!!! A super special Friday at that! 5 years ago today, I was sitting in a tiny little hospital in Weinheim, Germany and my water broke! Tomorrow I’ll have a 5 year old… *sigh* I feel old. what makes me feel young though, is knowing I can keep up with my little boy! 🙂

Today on the “Friday Five” were talking about who motivates us.  As per the usual, I’m linking-up with Courtney at Eat Pray Run DCCynthia at You Signed Up for What?!, and Mar at Mar on the Run.  (The DC Trifecta)  So, lets get motivated!!

1.  My son. He’s my constant motivator, always pushing me forward.  He’ll watch me work out and when I start to slack off he says “You’re getting stronger!” or “You’re almost done!”  I don’t know if he realizes what he’s doing, but it’s very effective.  I know he’s watching, and at this point in his life, he’s like a sponge. He emulates. So, even when he watches quietly, or when he’s waiting at the finish line of one of my races, I know it’s important to finish strong.

2. My Father. In the past year, my father has become my race partner.  He motivates me to be stronger, and to run faster.   Running beside my Dad is one of the things I enjoy most about racing.  Again, he probably doesn’t know he’s doing anything, just having him run with me is a HUGE motivator!  Also, he consistently emails me about upcoming races and events, always keeping me on my toes ready to jump into any distance at any time.

3. Oiselle Volée. Running with this team of REMARKABLE women is amazing.  I’m not fast, so when I see my teammates pulling in Sub 18 5ks, I can’t help but feel a need to push myself.  Head up, wings out!

4. Emily. My I Run 4 buddy is always in the back of my mind when I’m running.  Emily and I are coming up on our one year Match-aversary and since we got matched, shes been with me through every run! When things get difficult I think to myself, “I need to do this, this is for Emily.”  I get the privilege of meeting Emily in a few weeks and I cannot wait!!

5. My BRF. I’ve made countless friends through running.  I’ve even had the chance to meet some of them at races! Seeing my “best running friends” is another kick in the ass to keep going!

Who motivates you? What/When is your next race? 

Friday Five!! 5 things that get me to the finish line! #runbaltimore

Happy Friday!! Even though this week was a short one, I’m so happy its over!  Waking up on a Friday sets my mood to “Happy”. 🙂  I’m linking up with my girls from the DC trifecta today, Courtney of Eat Pray Run DC, Mar of Mar on the Run and Cynthia of You Signed Up for What?!.  We have a free Friday today (no theme), so I’m going to talk about the 5 things that get me to the finish line.  Because I have been running a WIDE range of distances the last two weeks, some will be long distance specific, some will be shorter.

  1. My Garmin Forerunner 620 garmin_620_white-orange_l-550x400I’ve only had my Garmin since May, and I’m pretty much obsessed.  If I happen to forget to put it on after my shower, I feel completely naked.  (even right now as its charging, my wrist feels… weird)  This little watch is amazing!  I’m not a fast runner by any stretch of the imagination.  Being able to track my pace just by looking at my wrist makes me feel fast.  Don’t laugh too hard at this, please… On Wednesday, my father and I ran the Ravens5K.  My dad is quick, but I felt pretty strong, so I kept pace with him for a while.  I looked down at my Garmin because I started to have some shin pain.  We were running a 9:30 mile.  (remember that part where I said I wasn’t fast!)  I knew I could keep that pace for the remainder of the mile, but I also knew that if I did, my next two would suffer tremendously.  I told my Dad to run ahead without me, and I slowed my pace about a minute.  If I hadn’t had my trusty Garmin, that wouldn’t have been doable.  Yes, I could have just guessed pace, but I like to see how fast/slow I’m running.
  2. My Brooks Ghost 7’s brooks-ghost-7-womensI cant say enough about these shoes.  After my huge fail at the Baltimore Marathon with shoes, it was imperative that I find a pair that not only fit correctly, but were comfortable!  After a visit to Charm City Run, and a ton of choices laid out in front of me, I believe I’ve found my shoe “solemate”.  I could (and have) fall(en) asleep in my Brooks.  When I put these on, it feels like small pillows under the arches of your feet which as a person who has stupid sensitive feet to begin with, is a welcome feeling.  Except for OCR’s and Fun runs (like the color run that is incredibly messy) you will always find me running/and walking in these.  (side note, I also LOVE the “Run Happy” that goes along with Brooks.)
  3. Music Music-image-music-36556275-1680-1050This is long run specific.  I no longer run with headphones on my short runs because I’d rather use that time to think.  Also, the sound of my feet, and the runners around me tend to give me the same push that my “power” songs do on long runs.  I’ve also run two longer distances sans headphones.  My half marathon training run on the NCR was without music, and I forgot my headphones for the Chuck12, soooooo that was also without music.  However, I plan to use my tunes on my long run this weekend so I’m able to turn my mind off.  (one headphone out of course!)
  4. Nuun Nuun-I-heart-2– again, this is long run specific.  I haven’t found anything comparable to Nuun as far as hydration on long runs.  I never feel dehydrated, and Nuun doesn’t make my stomach hurt – both HUGE things!! I’ve gotten much better at hydrating after nearly passing out on one of my mid distance runs this summer.  Holy humid batman! I realized as I finished that I was drenched in sweat, and I didn’t have to pee.  I was also insanely dizzy and was getting a pretty fierce headache.  These things (pre previous experience) could have been avoided had I better hydrated.  I got back to my car and chugged an entire bottle of Nuun (watermelon – delicious!) that I had waiting for me. My go to flavors are fruit Punch, Watermelon, and the Cherry Limeade Energy. If you’re a Nuun virgin, I definitely recommend giving it a try.
  5. My thoughts Listen-to-Your-Thoughts-Cropped yea, that sounds weird.  Especially because my brain can also be the reason I want to stop running.  On short runs, I think about the people around me, the scenery, my IRUN4 buddy, and my son. On longer runs, I have a little game I play calls “how much is left?”  On my 13.1 mile training run, I was not feeling it… at all.  I knew I needed to complete the distance, but my feet had other plans.  So, I began to think mathematically.  I ran a 6.55 down and back. (again, thanks to the Garmin i was able to track this obscure distance)  At mile 4(ish) I said to myself “you’re over half way to the turn around, just keep moving”.  At mile 10, I told myself “only a 5k left!! That’s easy! DO.NOT.STOP”.  I also like to keep track of my “kills” (Ragnar terminology) when I’m running alone.  It doubles as motivation, and security because I know I’m not the only runner on the trail.  It’s a bit more difficult to do this in a race setting (unless its small) because I’m passing people right and left (all while being passed myself!).    Although, I’m guilty of the last minute kick, passing someone at the finish.  Being that I will (most likely) NEVER place at an event, let alone WIN the thing… I don’t feel bad trying to shave a few seconds off my time by hauling towards the finish.

I hope you enjoy your weekend and this amazing fall-ish weather!! (at least in Maryland)welcome-autumn-

What powers you through a race?

Have you tried Nuun? Whats your favorite flavor?

Do you have a Garmin?  what do you do to keep track of your distance and time if you don’t?

Friday Five – 5 brands I’m LOVING right now. – Link up with @Marmaone1, @Yousingedup, & @eatprayrunDC #runbaltimore @charmcityrun

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!  Also, long time no see!!  I apologize for being MIA, but life kinda happened!  So, today I’m going to briefly talk about my top 5 brands right now. 🙂 Considering I’ll be using all 5 (most likely) on my race tomorrow, this shouldn’t be a difficult entry for me to write at all!!  I’m running the Sole of the City 10K tomorrow with roughly 3000 of my closest buddies in (IMO) the greatest city in America, BALTIMORE!!! 🙂 I’m pretty excited.  Second time running. 😉  As per the usual for TODAY though (let me not get too ahead of myself), I’m linking up with my three favorite blogger Ladies, Courtney,  Cynthia and Mar for the Friday Five.

  1. Oiselle. This shouldn’t come as a hug surprise, lol.  As soon as I joined the flock, I was hooked!!! The clothing is absolutely (without a doubt) the most comfortable and versatile I’ve ever come in counter with when it comes to running.  I plan to rock the Verrazano Bra, the Scantron Tank (tagged with novemberproject love – obviously), and because its frowned upon to run around with your tush hanging out, I’m rocking my Roga Short.  Cute yea?? I’m stoked!!
  2. Brooks. After the fiasco with my Marathon “too small shoe” experience, I went to my favorite running store CharmCityRun and got a pair of the most amazing shoes I’ve ever put on my feet!! Brooks Ghost 7.  They feel like I’m running on air!! No squishing my toes (BONUS!!) and no pinching the sides of my feet. I’m really excited for the second official race of 2015 in these bad boys!!  *side bar* my first race of the season, the Kelly Shamrock 5k, running thiese shoes, got me a shiney new 5k PR! w00t!! 😉
  3. Feetures Socks.  HUGE Fan!! As a woman who is prone to every foot/toe injury up to and including blisters, these are LIVESAVERS!!  I’m an advocate for the High Performance, Ultra Light, No show tab. (mouth full much?! WOAH!) *directly from the site* – Our High Perfomance socks hug your feet, prevent blisters and keep feet dry and comfortable all day long.  This statement note only is true, it’s the reason I keep coming back.  I’m cheap… like.. insanely cheap, BUT, I’ll pay $11.99 for ONE pair (cringe) of socks, because they keep my feet from turning to complete trash after a long run.
  4. Acure Dry Shampoo. I received a free sample of this amazing stuff as an Ramblen Ambassador.  I can’t say enough.  It’s perfect for last minute, running out the door, “oh my goodness, my hairs a hot mess!!!”  moments, which I’m not proud to say, I’ve been having more then not recently.  It smells excellent, and makes me hair feel smooth and clean until I can get home and jump in the shower!  When the sample runs out, I WILL be getting more.
  5. Procompression/BioSkin.  I can’t stress enough to compress.  My legs wouldn’t be the way they are today without the epic socks from Procompression and the calf sleeves from BioSkin.  I LIVE in compression, at least three days a week you’ll see my legs in some type of compression due to tightness or injury, or whatever!! I LOVE it!!!

Oh oh!!! Also, the 15th, in addition to being the two year anniversary of Boston, was my 2 year runiversary.  Out of tragedy, I took my first steps to a new life, a new life or running, to freedom.  I wouldn’t change anything (about MY part of that). Are you racing this weekend? What are the brands you live by? Let me know!! Have an epic weekend!! ❤

#FridayFive – Favorite Tunes!! – Linked up with @Marmaone1, @EatPrayRunDC and @YouSignedUp

So first off, IT’S MARATHON WEEKEND!!!! AHHH!!!!! This time tomorrow, I’ll be pacing back and force, probably rubbing my hands together to stay warm as I try not to shit myself with anticipation.  I’ve never… let me repeat that… NEVER run a full marathon before. Yea, I’ve done a few halves… but this is the full monty.  *deep breath*  I’m ready, and I CANNOT FREAKING WAIT TO GET THIS THING DONE!!! I’ve been psyching myself out since the middle of September, it’s about time for the say to FINALLY get here! 🙂


Today’s Friday Five theme is “favorite tunes!” which is perfect because I’ve been working on a playlist for the Marathon.  I’ll be with a pace group, so I wont be using my music the entire time, but I’ll definitely have it as a back up.  As I do every week, I’m linking up with MarCourtney and Cynthia of the DC Trifecta! w00t!! Ok, lets get this ball rolling… 🙂

1.  “Booty” (feat. Iggy Azalea) By Jennifer Lopez – I found this song completely by accident.  I don’t usually listen to the itunes Pop station when I work out, but my song said he wanted a “Dance Party” and who am I to disappoint… Well, long story short, you can really groove to this!! Every time it comes on my playlist I want to jump up and run/dance/something… Check plus J-Lo!

2. “Flower” by Moby – Thank you to my November Project Tribe for this beaut.  I heard this at one of our KILLER Wednesday mornings and it just stuck.  It motivates me. While I’m running, it makes me want to stop and to squats (which on saturday… I’ll have to NOT do), another MUST for MY marathon playlist!!

3. “What does the Fox say?” by Ylvis – OK ok , before you judge… for the past YEAR, My son and I have been singing this song (EVERYDAY) on the way home from school.  And since (obviously) he can’t physically be with me on Marathon day, I’ll be singing (softly) this song for him while I’m trekking 26.2 miles. (love you kiddo)… and besides… what DOES the fox say?! 😉

4. “Daughters of Darkness” by Halestrom – This song makes me angry, and pumped, and happy, and strong, and CRAZY all at once.  Something about Izzy Hale’s voice gets me ready for a great run.  She’s a bad ass bitch (pardon my language) who makes me feel like I can take on the world.  (Thanks girl!) This song also has meter changes that I caught after hearing it once (band nerd moment)… Ever since then it’s been one of my favorite Halestrom songs EVER.  Can’t wait to jam to it through the streets of B’MORE!!!

5. “Battle Scars” by Lupe Fiasco and Guy Sebastian – This song I’ve chosen for a few reasons.  First ans foremost go back to the (brief) time I was in the military. Yea, it’s a slower song, however, there’s an underlying cadence. My feet hit the pavement in sync with this song REALLY well.  I tend to not slow down (it may be all in my head, and I’m completely ok with that, buuuutttt that numbers don’t lie). Secondly, everyone has scars.  I’ll leave it there.

What songs are on your list? Are you running this weekend?? Will I see you at the BRF?? HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!! (wish me luck!!!) ❤

#FridayFive Favorite fall activities! Linking up with @Marmaone1, @YouSignedUp, and @EatPrayRunDC

Good morning ladies and germs!!  We’ve made it!! It’s another friday! (PRAISE JESUS!!) I’m really starting to appreciate Fridays more and more as I’m starting to age.  (wait, age? I’m not even 30?!) Yes, age… my job, my life, my world is causing me to age prematurely! lol.  So, Fridays are my tiny little vacation… it also means… TIME FOR ALEX!!! (I get my bubs on weekends, so this is another reason Fridays mean so much to me!)  As far as the blogosphere goes, it’s time for the FRIDAY FIVE! (said in my best amphitheater voice).


This week’s theme, brought to you by the lovely ladies of the DC Trifecta; Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia is Favorite Fall Activities.  I love fall (as I’ve made it very apparent in my last few posts). Autumn is my favorite season out of the four. 🙂 But enough jabber jawing, lets get this show on the road!!

1. Picking out the perfect pumpkin!! This is such a fun task!!  And Alex LOVES it!! He runs around from pumpkin to pumpkin trying to find the BIGGEST one… jumping over the little ones, circling around the ridiculously huge ones, and sometimes, sitting on a few.  Until we find the one; the perfect pumpkin to make our own.  🙂


2. Apple picking!! I’ve just recently (the past two years) fallen in love with apple picking.  There is a gorgeous farm near my house that will let you pick as many apples are you want, then ride in a hay filled truck back to the farm house, pay for your apples, and get some fresh cider and goodies (also fresh) from the farm.  Last year we got Caramel apples with almonds and dark chocolate… something I’d never seen before – DELICIOUS!!! Alex was amazed that he was able to pick the apple from the tree and get it in the basket all by himself (he was 2).  The joy on his face is enough of a reason for me to go back every year. 🙂


3. Running!! You knew this was coming… running in the fall is so much BETTER then running in the summer!! The cooler temperatures make is much easier to manage pace and internal body temp.  Also, (personally) I feel like I can go for longer distances without getting as tired in the fall.  (again, helps that the humidity has decreased SUBSTANTIALLY and it’s not JOHNNY BLAZIN’ anymore!! Long live the long run!.

4. Bon fires!! Yes my inner redneck is showing a bit… and that’s ok.   At the beginning of my divorce, I lived with my Sister and her Husband.  During the early fall months, we had a fire in the back yard almost every night.  The smells and sounds were amazing!! You weren’t cold (even if it got below 50), the conversations around the fire are ones I’ll never forget.  I can’t wait to get the fire started again this year!! 🙂


5. BOOTS!!! I can finally wear my boots again!!! (she types as she’s sporting some amazing black leather boots for the first time this season).  Boots are a staple in my fall wardrobe.  However, Boots in the summer… just look stupid. I may catch some flack for this, and I don’t really care… I’m not a fan, AT ALL for those little ankle bootie things. They look like the designer just… Stopped. Like they forgot where they were going so they gave up and said “Ok, just go with this.”  Not for this chick.  I’m a Tall boots type of girl, with of without a heel. (although, being a bit short, the heel gives me a bit of an advantage height wise).  😉

Hope you enjoyed reading my Friday Five!! Enjoy you’re weekend and this AMAZING weather!! Stay happy and healthy!! ❤

The depressed runner…

Many people don’t understand why I run.  Especially people close to me.  Which is weird… because they’re supposed to be the people that know me the best, right?  Regardless, last night I ran… I ran hard.  It was my first “real” time hitting the pavement since Ragnar this past weekend (don’t worry, I’ll recap the shit out of that Relay when I have time to upload all of my pictures).

I spent most of my day at the office yesterday on the verge of tears, angry, bitter, in the office bathroom silently crying to myself.  Easy to say it wasn’t a good day.  So, I figured, as I usually do after TERRIBLE days, “I’ll run this out”.  (Let me preface this by saying… I took a NASTY fall on the first leg of Ragnar… NASTY!! Swollen, bloody knees, excessive shin pain, ankle pain… Just incredibly yucky, however I’d be able to walk with minimal limping, so I thought I could handle a small run… BOY was I mistaken…)  So I laced up my shoes, put on my SUPER cute “SweatPink” tank, and headed out the door.  I have a pretty mean hill right outside of my development so the thought popped into my head… “BRF is 5 weeks out, and it’s hilly as all get out, lets do hills!!”  (bad idea Stace)  I start running… HARD.  I’m not fast, at all, I never claim to be.  On hills, I’m slower then a turtle in molasses.  However, I ran my first mile of hill intervals in 9:26.  (not too bad!)  Especially when my most recent mile PR is 9:08.  Throwing hills in there??? NOT TO FUCKING SHABBY!! Anyway… around mile 1.75, I noticed a sharp pain I didn’t like… at all.  I thought I was going down… I looked at my phone and realized I was close to a mile marker and pushed even hard (thank God I was going down hill…)  I finished that mile at 9:20.  9:23 average on hills for 2 miles… I’ll take it.  What I WONT take is the EXCRUCIATING pain that followed… I barely made it back to my apartment.  I get to the door, hands shaking, get the key in, drop everything, get to the freezer and grab two large ice packs.  I make it to the front of the living room and my legs buckle… I’m on my knees.  (remember that fall I mentioned previously?? YEA THAT WAS FUCKING FUN!! *tears*)  I pulled myself back up and fell onto the couch.  Ice packs on both legs, tears streaming down my face, grabbing the couch for dear life (like its going to somehow help me), clenching my teeth so I don’t scream out in agony.

The first things running through my head:

  1. Stress fracture?
  2. What if I can’t run anymore?
  3. My marathon is 5 weeks away?
  4. Oh shit, I’m going to throw up
  5. I might pass out….
  7. I need water… and no one is here to help me
  8. I can’t stop crying long enough to pick up the phone….

I’ve felt pain… I have a high pain tolerance.  This wasn’t pussy “oh, I have a boo-boo” pain.  I thought I broke something.  I was petrified.  Running is my therapy.  I was speaking to someone recently who asked me why I run so much… I responded as honestly as I could; “Running saved my life”.   When you suffer from depression, you need an out… a way to escape (even if briefly) from the hell that you experience everyday.  (If you don’t have depression, or don’t understand depression, don’t comment or judge… you.don’ Running is my out.  If I lose it, I don’t know where to go from there.

As I lay, helpless on the couch, with my fears flashing before my eyes… I cried harder.  Oh yea, the pain was cruel… almost punishing… but the fear that I wouldn’t be able to run again was worse.  “What do I do now?” “Where do I go from here?”  After an hour of ice and elevation, I was about to stand without my legs buckling under me.  I slowly walked to my room and CAREFULLY applied compression sleeves to both of my legs.  I prayed. (not something I do enough, I’ll admit)  This morning, I’m walking.  It hurts, but I’m walking.

I know this post is WAY less perky then most of my posts, but it’s honest.  And if you know anything about me, I’m honest… especially about myself and my running.  I wont say that I hope you enjoyed the post, but I hope you read it and understand a little more about me because of it.

Happy #NationalRunningDay!!

This is the first year I consider myself an legit (yes I just used that word… *shame*) runner… so today is like a holiday for me!!  I should have taken off work… darn it!!! Anyway, “National Running Day, held annually on the first Wednesday in June, is a day when runners everywhere declare their passion for running. It is a coast-to-coast celebration of a sport and activity that’s simple, inexpensive and fun. It’s the perfect way for longtime runners to reaffirm their love of running and for beginners to kick off a lifetime of life-changing commitment.”  This is the 6th annual National Running Day!!! Geeze am I behind the times… eh well, better late then never!!!  I’m super excited to run today, more so then the past few days (of my newly started runstreak… today is day 5!) because today is special.  Today is a day for us, for the runners.  So today I want you to think (if you’re a runner) why you run.  For me there are many reasons, but one sticks out more than anything else…


I run for people that; for illness, disability, or whatever other reason, cannot run.  As you know (if you’ve read my blog before) I was deeply saddened by the bombing of the 117th Boston Marathon in 2013.  In fact, two days later is when I laced up my running shoes for the first time since college.  I realized, many of those people will never be able to run again… and for them I will run.  I will run until my legs can no longer carry me.  

Other reasons I run are much less “deep” but are still very important… 

  1. I run for my son.  I want him to see me… I want him to know that it’s possible to do whatever you want as long as your heart is in it.  I love his face when he sees me cross the finish line at races.  He’s a HUGE motivator for me. 🙂
  2. I run for my health.  Running is cheaper then therapy and medication.  Lets face it… it lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, the chances of heart conditions (those that aren’t genetic), and it makes me not want to punch random people in the face. 😉
  3. I run to stay sexy!! (I’m only half kidding…) Runners are HOT!! Come on now… we are. Runner legs and runner butt… you can’t tell me I’m wrong… you just can’t!! (yea, I’m giggling too)
  4. I run to be free… (hence my “name” on every social media website) I never feel more free then when I run.  For that brief moment in time, it’s just me and the road… NOTHING else.  I’m free. 

Why do you run?? Have a WONDERFUL National Running Day!! I hope to log at least 3 miles in today (still sore from my half this past weekend) How many miles do you want to get it??? And as always, stay happy and healthy!! ❤

#FridayFive with @eatprayrunDC and @yousignedup

What five races would I LOVE to run?!!! 

  1. Berlin Marathon – first and foremost, because Germany holds a SUPER special place in my heart.  My son was born there, and I spent two AMAZING years of my life there. 
  2. Dublin Marathon – duh… its in Ireland!!! BEER!!! Everyone is excited about the beer at the end of a race, well Ireland?? COME ON!!!! lol. Also, can you imagine what the course would look like? Can we say GORGEOUS!
  3. Athens Marathon – Yep, if you hadn’t figured it out by my #greekgirlproblems posts or by the pictures I’ve posted of myself… I’m Greek… so running in Greece would be a dream come true!! 
  4. Madrid Marathon – sensing a pattern here?? Yea, I loved Europe when I lived there… so all of the races I’ve picked would be overseas.  Spain is beautiful!!! Culture, food, music, scenery, dancing… do I really need to go on??
  5. Paris Marathon – when I was in Europe, Paris stole my heart.  Yep, I know how cliche that sounds… but if you’ve never been, you don’t understand.  It’s amazing.  You can’t even explain to people the wonder of holding a FRESH crepe in your hand, standing at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, looking up and not being able to see the top… Just, unbelievable.  running through that city would me remarkable!


If you could run 5 races ANYWHERE where would you run and what races with they be??? Have a great friday!! 

My recent experience with @EnergyBits #PoweredbyBits #review #greenisgood

When I initially heard about ENERGYBits I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical.  A “tiny algae tab so nutritionally dense, they eliminate fatigue and hunger instantly”… really? Is this the new super food??  Then I read on… “No Sugar, no caffeine, no chemicals, gluten, or soy…” Wait? WHAT?! How is something supposed to eliminate my hunger is it doesn’t have ANY sugar and keep me energized if there is no caffeine?! (coffee-oholic over here…)  Boy was I surprised… 

So, I had to try it out. I don’t by any means consider myself a super athlete… however, I have a half marathon (my first) coming up VERY soon.  So I thought, “what better time to try out these magically bits then on a training run… the furthest run I’ve taken to date?!”  


I got all my gear ready, including the ridiculously cute tin of ENERGYbits and hoped in the car to head to the NCR Trail.  (there is no where within walking/running distance to my house long enough for a long run.) Upon arrival I opened the tin and I was a little taken back by the smell of what I lovingly referred to later as “fish-food”.  It put a huge smile on my face though because I’d remember reading that the tablets were algae based, so DUH! What should they smell like? Bacon?! (giggle) Anyway, I took the tablets with the recommended amount of water (8oz) and surprisingly enough, they are REALLY easy to swallow!!! (YAY!!!)


Then I set off on what I had allotted to be a 10 mile training run.  The first two miles (like most runners – or so I’ve heard) sucked. This however, all changed around mile 3-4, I felt this boost of energy!! All the sudden I felt unstoppable! Not like “Captain American” unstoppable or anything ridiculous… but regardless, it was amazing! It was at this point that I told myself “Well!! I’ll be darned, these things really do work!!”  Also, I re-thought out my plan for the run.  Instead of limiting myself to 10 miles, I told myself “lets see how far the bits will take me”.  

10 miles later (keep in mind… this was after I’d completed 5K already) I realized I was back at the car having just run my first (albeit unofficial) half marathon!!!!! 


It wasn’t pretty time wise, but it was a half!!! Yes, I walked a bit, but that was my silly calves fault (I need to invest in a foam roller… but that’s something totally different!), I had SO MUCH ENERGY!!! My body (legs) said I was done, but (energy wise) I felt like I could go for so much more! I had a HUGE smile on my face and felt amazing!! I am 100%sold on these little “fish-food” smelling algae tablets! They live up too, if not exceed all expectation and I can’t wait to try them again on half-marathon day!! 


Thank you so much to ENERGYbits for letting me review the product… I’m 100% coming back for more!!! 🙂